Sports betting has been enjoyed in India for centuries, especially following the introduction of cricket betting by the Europeans in the 15th century. Despite the people’s passion for betting, it remains illegal in most States except with a few exceptions for horse race betting and cricket betting. – but this is no reason to despair! With the rise of online betting sites in India, the situation is changing dramatically, and the opportunities are getting bigger and much more thrilling! Check out our online betting India guide below, which will answer some of the most commonly asked questions and introduce you to the best online betting sites in India and beyond!

Are there any legal online betting sites in India?

Obtaining a license to offer an online betting platform in India is very difficult, and only possible in the state of Sikkim. Despite this fact, there are plenty of licensed offshore gambling platforms, including some online betting sites in Indian rupees, which accept customers from India. There is no law which prohibits Indians from joining offshore online betting sites, and plenty of people gamble online already without any problems.

These online betting India platforms are licensed and regulated in other countries, and they follow very strict requirements related to security, player safety and fair play. This means that there are very strict authorities scrutinizing these gambling sites and their betting products, which in the end means more peace of mind for all customers.

Can I find online betting sites in Indian rupees?

Yes indeed! Although not all gambling sites accept deposits in rupees, there are a few, and these include a couple of online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees! Joining online betting sites in Indian rupees is the best way to avoid losses due to conversion rates when depositing and withdrawing, and we hope to see more such sites in the future!

Betway India

Betway India has started accepting deposits in rupees since May 2019, and is one of the best online betting sites you can join due to its reliability and user-friendly platform. Betway offers odds on both domestic and international cricket events, as well as other sports like horse racing, tennis, soccer and esports. It is easy to deposit with Betway betting India via e-wallets like NetEller, PayPal or Skrill, and there’s no processing fee either! You can either bet on your desktop or download the betway app to enjoy sports betting on your mobile!

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Another one of the online betting sites in Indian rupees that we recommend is LeoVegas India, which also offers online cricket betting on major tournaments such as the IPL, as well as several other sports: badminton, ice hockey, American Football, golf, baseball, and even chess and darts – you name the sport and you’re likely to find betting odds on both domestic and international matches at LeoVegas India!

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William Hill India

Although this sportsbook does not accept deposits in Indian rupees yet, we cannot leave it out of our list of recommendations. In terms of betting opportunities on horse racing and online cricket, William Hill India is hard to beat! Apart from offering online cricket betting odds on international tournaments (Test matches, the T20 series, ICC World Cup odds and ICC T20 World Cup odds), William Hill India also offers odds on domestic matches and tournaments, including the Ranji Trophy in India! 

If you enjoy horse race betting and greyhound betting, you can also watch live streaming or races in the UK for free on William Hill’s betting TV, and you can also discover virtual horse race betting. Whatever the sport you choose to bet on, you are bound to find hundreds of markets and favourable betting odds at William Hill – not to mention ongoing promotions on the hottest sports events taking place across the world!

How to identify the best betting sites in India

There are plenty of online betting sites that welcome players from India, but of course, not all of them are equally trustworthy and rewarding. Although online betting sites in Indian rupees are preferable to avoid losses due to currency conversions, there are other things to consider when identifying the best betting sites. These are:

  • A license from a reputable gambling authority such as the UK Gambling Commission
  • A user-friendly platform
  • Good variety of odds on your favourite sport
  • Live betting opportunities
  • Online betting promotions that you can take advantage of
  • A mobile app that enables you to bet on the go.
  • An attractive welcome offer on sports betting.
  • Friendly customer support
  • Fast and secure withdrawals

The above are, more or less, the components that constitute the best online betting sites in India and elsewhere. While some of them are quite self-explanatory, we shall look into a few others in more detail

Online betting India offers and promotions

The best online betting sites would always try to offer their customers some added value to stay ahead of the competition. While betting odds on the same sports event will be more or less the same across different operators (with a few differences that you should still take advantage of!), offers, promotions and other rewards are what makes a betting site stand out. 

Your experience with a betting site should start with a decent welcome offer that you can take advantage of. All the sites we recommend on this online betting India guide offer a little something for first-time depositors. Sports welcome offers may consist of free bets, profit boosts and cashback on your losses. 

For example, William Hill welcomes new players with £30 in free bets if they bet a minimum of £10 the first time, which are credited as 3 bets worth £10 each. That’s an excellent way to start your online betting experience! This popular UK betting site also runs several other promotions on various sports, including cash back and profit boosts on horse racing and special free bet promotions on  a range of sports.

LeoVegas India, on the other hand, has come up with an exciting profit boost offer exclusively for Indian players. Players’ first bet of ₹1000 will be eligible for a 100% if a player wins this bet,, which would give you another ₹1000 in extra winnings!

Live betting opportunities

Live betting is an exciting form of online betting which allows you to bet on an event while it is taking place. The thrill comes from being able to bet based on what is happening in the moment, and from trying to secure favourable odds. The odds in live betting will change according to what takes place; for instance, if a player gets injured, there will be a drastic change in odds to reflect this event. This makes it very interesting for bettors who would like to take advantage before the odds change; for example, you might notice that a particular player is playing poorly before the bookies do, and secure more profitable odds before these are changed to reflect his performance.

All of the online betting sites we recommend at India Casinos offer live betting on several sports events. LeoVegas India also has a specialized mobile app that alerts you to any changes in odds, so you can keep up with what’s happening. This gives online sports betting a whole new dimension, opening up unprecedented opportunities that will benefit those who have good knowledge of the sport and players.

Online betting tips

We thought we’d wrap up our online betting India guide with a couple of betting tips to help you make the most of the opportunities on offer. 

Find your niche – if you’d like to make more profits while betting, choose a sport that you love and specialize in that, so you will not place your bets blindly. Make sure you follow all the developments in your niche very closely and that you get familiar with how teams and players perform.

Consult the statistics – if you are betting on a match between two teams that have played against each other before, check out what happened during previous matches, and what has changed since then.

Secure profitable pre-match odds – when there is still some time for a match to take place, the odds on certain outcomes may be great, because they will be based solely on statistics and not on what is actually happening. Try to identify a couple of odds that would give you a good profit should you win your bet, if you still believe the outcome to be likely. If you are correct in your prediction, you will win a higher return in this way then you would if you bet on the same outcome during live betting.

Join more than one betting site – this will help you to compare odds on the same event on multiple sites and choose the ones that will give you the best profit if you win. You’ll also be able to benefit from multiple betting offers and promotions!

Stick to your budget – tempting as it may sound to make up for any losses by betting again, try to stick to a budget and do not spend more than you can afford to lose. This is one of the most essential online betting tips we can share, which will ensure that you will keep enjoying betting without breaking the bank!