While gaming at your favourite casino, you might have come across words like – ‘VIP Program’ or ‘Loyalty Program‘ or something similar.

So, what exactly is a VIP Bonus?

Simply put, a VIP Casino Bonus or program is a promotion typically targetted at high rollers and regular players (that’s why it’s also called ‘loyalty’ program). As a part of this programme, you can get exclusive perks that regular players don’t get.

For instance, VIP Players get access to exclusive tournaments, special bonuses, higher withdrawal limits, faster payouts, personal managers, and much more!

The Best VIP Casino Bonuses in India

Desi iGamers can claim VIP casino bonuses quite easily. All you have to do is sign up at a licenced casino, sign up for their VIP or loyalty program, and claim those extra perks!

For your convenience, our casino experts at IndiaCasinos have listed all the licenced, reputable casinos. These casinos offer VIP programs, loyalty programs, and other forms of VIP bonuses.

CasinoVIP Casino BonusClaim the Offer
Light CasinoUp to 15% Cashback + Withdrawal Limit up to 16,00,000 INRTo the Offer
Hello Casino100000 Loyalty Points can be redeemed for 500 INR bonus moneyTo the Offer
JeetCityRewards Up to 50,000 INR + 150 Free SpinsTo the Offer

1. Light Casino

Light Casino VIP Bonus
Light Casino’s VIP Bonus

Light Casino is one of the popular operators, and for good reasons. The casino has a well-stocked RNG games library, live casino lobby, frequent tournaments as well as sports betting. Light Casino also offers a variety of promotions to suit all kinds of players.

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The VIP Program at Light Casino is pretty straightforward – the higher your VIP level, the bigger the rewards and perks will be. The first VIP level will get a slightly better exchange rate along with higher withdrawal limits.

Meanwhile, the fifth VIP level can get you an even better exchange rate and withdrawal limits along with 15% cashback and a personal account manager.

2. Hello Casino

Licenced by the MGA, Hello Casino is a popular name in the market. The casino has a ton of games to offer from industry-leading providers – slots, table games, and even casual arcade games. Players can also access live dealer games powered by Pragmatic Play, Evolution, and other notable providers.

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The official website doesn’t reveal many details about the VIP program. However, it does mention that any player can participate in the program, and qualifying profiles will get an invitation from the casino.

The perks include invitations to exclusive events, special offers, and 24/7 personal account managers. Further, players get to pick between VIP Bonus Programme and VIP Cashback Programme.

3. JeetCity

jeet city loyalty program
JeetCity’s Loyalty Program

JeetCity, a new casino from the owners of Parimatch, is one of the best casinos for Indian gamers. The casino website is focused on the Indian market, so you will see a lot of desi games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and more.

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The casino has a simply-structured loyalty program. As you can see in the picture above, you have to play games and collect comp points. In turn, the comp points will unlock levels. The first level unlocks when you have 150 points – you get 500 INR bonus + 25 Free Spins. Meanwhile, the last level can get you 50,000 INR bonus + 150 Free Spins.

What is a VIP Bonus?

A VIP Bonus is a bonus offered by online casinos to high rollers and regular players. Usually, these bonuses are tiered – so, the higher your tier is, the bigger the perks will be. The bonus might include free spins, cashbacks, reloads, better exchange rates, higher withdrawal limits, and even a personal manager.

For instance, Light Casino offers five tiers of the VIP bonuses. The 1st tier offers a higher withdrawal limit. Meanwhile, the 5th tier offers a 15% cashback + greater withdrawal limits + better exchange rate + personal manager. 

So as you progress through the tiers, you get more and more perks and personalized services. 

Are VIP Bonuses Legal in India?

Yes – because there is no law in India that explicitly restricts online casinos or their bonuses in the country. Most of the offshore casino sites in India operate without any issues. They even offer Responsible Gambling tools and other helpful resources. 

However, given the federal structure of governance in India, the gambling laws vary from one state to another. For instance, Tamil Nadu recently enforced a ban on all kinds of online gambling. Meanwhile, the states of Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Goa are quite lenient about gambling laws. 

In any case, India is an unregulated market – so ensure that you are signing up at a fully licenced and trustworthy casinos. Our casino experts at IndiaCasinos do a double check on every casino and bring to you the best ones. 

Casino Know-How: Learn about Gambling Licences to determine the safety and legality of the online casinos. 

How Does a VIP Bonus Work?

Just like the name hints, a VIP Casino Bonus is offered to regular iGamers and high rollers. Typically, the VIP casino bonuses have a tiered structured – meaning the more ‘points’ you gather, the higher your tier will be, and the better rewards you will receive.

