Blacklisted Casinos in India

Here’s a quick list of some blacklisted casinos that players in India should avoid:

Blacklisted casinos in India
1 X 2 GamingCasino Del RioGrand PriveNoble CasinoSky Kings
21 DukesCasino EuroGrand Reef CasinoOceans OnlineSlots Alley
50 StarsCasino FiziButler CasinoOnbling CasinoSlots Oasis
99 SlotsCasino StatesIndio CasinoOrange GamezSlots of Vegas
Ace Live CasinoCasino TropezInstantPay CasinoOsiris CasinoSuper Casino
African PalaceCats Eye CasinoJackpots HeavenPalace of ChanceSurf Casino
Amco CasinoCherry RedJupiter ClubPark Lane CasinoSwiss Casino
Amsterdams CasinoCirrus CasinoLady DreamPlanet 7Triomphe Casino
Argo CasinoClass OneLas Casino VegasPlanet KingsTTR Casino
Aztec CasinoClassy CoinLegend SportsPlum Gaming CasinoVegas 24
Balzac CasinoCool Cat CasinoLiberty BellPrestige CasinoVernons Casino
Beat the DealerDendera CasinoLock CasinoPrism CasinoVilla Fortuna
Bella VegasEgo CasinoLondons CasinoRaging Bull CasinoVIP Golden Club
Betport CasinoEldorado PalaceLovo LottoReal Vegas OnlineWager21 Casino
Blu CasinoEuroPlay CasinoLucky 18 CasinoRed Star CasinoWild Vegas Casino
Brandy CasinoExpekt CasinoMajestic CometRoad House ReelsWildBlaster Casino
BwinFast Pay CasinoManeki CasinoRome CasinoWin As Dealer
Cabaret Club CasinoGold BettingMapauRoyal AceWin Palace
Captain Jack CasinoGolden GalaxyMiami Beach CasinoRushmore CasinoWinner Is Land Casino
Carnival CasinoGrand Bay CasinoMighty SlotsSierra StarWorldwide Wagering
Blacklisted casinos in India

What Does “Blacklisted Casino” Actually Mean?

A “blacklisted” casino is the one that often runs into serious problems. An online casino may get blacklisted for several reasons including, but not limited to – payment issues, licence issues, and pirated software. 

As a responsible player, you might want to steer clear of such suspicious casinos. Your personal and financial data may not be safe in their hands. Regulatory bodies actively work towards removing blacklisted casinos. However, iGamers need to run a quick background check before signing up on any new casinos.

Why Do Casinos Get Blacklisted in India and How to Spot Them?

As mentioned above, a casino might get blacklisted for numerous reasons. From payment issues to invalid licence, there are various things that a casino might run into trouble for. 

While there’s no specific or universal criteria for identifying blacklisted casinos, here are some pointers that will help you spot red flags. 

No Licence

The very first and most important thing a legit casino would have is a valid licence. Usually, operators display their licence details along with a link to it on the website. You might find licence number, address, date, and other details on a casino site. 

However, if an online casino has no mention of a licence or the details seem forged, it’s a big red flag. It is likely that it’s a fraudulent company operating without a licence. 

Not Paying Players

In most casino scams, the fraudulent operators end up defaulting on payments. Players do not receive rewards at all, even after complaints and follow-ups. 

While companies do experience liquidity crisis and cash crunches once in a while, it’s a sign of poor financial management or a straightforward scam.

You can avoid getting yourself into such a situation by reading casino reviews and user ratings on forums. Players often leave poor ratings whenever they have a bad experience with an operator. 

Unfair Games and RTP Rates

For example, Blackjack is based on RNG

Games – slots, table games, live casino games and every other game on online casinos – are based on the Random Number Generator. The software gives out randomized outcomes and ensures that the games are fair. 

However, fraudulent operators may offer rigged games, and you will find yourself losing all your money. If you are doubtful about a casino, run a check whether they have been audited by eCOGRA or other similar entities.

Further, the Return To Player (RTP) rate of games should be on par with other games in the market. For example, most slots have an RTP of 95% and above. In case you see an RTP below average, consider it a red flag and move on. 

