Baccarat’s origins are said to date way back to the 1400s in Italy – the name ‘Baccarat’ is suggestive of its romantic origin. In Italy ‘baccara’ means zero – pointing out the name’s reference to the zero worth of the face and tens cards.

Baccarat is straightforward to learn and it moves fast. It also incorporates different strategies with different stakes – making it one of the most loved games not just in India but also worldwide.

Baccarat Variants Infographic India Casino

Also, over the years numerous varieties have been developed over the original version, making the game more accessible to different players with varied preferences. Some of the top choices include Mini Baccarat, Punto de Banco and Chemin de Fer.

We will list some of the most popular Baccarat variations and a basic guide on how they are played.

1. Chemin de Fer

Sometimes also referred to as Chernay, Chemin de Fer is a French variant of the original Baccarat.

The game is played on a kidney-shaped table and uses six decks of cards where a maximum of twelve players can bet against each other. All players can take their turn in acting as a banker.

This version is one of the oldest recorded variants and is more played in brick-and-mortar casinos.

2. Punto Banco

Punto Banco is considered the American version of Baccarat and is even referred to as American Baccarat. Its simple rules and agility make it one of the most frequently played in online casinos.

Punto Banco’s distinctive factor when compared to other baccarat versions is that the player does not decide with regards to the play of the hand – the only choice the player has is when it comes to playing against another player (a tie) or the dealer.

3. Baccarat Banque

In this version, also known as Deux Tableaux – ‘Two Tables’ in English – the banker plays against two hands on a table with seven seats with seven players on each side. The banker plays against all players surrounding the table game, and in turn, they decide if they will play against the player or not.

Baccarat Banque is a French variant and is similar to Chemin de Fer, with the main difference that the banker in Banque’s version occupies a more engaging role.

4. EZ Baccarat

More popular with the American casinos, EZ Baccarat is one of the most recent variants of Baccarat. The rules are pretty similar to the original Baccarat version with the difference that in EZ Baccarat the game takes no commission. Instead, it’s replaced by Dragon 7 – a hand with three cards and a total of seven points. Side bets can be played along as well such as the bet called Panda 8 – which is the same as Dragon 7 but with a total of eight points.

5. No Commission Baccarat

Like in EZ Baccarat, this version of Baccarat doesn’t collect a 5% commission with every winning bet but rather the banker is paid at a 1 to 1 odds.

There is an exception though to this. If the banker wins with a value of six, the banker takes a 50% commission. This happens at an approximate rate of 5.26%.

6. European Baccarat

As mentioned above, In the American versions of Baccarat such as Punto Banco, players have no choice concerning the play of the hand. However, in European Baccarat the players do have a choice if they get a value of 5.

In this version, the banker can decide whether to draw an additional card or not. Also, whilst playing the game, two players can bet a specific amount on what the banker has put on the table. Once this is done, no further players are allowed to place a bet.

7. Baccarat Squeeze

Baccarat Squeeze is characterized by the banker’s right to squeeze the cards and then nominate a player to open the cards.

The dealer starts with the cards face down and then slowly turns them over – endowing the game experience with a sense of anticipation and excitement.

8. Dragon Tiger Baccarat

Dragon Tiger is one of the easiest to play of all other variants. In this version, two cards are dealt and the one who gets the card with the highest value wins.

The bets can be placed on either the Dragon, the Tiger or the Tie.

Baccarat tables

Baccarat has been a favourite card game long before online casinos were invented. It also stands as an iconic game in James Bond’s casino movie scenes.

With the digital revolution, casinos have greatly established themselves in the online world and the gaming experience greatly mimics the actual land casinos.

The Baccarat tables offer different types of wagers and styles for all kinds of players’ needs. Below we are mentioning the most Baccarat tables used, worldwide.

Big Table Baccarat

The Big Table Baccarat is mostly popular in brick-and-mortar casinos. This table setting gives Baccarat a more formal undertone where a maximum of fourteen players can sit, with seven on each side and numbered from 1 to 14.

Mini Baccarat

The Mini Baccarat table is gaining popularity, especially with the American variants of Baccarat. They are mostly preferred because it offers good betting options for players with smaller budgets and offers more reasonable stakes.

The Mini Baccarat table supports a maximum of seven players for one complete round.

Midi Baccarat

As the term ‘midi’ (middle) itself suggests, Midi Baccarat features an ‘in between’ of everything between The Big Table Baccarat and The Mini Baccarat.

It hosts ten players and the betting limits rest somewhere in between. Midi Baccarat also has a slower place than Mini Baccarat which is much faster a game.

Choosing the Right Baccarat Variation

We have mentioned some of the best Baccarat variations that have been played all across the world for a long time, with some, even for centuries. However, variations or not, the rules of the original Baccarat are basic to all of its variants – only slight differences do impact the overall odds and wagering options from the original.

To keep things focused and simple, we have provided some key points to remember whenever you play Baccarat in general:

it’s important to remember that careful planning as well as learning well the basics and strategies of Baccarat will give you an upper hand in the game with better chances at landing winnings.

Baccarat variants featuring the lowest house edge

Knowing your house edge as an Indian casino online player is important as it gives you a percentage idea of what the casino will make over the bets you place. The lower the house edge for a specific bet, the better your return as a gamer will be.

No Commission Baccarat

Below we are providing you with a list of all the different house edges for the different Baccarat variants.

Baccarat Variant NameHouse Edge
EZ Baccarat1.02% on Banker
Punto Banco Baccarat1.06% on Banker
Baccarat Banque1.06% on Banker
Baccarat Squeeze1.06% on Banker
European Baccarat1.17% on Banker
Chemin de Fer1.17% on Banker
No Commission Baccarat1.46% on Banker
Dragon Tiger3.73% on Dragon and Tiger Bets

Baccarat variations with the highest payouts

Keeping in mind that both Player and Banker have good odd options, still, the banker gets a 5% commission on the gamer’s winnings – except for the No Commissions Baccarat and the EZ Baccarat. However, both feature a higher house edge on the bet to counteract the no commission.

As the general rule goes for all online casino card games, slots and live casino – the higher the stakes means the higher the payouts. We have provided you with a list in ascending order with the highest possible payouts for different Baccarat variants:

Baccarat VariantHighest Possible Payout
Dragon Tiger11:1
EZ Baccarat9:1
Punto Banco Baccarat9:1
Baccarat Banque8:1 or 9:1
Baccarat Squeeze8:1 or 9:1
European Baccarat8:1 or 9:1
Chemin de Fer8:1
No Commission Baccarat8:1

Baccarat variants for the new players

Are you a newbie to Baccarat? There is a whole array of choices for different Baccarat variants from where to choose from – the ‘spoilt for choice’ variants can be a bit too much to handle for any new player.

We’re guiding you through the best variations to best kick off your Baccarat experience:

Baccarat to play if you’re a pro gamer

Do you know Baccarat rules well? And you have tried your hand several times on Baccarat and its different strategies? Then you’re fit to make that extra dive to the more complex variations of the Baccarat game.

Here is a list to show the best Baccarat variants for pros:

Final key factors when playing different Baccarat Variants

There are different options for different players – catering for an entire array of experiences and budgets. Some of the best casinos do offer these games through Live Casino

So keep in mind and be real on what type of player you are and the amount of money you can realistically bet. Then, choose your Baccarat variant wisely and finally, do play safe.

Frequently asked questions

There are two - one, the 'EZ Baccarat' and two the 'No Commission Baccarat'.
Punto Banco and EZ Baccarat.
The Banker, the Player or Tie.