The VIP Bonus can include Free Spins, Cashbacks, Reloads, better exchange rates, VIP tournaments, and even a personal manager. Of course, the bonus will vary depending on the casino you’re playing at. 

how to reach the vip player level

If you participate in a VIP program (or a loyalty program), you will have to unlock tiers to get bigger rewards. The final tier has the best rewards, 

Depending on the casino, the offers for VIP Bonus will vary. But this is how a VIP program works in most of the casinos: 

Now, the ‘point’ system varies widely. For instance, at casino A, a bet of 100 INR = 1 point. And at casino B, you might have to complete some daily tasks to gather points. 

Can I Actually Win Money with a VIP Bonus?

Yes, a VIP Bonus is just like any other casino bonus – except, this one is aimed at high rollers and regular players. So yes, you can win money with VIP Casino Bonus. In fact, these bonuses can even recoup your losses a little (emphasize “little”) with cashbacks and reloads. 

So if you’re a high roller or a regular iGamer, you can consider claiming a VIP Bonus and getting those extra perks. 

Pro Tip: Try to play games with a higher Return To Player rate, such as High RTP Slots, to get better returns in the long run.

Benefits of Becoming a VIP Player

perks from a vip casino bonus

If you’re wondering whether to be a part of the VIP program or not, let us help you decide. We have compiled a quick checklist of the benefits, so you can decide whether you’ll benefit from them or not!

Deposit Bonus with a Huge Amount (up = or +400%)

A regular deposit bonus matches your deposit amount by 100% or 200%. However, high rollers might get up to 400% match on their deposits. 

Casino Know-How: Do the casino math quickly with our Bonus Wagering Calculator. Know the exact odds before you claim a bonus!

Higher Deposit Limit

Online casinos cap your deposits as well as withdrawals. But as a VIP Player, you won’t be restricted to these limits. As you keep progressing through the tiers, your deposit and withdrawal limits will keep increasing. 

For instance, if you look at Light Casino’s VIP Program, the withdrawal limits keep on increasing with each tier.

VIP Club Membership

Just like there are VIP areas reserved for high rollers in a land-based casino, online casinos, too, have their VIP clubs. By being a part of these clubs, you can get access to exclusive events, tournaments, rewards, and many other perks.

For instance, PlayOJO’s ‘A-listers’ get access to exclusive VIP tournaments. Only VIP players can participate in these competitions.

Special Events, Tickets, and Other Personal Gifts

Just like we discussed earlier, VIP program vary from one casino to another. In addition to in-casino bonus, some casinos also offer personal gifts like gadgets, holiday packages, or vouchers for restaurants. 

For instance, Twin Casino offers concert tickets, travel vouchers, dining, and even personal gifts like electronic gadgets. The most loyal players also get access to their ‘VIP Shop’ and redeem vouchers and promo codes there. 

Exclusive Tables for High Roller Players

In land-based casinos, some tables are reserved for high rollers and VIP customers. The same practice is carried on by some online casinos. You might notice that some live dealer games are exclusively reserved for the VIPs.

Let’s understand this better with an example. Casino A might offer a VIP program, which includes access to VIP live dealer games. So a VIP player gets to play on reserved Blackjack tables. 

Casino Know-How: Learn about Live Game Shows offered by online casinos.

VIP Casino Bonuses vs Other Bonuses

VIP Casino BonusFree Spins BonusWelcome BonusCashback Bonus
Additional Bonuses
Personal Gifts
Account Managers
High Withdrawal Limits
Faster Withdrawals

How to Reach the VIP Player Level

Considering that the VIP players get so much more out of their casino experience, you might wonder – how do you reach that VIP level?

Well, the system varies from one casino to another, but there are a few common practices. Many casinos grant the ‘VIP’ level to high rollers and loyal players. Meanwhile, some casinos offer subscription-based memberships – so you subscribe and get access to the VIP section.

In any case, here’s how you can achieve that VIP level:

You can be the high roller…

Of course, casinos prefer high rollers as they make larger deposits, make riskier wagers, and spend a lot of time on casino websites. Operators offer extra bonuses and personalized services to high rollers to retain the customer, and elevate their experience. So if you’re a high roller, you will level up quickly through the VIP levels.

… Or a constant smaller gambler

If you’re the kind of iGamer that makes smaller bets, smaller deposits regularly, then you will make it to a casino’s ‘favourites’ list. For operators, these are high value customers who frequent the site and play regularly. For them, you might potentially become a high roller. If this description fits you, then you’ll quickly become a VIP and get those extra perks.

In the end, players become VIP by staying loyal to their casino

It all comes down to one thing – being a loyal customer. A VIP program (also known as a loyalty program) is a chance for the operators to give something back to the customers and retain them. By giving the players a better gaming experience,

How to Use a VIP Bonus?

To make the most out of your VIP Bonus, you need to make sure that you’re using it right.

When to Use the VIP Bonus?

Of course, you should make sure to use the bonus well before the expiry date. Before you claim a bonus, note the validity – avoid claiming a big bonus with a short deadline.

With that being said, the nature and validity of the VIP bonus differs from one casino to another.