Unauthorized Software

The genuine online casinos always associate with reputable game providers. This boosts their credibility in the market and also provides a selection of high-quality games. Some big names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Relax, Evolution, and more are the common providers for casinos.

However, scam-my casinos will try to clone popular games to trick players. So if you don’t see any familiar or credible names, it’s time to find another casino.

Weak Security and Privacy Protection

Of course, there’s no reason for a fraudulent casino site to secure user’s data. The spammy websites often end up misusing data sent to them. Players need to be very careful before signing up. 

Always check if the website has the “https:” in its URL or not – if the site has an “http” (without the ‘s’) it means it’s not encrypted. Further, scan the privacy policy to see how the website plans to use your data. 

Misleading Bonuses

Online casinos offer numerous bonuses – welcome bonus, reload bonus, cashbacks, free spins, and much more. The whole point is to attract players with the bonuses and keep the existing players hooked.

However, phony casinos will probably advertise “too good to be true” bonuses and never fulfil the bonuses. More often than not, fake casinos get blacklisted for advertising misleading bonuses. 

Unclear Terms and Conditions

The T&Cs can change according to the situation, and this is why it’s important to scan them before signing up for anything. Very often, players just “check” the Terms and Conditions without reading them.

However, shady casinos benefit from such behaviour. Fraudulent casinos put up vague T&Cs to conceal unreasonable withdrawal limits, wagering requirements, and more. Such casinos will often make drastic changes to the terms. 

Bad or Non-existent Customer Service

Online casinos earn a bad reputation quickly if their customer service is bad and unhelpful. And of course, a scammy casino will never invest in customer support. 

Most casinos today offer live chat, email support, phone service, and more to resolve queries. So before you sign up at an online casino, check how responsive the customer care is. 

Too Complicated Withdrawal Process

Casinos partner with popular and reputable payment methods like RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, PhonePe, and more. Providing multiple payment options boosts the casino’s credibility and makes it easier for gamers. 

However, shady casinos will list some lesser-known methods or some apps that you have never heard of (which may or may not be safe). The withdrawal process will be long, complicated, and may take up an unreasonably long time. 

How to Report An Unsafe Casino?

Players in the iGaming community are helpful, and they usually report fraudulent casinos on online forums. In case you have concerns about a new casino and want to report them, you can get in touch with us. 

From payment issues and invalid licence to misleading bonuses and unjust bans, you can inform us. Be a proactive part of the iGaming community and make it safe for everyone. 

Players Can Be “Blacklisted” Too

If you think it’s only casinos that get blacklisted, you’re wrong. Players can also make it to the blacklist. The reasons for players being blacklisted vary from one country to the other. 

However, some common grounds include:

The Excluded Persons Information System (EPIS) in Belgium is an excellent example of players being barred from casinos. People on the EPIS are excluded from land-based casinos, betting services, and online casinos.

Why are players banned from casinos?

Blacklisting players from casinos keeps the undesirable clients away from the business. But most of the time, it’s a means to encourage responsible gambling.

Play it safe, and play it responsibly. Check out our Responsible Gambling page for more details. 


With an overwhelming number of online casinos catering to India, it’s important to spot the genuine ones. Only a few casinos are fully regulated and licensed, and have a clean reputation. 

Ensure that the online casinos you sign up at have a valid licence, a clean record, multiple payment methods, clear T&Cs, and a portfolio with reputed gaming providers. 

Frequently asked questions

Legit casinos in India are the ones with a valid licence, RNG-based fair games, transparent terms, and reputable game providers. In case you're not sure whether a casino is legit or not, you can also check out reviews and user ratings.
You can tell if a casino is fake if - it doesn't have a licence, T&Cs look shady, has bad quality games, has a complicated withdrawal process, and the customer support is unresponsive.
Online casinos India that are fully licenced and regulated are safe. Further, if the casino has been around for a few years and has a genrally positive review, it's safe.
Yes, the licenced and regulated casinos in India are safe and trustworthy.