What is the Bonus Wagering Calculator?

Just like the name suggests, a ‘Bonus Wagering Calculator’ is a calculator designed to do the casino math for you. It’s a virtual calculator put together by casino experts to help players determine how much they’d be spending on their gaming sessions.

More precisely, a Bonus Wagering Calculator will calculate the wagering requirements associated with an online casino bonus. The tool will then show how much money you will have to wager and theoretical win. 

To make all the calculations easier for you, our developers created the ‘Bonus Wagering Calculator’. With our virtual tool, you can quickly determine the numbers for the Free Bonuses as well as Deposit Match Bonuses at leading online casinos in India.

The Free Bonus Money Calculator

The Free Bonus Money Calculator deals with the free bonus offered by the casino. This calculator shows how much money you will have to spend to get through the requirements.

To use the Free Bonus Money Calculator, you will have to input the following details:

The calculator will then display the amount of money you need to wager. 

Let’s understand it better with an example:

Let’s assume you get a 100 INR free money bonus with 20x wagering requirements. To find out how much money you need to spend to get through the requirement, input these numbers into the calculator. 

The Free Bonus Money Calculator
The Free Bonus Money Calculator

Free Money x Wagering Requirement = Wagering Outcome

In this case, 100 INR x 20 (Wagering Requirements) = 2000 INR

The Deposit Match Calculator

The second calculator, that is the Deposit Match Calculator, calculates the wagering outcomes for match bonuses. More specifically, with this tool, you can find out how much exactly you would be spending for the bonus and theoretical winning amount (of the game you entered details for).

Here’s an example of how the Deposit Match Calculator looks like in action:

deposit match calculator
The Deposit Match Calculator

Note that the ‘theoretical win’ is based on stats – this means that you might have a different experience based on the actual RTP of the game. The numbers flashing as theoretical wins are just estimates based on the data that you input.

How to Use the Casino Bonus Calculator

Now that you know what our Casino Bonus Calculator can do, it’s time to make good use of it. 

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use both the Casino Bonus Calculators:

Free Money Bonus Calculator

  1. Input the amount received as free money
  2. Enter the wagering requirement
  3. Know the amount you need to spend on the bonus

Deposit Bonus Calculator

The Deposit Bonus Calculator shows estimates for two Wagering Types – Deposit Bonus and Bonus Only.

The ‘Deposit Bonus’ will show you wagering conditions for Deposit + Bonus. Here, the wagering conditions apply to the deposit as well as the bonus. For example – you receive a 100 INR in bonus on your 100 INR deposit. The wagering requirement of 20x will be applicable to deposit and bonus amount. So, the calculation looks like – 100 INR bonus + 100 INR deposit x 20 (wagering requirement) = 4,000 INR (amount to wager).

Meanwhile, the ‘Bonus Only’ wagering type shows you the estimates for bonuses that do not require a deposit (or are independent of a deposit. In this case, you may receive a 100 INR in bonus that come with a 20x wagering requirement.

Here, the calculation would look like – 100 INR bonus x 20 (wagering requirement) = 2,000 INR (amount to wager).

Now that we have the basics cleared, here’s how to use the calculator for Deposit Bonuses:

  1. Choose the Wagering Type – Deposit Bonus or Bonus Only.
  2. Enter Deposit Match % and Deposit Amount
  3. Input Bonus Limit along with Wagering Requirement
  4. To get more appropriate estimates, enter Game Contribution % and Game RTP %

After entering all these details, the tool shows Free Bonus Money, Total Play Money, Amount to Wager, and Theoretical Win. The ‘Theoretical Win’ is just an estimate based on the game’s RTP and contribution towards the bonus.

Casino Know-How: Know all the types of Casino Bonuses, so you can pick the one that works the best for you.

Why is a Bonus Calculator Important?

‘To err is human’, and to eliminate any possibility of errors while dealing with real money, Bonus Calculator is necessary. It’s a basic calculator tool that is crafted specially for iGamers.

Pro Tip: To make the most out of your casino budget, learn how to manage your bankroll.

What is the Theoretical Expected Outcome from a Casino Bonus?

To begin with, ‘theoretical expected outcomes’ are theoretical – which means they’re not 100% accurate. The calculation is based on stats, so the numbers hold true on paper.

In the context of our Bonus Wagering Calculator, the estimated wins displayed are based on the information that you entered. So the result might not be entirely accurate, but it does give you a rough idea.

