Are Cashback Casino Bonuses legal in India?

Cashback casino bonuses are legal in India, if these come from an online casino that is trustworthy, and above all, licensed. Even though his cashback casino guide can guarantee that casinos recommended by us are legit, we still recommend checking before you play your favourite casino games.

Top Cashback Bonuses in India

Let’s take a look at some of the best bonuses for cashback there are in India:

1. Wazamba Cashback Bonus

Wazamba 15% Weekly Cashback Offer for Players in India
Discover Wazamba Casino’s 15% weekly cashback offer for players in India!

Cashbacks for Wazamba Casino players are available as up to 15% cashback weekly and a 10% cashback on Live Casino losses.

2. 9Winz Cashback Bonus

9Winz Casino VIP Cashback for Players in India
Becoming a 9Winz Casino VIP member unlocks their Cashback that is claimed every week!

With 9Winz Casino, each VIP player receives 10% cashback from the amount of funds lost over the past week.

The more deposits you make with 9Winz, the higher status you obtain and the more bonuses and benefits you receive! Your status is determined by the sum of deposits made, and is set forever.

This means that you can return to 9Winz Casino at any time and receive the same attractive cashback.

3. CasinoDays Cashback Bonus

DaysCasino Cashback offer for VIP players in India
Thanks to CasinoDays’ Cashback offer, VIP players in India can enjoy up to 20% of the money they bet, every week!

Players that enjoy live dealer casino games at CasinoDays can earn up to 10% cashback on whatever they lose when playing live casino every weekend! 

The minimum cashback is ₹1,000, while the maximum all cashback casino bonus is ₹10,000.

4. LightCasino Cashback Bonus

LightCasino Cashback Offer
As a registered player at LightCasino, you’re eligible to to claim a 15% cashback every Monday!

LightCasino always has fun offers going on for its players, including a cashback worth up to ₹2,40,000! Every week, you can claim a 15% cashback at LightCasino; just make your wagers on Monday, and reach out to the support team when you’re finished.

These promotions mean you can play with more confidence within a specified time period, knowing that you’ll get back a percentage of your losses.

Did you know?
– Cashback bonuses are legal in India

What exactly is a Cashback bonus?

Cashback casino bonuses are used by online casinos to reward their most loyal players. This differs from welcome bonuses since these bonuses are granted only to the most loyal players rather than to new ones. 

This bonus is immensely fair with its players, and also does not have wagering requirements.

Cashback vs other bonuses

Welcome BonusCashback BonusDeposit Match BonusFree Spins Bonus
Capping amountYesYesYesYes
Needs deposit to claimSometimesNoYesSometimes
Newly-registered playersYesNoSometimesNo

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

This bonus type has its own advantages and disadvantages you should know about before choosing this option.

Advantages of Cashback Bonus

Better returns – If you end up on a losing streak, you’ll get between 10% and 20% back of the money you played. 

No wagering requirements – This makes it one of the most sought-after no wager bonuses for Indian players.

Has no affect other bonuses – Although normally you can’t have more than one ongoing bonus simultaneously, other bonuses aren’t affected by the cashback bonus.

Easy to activate – Cashback bonus are very easy to activate for players in India.

Disadvantages of Cashback Bonus

How do Cashback Bonuses work?

If you’re finding yourself wondering how cashback bonuses work, this cashback casino guide will help walk you through the way this is calculated.

An offer for a cashback bonus that has a capping of 1,000 means if you lose ₹5,000 at this percentage, you’ll get ₹1,000 in return – the maximum amount claimable.

Why reclaim a Cashback Bonus Online Casino?

The cashback bonus is used to win some of the money you set aside for betting. 

Whenever you play at some online Indian casinos, you can choose between the following bonuses: cashback, welcome or reload. 

Did you know?
A cashback bonus is better for high rollers (those who play a lot of casino games).

Types of Cashback Bonuses

There are many types of cashback bonuses offered by casinos. This cashback casino guide will help you identify what these are:

No Wagering Cashback Bonus

A no wagering cashback bonus does not need wagering requirements before claiming.

Weekly Cashback Offers

This bonus type is calculated based on a period of one week.

Daily/“Unlimited” Cashback Offers

The daily/”unlimited” cashback generous offer lets you win back money depending on how much you lose on a day.

VIP Cashback

This bonus type is offered with the casino’s rewards program.

Type of Issue

The way the casino cashback bonus is given to you is known as Type of Issue, and can either be money deposited in a bank account, money from bonuses, or VIP program loyalty points.

Did you know?
Cashback bonuses come in many different forms. These include no wagering, VIP, weekly, and daily offers.

How to Cash Out Winnings from a Cashback Bonus Online Casino

Let us now take a look at how players from India can benefit further from a cashback offer.

Maximum Win Limit

Normally there is a maximum capping on how much you can win back, which means that no matter how much money is used in bets, there will be a limit (known as the capping).

Cash Out Limits

While you can ask for the biggest amount of cashback that you can in one day, you might not be able to make a full withdrawal on the day.

Bonus Percentages And Payouts

This percentage can vary from 5% to 10% for offers relating to daily or weekly cashbacks, between 15% and 20% for particular offers, and 30% and over for the VIP bonuses.

Did you know?
– Since some online casinos impose cash out limits to cashback bonus offers, you can claim the maximum amount in a day, but may not be able to withdraw the full amount on that same day.

Solutions for Common Issues

Did you know?
– The cashback casino bonus percentage can vary from 5-10% to 30% or more.

Conclusion – Cashback Bonus Tips

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Frequently asked questions

A casino cashback is a type of bonus that gives you back a certain percentage of money that you’ve lost while playing at a casino.
Since some casino cashback offers have a period of validity during which you must fulfil the wagering requirement, your bonus might disappear because the validity period has expired.
Cashback casino bonuses are legal in India when offered by a fully-licensed online casino.