What are the Best Poker Sites in India?

There are plenty of sites that offer online poker games that welcome Indian players to their platform.

The online casinos that we recommend offer video poker, virtual poker, and Live Poker games, which you can enjoy at home or on the go.

Check out the below casinos, all of which are licensed offshore and which we cannot hesitate to recommend due to the excellent reputation they’ve built up over the years:    

RankOnline Poker Casino
#2Glassi Casino

Online Gambling laws in India are still not as straightforward as we would like them to be. The Supreme Court has ruled that games of chance are illegal, but games of skill should be allowed.

With that being said, the current laws in India don’t explicitly restrict offshore online casinos to offer services in the country.

As of now, new laws are being framed. MEITY has undertaken the task of regulating online casinos and has recently drafted a framework.

Our experts at IndiaCasinos are constantly keeping tabs on the development of Gambling Laws in India. Stay tuned to our News section for new updates.

Is Poker Online Rigged?

If you play poker online with licensed casinos, then you can rest assured that their poker games will not be rigged. The poker games (and all other games, for that matter) are based on Random Number Generator (RNG) software. So the outcomes are all random and fair.

Moreover, the casinos undergo frequent audits from third-party entities like eCOGRA and TST, which ensure that the games are fair.

Play it safe! Learn more about Responsible Gambling and self-exclusion tools.

Why Play Poker at an Online Casino? 

Indeed, online poker can never play out in precisely the same way as traditional land-based poker, for the simple reason that it’s much harder to judge other players online.

Most RNG poker and Live Poker games are also played against the house, so you can forget about the value betting and bluffing altogether.

That said, there are various reasons to play poker still online, which we’ll list down below.

Live Dealer Poker VS Online Poker Rooms

Live Dealer PokerOnline Poker Rooms
Play from your homeYesYes
Did You Know?
Some online casinos host poker tournaments online where players can compete, collect points, and climb the leaderboard. The top players get a portion of the prize pool.

Play Online Free Poker!

Before you play online poker real money India, you can learn the game and try it for free.

why play poker online
Practice for free, and then play online poker real money India

Playing online free poker and video poker will give you an excellent opportunity to improve your poker strategy online by learning to evaluate which pokers hands to play.

This is not something you can do at a land-based casino, so if you’re a beginner, we highly recommend playing online free poker if you’re really interested in learning how to play poker!

Online Poker with Friends: The Best Online Poker Sites List

Some casinos have these “multiplayer” poker games that let you group up with your buddies and enjoy a game of poker.

Are Online Poker and Live Poker Different?

At Indian online casinos, you’ll typically find a selection of virtual poker games and live poker games, as well as some online free poker games to test out.

There is one principal difference between these two types of online poker games, as the rules and even poker hands will be the same. In virtual poker games, you can play online poker against the ‘computer,’ i.e., against a program that generates cards randomly. 

There are no other players involved, which means that you can play virtual poker at any time of the day. You can also play online free poker to practice your poker strategy online before confronting other players at an actual Poker table.

Live Poker is a live dealer casino game run and managed by a game studio, involving a real croupier with whom players can interact online.

The experience is as close as it can get to playing real-money poker at a land-based casino. Nowadays, there are plenty of Live Poker variants to try online, which we’ll look into further down below.

Did you know?
Poker online is classified as a mental sport. Poker was designated as a mind sport by the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA) in 2010. Poker players may also refer to themselves as “athletes.”

3 Essential Poker Online Tips You Need to Know

Want to play online poker India, but don’t know where to start?

Unlike Professor Venkat in Teen Patti, your luck and skills won’t take you very far. Even his luck ran out at the end of the film and very few people will be as skilled as Venkat at math. The bottom line is that you need both – luck and skills – to have the winning hand.