Let’s understand this with an example –

Suppose you have reached level 4 of VIP Program at Casino C, and you have accumulated 500 comp points. If you think you won’t be able to reach the next level, it’s best to use whatever points you have gathered before the validity expires. In this case, it makes no sense to wait or spend more to gather more points.

Pro Tip: Learn more about all types of Casino Bonuses to determine which one is the best for you!

How to Withdraw Wins with a VIP Bonus?

You can withdraw your rewards from the VIP bonus just like you would from a regular bonus. To cash out, you first need to win an eligible amount – that is – the minimum threshold for withdrawals.

Then, head over to the banking or payment page, and request a withdrawal. After approval, your rewards will be reflected into your bank account.

How to Choose the Best VIP Program for You?

Keep an eye on…
Withdrawal LimitsPayment MethodsLoyalty Requirements
Variety of GiftsAmount of the Bonus Available Games

Withdrawal Limits

Even for VIP customers, there is a limit to how much you can withdraw. So before you participate in a VIP program, ensure that you know the max caps.

Let’s understand this better with an example – Suppose you win a big amount, and the withdrawal limits are rather low. In order to withdraw the entire amount, you will have to make multiple transactions.

Thankfully, the withdrawal limits for VIP players are usually high. In fact, the higher your VIP level is, the higher is the withdrawal cap. So make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

Payment Methods

Having multiple payment options at your disposal is convenient. Most of the casinos catering to India offer popular payment options like UPI (Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, WhatsApp Pay, etc.), RuPay, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and more.

So before you claim a VIP Bonus (or any casino bonus for that matter), scan through the payment methods.

Loyalty Requirements

To qualify for the VIP program, you need to reach a minimum threshold. These requirements vary from one casino to another, but it can be something like – total deposited amount, number of wagers placed, or other conditions. To unlock next tiers, you have to up your VIP levels by meeting these requirements.

What you would want to make sure here that the requirements are reasonable. If they sound ridiculously high or unreasonable, then it’s time to find another casino.

Variety of Gifts

Along with extra bonuses and casino-related perks, casinos also offer personal gifts like holiday packages, electronic gadgets, shopping vouchers, concert tickets and much more. A good example would be Twin Casino’s VIP Shop. Players can redeem gifts like tour packages and tickets to events with a bonus code.

Amount of the Bonus

The easiest to determine if the VIP bonus is worth your time or not is to look at the bonus amount. If it’s a sizable amount with low wagering requirements, then you should grab it. However, if the amount is big, and so are associated wagers, then you should reconsider.

Pro Tip: Regardless of the amount, you want to make sure that the casino has multiple Indian payment methods.

Available Games with VIP Bonuses

Often, the VIP Bonus is applicable to a few popular games, all casino games, or a specific game – it varies, depending on the kind of bonus you claim. However, some casinos offer VIP bonuses on games that are exclusive to VIP players.

So it comes down to your choice – do you prefer exclusive VIP tables or all-and-every kind of games?

Solutions for Common Issues

Here are answers to some common problems that you may encounter.

1. I can’t see the VIP bonus on my account

In this case, head over to the ‘promotions’ page and see if you can find the bonus there. Usually, all the ongoing promotions are listed on this page. If you still cannot see it, get in touch with your VIP manager.

2. I cannot cash out my winnings

To withdraw, you must first meet the wagering requirements and other conditions of the bonus. Make sure they are fulfilled before you try to make a withdrawal request. In case you have met the bonus conditions, and you are unable to withdraw, contact the VIP manager for further support.

If you’re not sure how to calculate wagering requirements, check out our free Bonus Wagering Calculator.

3. My VIP bonus has disappeared

If you cannot see your bonus any more, chances are that it has expired. Casino bonuses usually come with a validity. Depending on the casino and the bonus, the validity may vary. In any case, if you are still in doubt, you can get your queries satisfied by contacting the casino staff.

Conclusion – Casinos roll out the red carpet for regular players

To sum it all up – online casinos offer exclusive promotions to regular players and high rollers. It’s an opportunity for them to give the players something back and make them feel special. So, if you are regular enough or make big bets, you will climb up that VIP ladder.

This doesn’t mean you should splurge your bankroll just to become a VIP – that’s not how it’s supposed to work. Remember the golden iGamer line – Do not bet what you cannot afford to lose. Casinos are all about luck, so your chances of losing are as good as winning.

If you’re a casual iGamer, you can check out ongoing casino bonuses for some extra edge.

Frequently asked questions

VIP Casino Bonus or program is a promotion typically targetted at high rollers and regular players (that's why it's also called 'loyalty' program). As a part of this programme, you can get exclusive perks that regular players don't get. VIP Players get access to exclusive tournaments, special bonuses, higher withdrawal limits, faster payouts, personal managers, and much more.
You can become a VIP player by fulfilling the criteria for it. This criteria is set up by the casino, and it differs from one casino to another. Usually, casinos have a 'point' system. Players can gather these points by playing and placing wagers. The more points you collect, the higher your VIP level will be.