While computing the Theoretical Wins, the Bonus Wagering Calculator takes into account:

Let us take an example – let’s assume you made a deposit of 100 INR, and the match bonus, wagering requirements, RTP, and game contribution is as follows:

In this case, the theoretical win would be 140 INR.

theoretical wins
How the Theoretical Wins are Calculated

However, the Theoretical Win display here is just a prediction based on the data entered (and the assumption that all the conditions remain stable).

Is the Theoretical Expected Outcome Reliable?

As explained earlier, the Theoretical Outcomes hold true on paper. They’re based on the stats and the information entered by you. However, it’s just a prediction that gives you a rough idea.

Moreover, the ‘RTP’ of any casino game is a figure derived after simulating 1000 rounds of a game. This means, that the RTP rate comes into play in the long run. Even then, it’s all a game of probabilities.

So winning or losing comes down to your luck.

Casino Know-How: RTP (Return To Player) is the theoretical percentage of rewards that players might expect to win. Learn more about high RTP slots and table games on IndiaCasinos.

What are Bonus Wagering Requirements?

Wagering Requirements (also known as play-through rates and roll over) are the conditions associated with a casino bonus. To avail benefits of a casino bonus, you have to fulfil these conditions.

Let’s illustrate this with an example:

Let’s assume that you claim a casino bonus – 1000 INR and the wagering requirement is 30x. To claim the winnings from this bonus, a player will have to wager 30x the bonus amount. In this case, you will have to bet 30,000 INR.

Free Spins bonuses also have wagering requirements associated with them, and they work similarly.

Casino Know-How: Learn more about how Play-through Rates work in our Guide to Understanding Wagering Requirements.

Should You Claim a Casino Bonus Tied to a Wager?

The short answer:

Yes, you should claim a bonus with wagering requirements.

The in-depth answer:

Yes, but there are a few things you should consider before grabbing a bonus.

Here’s a quick checklist of considerations:

To avoid getting e-mugged by online casinos, make sure that you play at reputable, licenced casinos. Phony casinos have unfair wagering requirements, and they don’t even pay out rewards. Stay safe – check out our top-rated licenced casinos hand-picked for Indian players.

Should You Ever Opt Out of a Bonus?

Yes, you can choose not to claim a bonus or cancel it. If the bonus doesn’t add any value, the wagering conditions are unfair, or it’s costing you more bankroll than you planned for; you can opt out of a bonus.

Notably, if you’re into table games, then the game contribution towards the bonus is likely to be low, and clearing the wagering requirements becomes difficult. In such cases, you can opt out of the bonus if the wagering amount is too high.

Should you Take a Bonus if you Play Blackjack or Roulette?

As discussed earlier, table games, including Blackjack and Roulette, may contribute 0% to 25% towards a casino bonus. Before you grab a bonus, it’s important to check how much your favourite games are contributing to the bonus.

Most of the general casino bonuses are not exclusive to table games, and hence, games like Blackjack and Roulette contribute very little or nothing at all. In such cases, claiming a bonus is unfavourable, as the wagering conditions are harder to fulfil.

If possible, try to claim bonuses exclusively for your table games. Many casinos offer exclusive bonus for Live Casino Games, so you’re likely to find better deals at such casinos.

However, it all comes down to your choice. As long as the wagering conditions are fair and you think you can fulfil them, you can go ahead with the bonus.

Check out our Live Dealers page and find the best casinos and the right bonuses for your gaming.

Conclusion – Get the Numbers Before You Claim the Bonus

Casino bonuses are good – they boost your bankroll and give you that extra edge to play. However, not claiming the right bonus can land you in a race against validity to fulfil the wagering conditions. This might cost you your bankroll, and you might not even be rewarded well.

To avoid such scenarios, read the bonus T&Cs. Compare a handful of bonuses to pick the best one. Use our Bonus Wagering Calculator to determine whether the bonus is worth your bankroll.

Frequently asked questions

A 40x wagering requirement means that you will have to play through the bonus amount 40 times to fulfil the wagering conditions. For instance, if the bonus amount is 100 INR, you will have to bet 100 INR 40 times to unlock the bonus.
To unlock the bonus, you have to fulfil the wagering conditions before the validity ends. The fastest way to beat the wagering requirements is to play the games that contribute the most towards the bonus. Usually, slots, Keno, and other games contribute more and table games contribute less. Read the bonus T&Cs to find out what games play the bigger part.
To convert the casino bonus balance into real money, you will have to fulfil the bonus conditions. The balance can be cashed out only if the wagering conditions are met.