Spin the wheel, drop the ball, and wait for your luck to play it out!

From Housefull to De Dana Dan, most of the movie scenes shot in casinos feature the spinning roulette wheel (also known as the chakri game in local Hindi). Just like James Bond popularized Baccarat, Bollywood movies have shone some spotlight on roulette along with horse race betting and teen patti.

Excited by the prospect of playing Roulette online? This classic wheel with its simple gameplay has enchanted gamblers for centuries, and it’s delightful to know that Roulette is available online in India.

This is because playing the Roulette game online opens up so many new possibilities – with different Roulette variants, Live Roulette games, and multiple bonuses and promotions you can take advantage of you’re in for a lot of entertainment and rewards!

Our online Roulette India guide will give you an overview of what to expect once you join a good Roulette casino online.

What Are the Best Online Roulette Casinos in India 2024?

Most online casinos would offer a roulette table. However, only the best online casinos would feature multiple online Roulette tables featuring different variants. Some casinos also offer online roulette, live roulette, and other modified versions of the game.

Below are 5 operators who offer one of the largest choices of online real money roulette in India. Click on each link to discover more! 

Here are the best places to play Roulette online in India (both RNG and live):

RankIndian Roulette Casino
#1Maharaja Fortune – New casino with a great live dealer lobby
#2BC.Game – Play RNG and online live Roulette with crypto
#3Leon Casino – Wide variety of RNG and live Roulette
#4Parimatch – One of the popular brands in India
#5JeetCity – Great variety of RNG and online live Roulette
Did You Know?
Evolution Gaming has developed quite a variety of online live roulette games. You can play Lightning Roulette, XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and much more.

Is Roulette Online Legal in India?

While betting and gambling are considered illegal throughout most of India, except Goa and Sikkim, there is no law anywhere that specifically prohibits online betting and gambling.

This is mainly because online gambling is not regulated at all. This enables Indian players to join an online casino operating offshore to play any of the games available, including online Roulette. 

Since online casinos in India are not regulated, we encourage our readers to join a casino that has obtained a licence from a reputable gambling jurisdiction elsewhere.

Learn more about Gambling Licences with us. Stay updated about the changing gambling laws in India – we update news every week!

Are Online Roulette Games Safe?

If you choose to play with a casino that has obtained a license and has partnered up with respectable providers, you do not have to worry about the rigged games. 

RNG computers that power up online Roulette games are checked regularly by the provider itself, the licensing regulator and sometimes even by an independent auditor. This is very important to ensure that the game produces random results that are fair to each player. 

With regards to Live Roulette, each croupier has to obtain a gambling permit to manage a casino table. The use of multiple cameras which are scrutinized by both the provider’s personnel and the players themselves ensures that there is no space for the rigging of any kind during the gameplay, which as we mentioned earlier is carried out by a human croupier.

Why Play Roulette Online in India?

Playing Roulette online from India has never been easier. All you’ve got to do is join an online casino that offers this popular table game and start playing!

You could also find an online casino that accepts Indian rupees these days. However, this is not necessary as many online casinos still welcome players from India, even if they offer the games in other currencies.

There is no need for download most of the time, and you can play Roulette online both on your desktop and on your mobile device.

Why Play Roulette Online
Why Play Roulette Online

The great thing about playing Roulette online is that you will not get access to just one table since casino sites typically offer different online roulette variants whose rules and odds may slightly differ.

Apart from the different Roulette variants, online casinos will also offer tables with different limits to suit different budgets. This means you can play Roulette online in India by wagering as little as 10 rupees and as much as 5,00,000 rupees on each round!

Online Roulette vs Roulette in Landbased Casino

Online Roulette IndiaRoulette in Landbased Casino
Play from your home
Roulette Bonuses
Roulette Tournaments
Did you know?
While 99 percent of all online roulette wheels are the same, hundreds of minor variants are known to exist around the world. From colour-based roulette wheels to those with no numbers, as well as those with no colour and only numbers! Even playing cards can be done in the same manner as seen on this wheel.

Are Online Roulette and Live Roulette Different?

Well, yes, online roulette games based on RNG are different from live roulette. We have summed up the major differences for you here:

Check out Live Roulette page to know more about the live games.

Pro tip: You can play free roulette online before wagering real funds.

What is a Roulette Strategy?

A strategy for any casino game involves making somewhat calculated decisions and good bankroll management. In roulette, outcomes depend a lot on your luck. The only way to up your chances of winning is to follow a betting strategy and manage your bankroll.

A lot of roulette players follow the Martingale system, Reverse Martingale Strategy, Fibonacci Strategy, The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy, Contra D’Alembert Roulette Strategy, the Fisher Strategy, and a few more. You can check out our dedicated page about Roulette Strategies and make the most of your game.

