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Gone are the days when gambling meant constant exchanges and transactions taking place using hardcore money.

Long queues and lines to collect your winnings at your favourite Indian casino aren’t a reality to many players anymore.

Nowadays, technology and virtual platforms have taken the concept of convenience and offered it to casino players on a whole new level. 

How Secure Are Your Payment Details When Playing at Online Casino? 

Casino Payment methods are the different ways that casinos can collect or send payments to their customers.

This means that, aside from using real money to either cash in or cash out at your favourite casino, you can use other means like card payments, cryptocurrencies, prepaid payment options, e-wallet services, and bank transfers for your transactions. 

In the case of casino operators and their customers, the casino will offer their players various options that they can use to either make a deposit or withdrawal.

Credible online casinos always ensure that they partner with popular, and highly credible payment services to ensure the safest and fastest experience when depositing and withdrawing money. 

Throughout this article, we will mention only safe and licensed casinos that offer reputable payment options. 

Did you know?

Making deposits at an online casino in India wasn’t always a smooth experience. Many Indians struggled, but the moment these sites chose to explore other deposit options, this problem was eliminated. 

Most Common Casino Payment Methods in India

Payment Method NameTypeAverage Deposit TimeAverage Withdrawal TimeProviders Transactions Fees
IMPS/UPIBank transferInstant5 to 7 days2.9%
PayTMe-Wallet serviceInstant1 to 2 daysNone
Visa/ Mastercard (Maestro)Card paymentInstantInstantNone
American ExpressCard paymentInstant3 to 5 days2.5%
Skrille-Wallet serviceInstantInstant1.9% to 3.99%
Netellere-Wallet serviceInstant3 days1% to 5%
PayPale-Wallet serviceInstantInstantNone
BitcoinCryptocurrency30-45 minutes30-45 minutesDepends on merchant
Google Paye-WalletInstantInstant0% on deposits
PaysafecardPrepaid cardInstantInstantMaintenance fee after 12 months
ecoPayzPrepaid cardInstant1-3 business days1.5% to 4.9%
AstroPayCard paymentInstant7 daysNone

The Different Types of Payment Methods

Online casinos that offer their players a wide range of payment methods mean more flexibility and options.

In this way, players can find a casino payment method that they are currently using to make their deposits and withdrawals.

Below we are enlisting some of the most common online casino payment options

Debit & Credit Cards

  • Visa: Visa is one of the favourite online casino payment options, and that includes India as well. It offers a simple way of transacting by simply allowing players to input their card details and begin playing immediately afterward. 
  • Mastercard: A popular card payment option in India. It offers safe transactions and other features that make the option quite popular. What about withdrawal methods for indian players? You can receive withdrawals between one to five business days and withdraw at no cost. 
  • American Express: Another payment option that is popular in India. It’s popularly known as AMEX and is known to offer safe withdrawals taking between one and five business days. 


  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the most popular payment option among Indians when considering the fact that it’s a cryptocurrency. Despite the options gradually growing as an alternative to online casino payment methods, the option is certainly worth looking into.


  • Neteller: This is a very popular e-wallet payment option offered to players in India and worldwide. It should, however, be noted that some online casinos prohibit Neteller users from qualifying for certain bonus offers. 
  • PhonePE: PhonePe is an Indian digital payment method founded in December 2015 and based in Bangalore. 
  • PayPal: This is another popular e-wallet service that is used in India and recognized globally as well. 
  • Skrill: Another popular e-wallet service recognized in India. e-Wallet services, such as Skrill, offer quick withdrawal times of a maximum of 24 hours and no fees. 
  • PayTM: Not only is PayTM famous for being safe, secure, fast, and free, but the service has also come up with some fun and innovative ways to reward players and customers for choosing them. Here, players earn bonuses, points, and advantages when choosing to work with them. 

Mobile Apps

  • Mobile Banking App: For players looking to link their bank accounts to their online casino accounts, most banks provide mobile banking apps to have this done. 
  • PayPal App: PayPal has a mobile app that they offer their customers, so if you would like to make any transactions with the site, you can do so on your phone. 
  • Skrill App: Skrill provides their customers with the convenience of being able to bank easily with the use of their mobile app. 
  • Neteller App: Neteller offers its customers the chance to bank on their phones using their Neteller mobile app. 
  • PayTM: PayTM has an app that they offer their customers for daily transactions. 
  • Google Pay: This mobile app allows transactions between online accounts and your card payment options. 