Crores of people worldwide play poker online, and for a good reason: it’s a lot of fun. It can also be very lucrative for those who put in the time and effort needed. 

poker online
Five-Card Draw, Texas Hold’em, Omaha, are some of the poker types that you’ll find at online casinos

Even better, you don’t have to leave your house to compete, as there are cash games and tournaments available online at all hours of the day and night. Here are a few pointers to think about:

1. Master the rules, positions, and poker hands 

Let’s start at the beginning, with the names of poker positions and some poker hand rankings. Every seat at the table has a different name, and you’ll see this poker jargon in a lot of strategy videos and blogs.

Knowing what these various names mean is essential for further research into the game.

First and foremost, poker positions are divided into four categories:

The players in the early position are the first to act before the flop, followed by the players in the middle seats, and finally, the players in the late position. Finally, if we’re talking about a full table, there are (almost) always two players in the blinds.

Learn poker online with our detailed guide. Here’s our Online Poker Rules guide.

2. Understand the key concepts of a Online Poker Strategy 

Although anyone can learn how to play poker, it takes significant skill and practice to become an outstanding poker player.

Various strategies have been developed to help players win more on poker, some of which also apply to online poker variants.

A loose poker player tends to play with a variety of hands. Meanwhile, a tight poker player will tend to play only his best hand. 

3. Choose the Best Online Poker Variants For You

Just like Blackjack and Roulette, Poker also has quite a few variants. Here are some of the most popular poker variants:

Read more about Poker Variants here.

How to Improve Your Game

Up your game – play free poker India before wagering real money.

1. Read our reviews

For any online casino game, it is critical to choose the appropriate game at the appropriate casino. You’ll want to look for online casinos that offer generous poker incentives and have the best poker tables available.

You can check out:

Explore more Casino Reviews at IndiaCasinos – our experts nitpick the best casinos and get you the best offers.

2. Watch streamers to discover new tips

Twitch is a popular online streaming service used by gamers, including online poker players. The best twitch channels are the ones that are operating on a daily basis.

For starters, you can watch these streamers:

3. Practice for free

As we’ve already mentioned, you cannot play Live Poker for free at online casinos because the table will require you to wager at least the minimum bet per round.

However, in the case of virtual poker and video poker games, most casinos will allow you to play them for free for as long as you wish to. 

Here are some trusted online casinos where you can practice your poker skills for free:

Did you know?
The majority of the time, players unintentionally reveal their hand form. When a player receives a strong hand, he or she will typically lean forward or backward.

Learn more about Poker Variants – find your favourite Poker game!

Playing Live Dealer Poker on Your Phone

Just like rummy and teen patti, you can play poker on your mobile. To get started, all you need is an account at online casino and a steady internet connection.

There are some advantages of playing on a mobile device that players can use. The most obvious benefit is that they can play whenever and wherever they want. 

Many of the live dealer games are readily accessible, and in most cases, the online casino’s mobile app is specifically built to assist players in navigating around it.

Any reputable online casino should have a dedicated mobile casino and a well-designed application for its customers.

To sum it up, here’s how mobile casinos make live dealer poker experience worthwhile:

Thanks to the internet and mobile apps, you can literally carry your favorite casinos and games around in your pocket. With advanced graphics and connectivity, you get to experience live dealers operating right on your mobile.

Poker is a game of skill, with a bit of luck involved. The best way to go about it is to master the game with lots of practice. You can start by playing RNG-based poker for free, and then moving on to playing with real money. And of course, you can play online poker for fun for free.

Check out Casino Reviews, get the Best Bonus, and play your favourite Poker Variant.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can play poker online for free, the online casinos offer free demos of RNG-based games. So you can head over to your favourite casino and try out the online poker games before wagering real money.
3-card poker, popularly known as Teen Patti, is offered by many online casinos. Notably, you can enjoy the 3-card poker at BetIndi, CasinoDays, Parimatch, JeetCity, and other licenced casinos and win real money reward.
Several online casinos in India have dedicated mobile apps for Android and iOS where you can play poker. For example, Parimatch's app lets you play all your favourite games, including poker, on the go. You can find other online free poker apps.