Did you know?
It is not only feasible to “break the bank” at any roulette table in a real-world casino, but it is also conceivable to do so with online casinos, as some of them do have a daily limit on how much a person may win.

3 Important Tips to Know Before Playing Roulette

There are 3 important things to remember when playing online roulette India: knowing your basic rules and checking out our reviews. 

1. Familiarise yourself with the Basic Rules, Bets and Payouts

To give you an idea of the odds of every single bet we’ve mentioned above, we’ve put together the below table that includes the probability, the payouts and even the house edge of each type of bet. 

Since there are various online Roulette variants these days, we’ve opted to display the European Roulette’s (more on this further down below) bets and odds; however, these might vary slightly with different online Roulette styles. To give you an example, the American Roulette comes with two zeros, and thus it has a higher house edge.

2. Learn the Roulette betting systems and strategies

Unlike the Bollywood hero, you might not always win. You need to familiarize yourself with the betting systems and plan a strategy to maximize your chances of winning.

Although Roulette is a game of luck, a few strategies have been devised over the years to help cut back on losses, and gamblers normally like to stick to either one or the other.

According to the ‘James Bond’ Roulette strategy, for example, players bet the same amount and cover more than half the table to lose only if the ball stops on 12 of the numbers. 

 3. Plan your budget and your time

You have the ability to choose the appropriate table for your budget when playing online, especially Live Casino games.

Providers like to give more than one single tablet, each with its own range of bets to make it possible, on a budget or else to put up a greater wager, to players from different walks of life to join.

Did you know?
Even if you don’t believe it, a “off-balance” calibration of just 1 degree can increase the payoff on the tilled side of a Roulette wheel by up to 33%! As a result, roulette wheels are calibrated to the hundredth of a degree.

Which Roulette Variant is the Best for You?

roulette variants

As you might know, there are three well-known variants of roulette, which are –

Apart from these basic variants, there are other provider-specific variants. For instance, Evolution Gaming has Lightning Roulette, Speed Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and more. You can explore these games at any of the licenced casinos and find your favourites.

Explore more Roulette Variants.

Did you know?
It is not only against the regulations in most recognized casinos, but it also invalidates all bets on the table (everyone’s) if any player touches chips that after the dealer has made the hand signal or stated “no more bets” right up to the EXACT instant the wheel ends spinning.

How to Improve Your Game

Apart from praying to the Gambling Gods and chalking out strategies, there’s not much you can do. However, to maximize your chances, you can do a few things listed below:

1. Read our game & casino reviews

Your first step is to choose a great online roulette game. You will certainly find value in casinos if you keep an eye out for specials.

Additional noteworthy examples include cases of casinos reimbursing you for losses and enhancing long-term profitability.

You can continue to play the game with further bonuses; others can give you extra funds so that you can continue to play.

2. Practice for free

By far, the best way to check out which strategy works best for you is by playing free Roulette online . Most online casinos will let you play online Roulette India with fake money, just for the fun of it, so you can decide for yourself whether or not you’d like to play the same game for real money later. Of course, this applies only to Virtual Roulette, which comes equipped with a demo version.

 Regretfully, playing Live Roulette free in the same way is impossible as there is a live croupier involved, and it is not practical to include a demo version. The only way you can actually play Live Roulette free is by claiming a casino bonus

If you are ready to start exploring the wonderful world of Roulette online, then we invite you to visit any of our recommended online casinos at the top of this review and start enjoying this trendy game!

3. Watch streamers to discover new tips

You can learn the most efficient approach and methods if you look at the pros at work. Now you can watch Twitch streamers on several online casinos to play free and online real money roulette. Some of the popular Roulette streams are available here, such as mxglass and JoeVigz.

Did you know?
The term “Roulette” is derived from the French word for “little wheel.” But it was supposed to be dubbed “Roly Poly” once upon a time. I already know which name I prefer.

Play Roulette on Mobile

Today, practically every casino on the Internet offers mobile roulette play –

Here are some of the best casino game providers that have the best Roulette games –

Spin the Wheel, Toss the Ball, and Win!

At the end of the day, roulette (and other casino games for that matter), are more about having a fun experience, and less about winning millions. However, you can try a betting system to try and up your chances of winning. Just make sure that you manage your bankroll well and don’t go chasing losses.

Frequently asked questions

Hundreds of roulette methods can be found online and in books, but the majority of them will lead you nowhere. As a result, you should save your time and money. Because roulette is a completely random game with a predetermined house edge, there is no way for a player to beat the house and benefit.
When compared to other progressive approaches like the Martingale, the Fibonacci strategy is one of the safest Roulette tactics. Despite the fact that it is relatively risk-free, the Fibonacci sequence has the ability to offer you some gains.
No, an online roulette wheel cannot be rigged. Casino games run on the RNG software, which choose from infinite numbers randomly and produces an outcome. So it is impossible to influence online roulette outcomes.