Bank Transfers

  • IMPS/UPI: IMPS/UPIallows players to make direct transactions between their bank accounts and the casino despite the challenges of gambling laws set in India. 

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

  • Paysafecard: This is a prepaid payment option that allows its customers to transact freely without the need for a credit or debit card. 
  • EcoPayz: This is another trusted prepaid card system that allows you to transact with ease without needing a debit or credit card. 

Solutions to Common Issues

These casino online payment methods can sometimes have glitches that are unavoidable. So here are a few common solutions to a few of the common issues that may spring up. 

I can’t find where to verify my payment methods

Head over to your Account profile to check for verification steps under the Payments heading. 

I can’t change the payment method on my account

Speak to an online consultant for further assistance. Avoid too many attempts, as this may block your account. 

I can’t remove my credit card from my account

Speak to an online consultation if you’ve already tried the “Remove card” option unsuccessfully. 

In-game deposits from my mobile device are not working

Try using a desktop. Some features are not optimized for mobile devices

I requested a withdrawal from my card. Why are the funds still available in my balance?

Try to wait a day as processing with some sites does take time. For more information, visit the site’s terms and conditions. 

My latest deposit hasn’t been added to my account

Ask an online consultant about how long your casino payment method takes to reflect on your balance. Times can vary depending on the payment method of choice. 

I cannot withdraw my winnings

Check the terms and conditions to see if you’ve met the wagering requirements first before making the withdrawal. 

I didn’t receive my winnings in full

This could either be because of tax or fee charges. 

Did you know?

Online casinos have made it a point to ensure that players on their sites have self-help resources at their disposal before needing to contact the casino for assistance? If you have any questions or queries, always start at the FAQ section of the site to see if they don’t have the answers there before contacting the casino. 

Top 8 Extra Tips to Help You Decide on a Payment Method

  1. Check all the details of your preferred casino online payment methods on the site just in case the deposit and withdrawals time and fees are too high. 
  1. Read the terms and conditions regarding bonus offers to ensure that your chosen payment option doesn’t forfeit you from any bonuses. 
  1. Check the terms and conditions regarding the time and fees related to your payment option. 
  1. Try to avoid using your day-to-day card payment options on online casino sites. You can opt to open a separate gaming account. 
  1. Look out for a little green lock at the top of your screen while doing your online deposit or withdrawal. This will prove that the transaction is safe and secure. 
  1. Always check deposit limits before transacting.
  1. Always check the withdrawal limits. Some payment options offer withdrawal limits that are too low, meaning that you’d need to make separate payments if your withdrawals are too high. 
  1. Look out for payment options that offer both deposits and withdrawals to avoid any extra work.
Did you know?

Not all payment options offer players the choice to make a deposit and withdrawal. A good example would be Astropay which allows you to make deposits only. 

How to Place a Deposit and Withdraw Your Winnings

How to Place a Deposit

Not all casinos follow the same steps, so this is a general guide:

  • Create an account with the respective online casino.
  • Head over to the cashier section of your account.
  • Select the “Deposit” option.
  • Fill in the amount that you would like to deposit.
  • Insert your payment details so the online casinos can link your gaming account to your account.
  • Confirm all the details that you entered.
  • Select “Submit”.

How to Withdraw the Winnings

Not all casinos follow the same step, so this is a general guide:

  • Ensure that you have already signed in to your account.
  • Head over to the cashier section of your account.
  • Select the “Withdraw” option.
  • Fill in the amount that you would like to withdraw.
  • Insert your payment details, so the online casino is linked to your gaming account and personal account.
  • Confirm all the details.
  • Select “Submit”.

Depending on your state, always make sure you are fully aware of whether you or the online casino are responsible for paying the tax related to your winnings. 

Did you know?

Withdrawing isn’t always available 24/7. Some online casinos have processing times and these can exclude weekends and public holidays. 

Frequently asked questions

Not all countries use the same payment methods everywhere. A variety of payment options makes room for different countries with different options. 
You can do this by heading over to your Account settings that have details concerning your payment methods. From there, you can add or remove your payment methods. 
Yes, for as long as you play on a licensed and regulated online casino, it should be partnered with a reputable and licensed service provider.