Casino Welcome Bonus

Casino Welcome Bonuses in India

Almost all Indian online casinos are offering some sort of welcome bonus to attract players to them! These may be confusing to new players at first. In this article, we will explain what welcome bonuses are, what types of bonuses are available, how they work, and where you can grab them!

Are Welcome Bonuses Legal in India?

Generally if a casino is legal, there is no reason why welcome bonuses shouldn’t be.

You will see that all online casinos in India we recommend that offer a welcome bonus of some sort, hold reputable licenses.

Are they safe?

Yes, they usually are very safe. Make sure you have read and understood all the conditions attached to a welcome bonus.

Why are casinos offering Welcome bonuses?

The main reason casinos offer a welcome bonus is to attract new members. For you as a new member, it also gives you an opportunity to gain some experience with that casino without using too much of your own money.

What Exactly is a Welcome Bonus?

You always see casinos offering a welcome bonus, but what exactly is it?

Also known as a sign-up bonus, a casino offers a welcome bonus to attract new players to their brand. Casino welcome bonuses can take many forms, as we shall discuss later on.

Why take a welcome bonus 

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of welcome bonuses.

They are freeSometimes tied to high playthrough terms
Allows you to experience the casino.Expiry times
Can be rewardingSometimes have complicated conditions

Did you know?

Almost every online casino features some type of welcome bonus. Take time to find the best bonus for your needs.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

There are several types of online casino welcome bonuses, here are a few that you will see frequently.

Welcome bonuses are commonly offered in two forms, matched deposit, and no deposit bonus. Shop around to find the best welcome bonus before committing to a casino.

New Player Welcome Bonuses

The new player welcome bonus is designed to attract you to the casino. It is awarded to you on successful completion of the sign-up process.

Slots Welcome Bonus

A slots welcome bonus is usually awarded to promote a specific slots game, usually a new release, or a game from a new developer. Typically these bonuses take the form of free spins and are usually only valid for specific slots games.

Reload Welcome Bonus

The reload bonus is offered to encourage you to make another deposit. These bonuses may appear at random, or at set times.

Some casinos offer reload bonuses as part of the welcome bonus, where you would receive a bonus on your second, third, or up to fifth deposit.

Deposit Welcome Bonus and No Deposit Welcome Bonus

A deposit welcome bonus is typically a percentage of your first deposit. If there is a 50% deposit, for example, the casino will give you an additional half of your deposit, so a ₹100 deposit would give you ₹150 to play with.

There are normally wagering conditions attached to these bonuses.

No deposit welcome bonuses are less common but come with no obligations. The casino will award you a certain amount for signing up, totally free.

No deposit bonuses tend to be smaller in value. These are sometimes offered in conjunction with the percentage deposit bonus. There is often no restriction on withdrawals with a no deposit bonus.

Welcome Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are often issued by casinos to claim a bonus or qualify for a promotion. They can either be general codes, open to everyone, or an exclusive code that can be sent to you by SMS or e-mail.

Occasionally the codes may only be valid for certain games.

Did you know?

Welcome bonuses can win you money if selected and used wisely. As you were presumably prepared to risk some of your own cash anyway, bonuses make your chance of winning a little better.

How to Cash Out

Once you’ve built up a decent balance in your account, you might want to cash out your winnings. There may be conditions pertaining to your withdrawal, so pay attention to those.

Cashable vs. Non-Cashable Casino Offers

Most casino offers are cashable, even if there are playthrough conditions. Once you have completed all the qualifying conditions, you can make a withdrawal.

Some conditions may prevent you from collecting your bonus. This is known as a sticky bonus, and that bonus stays in your account for the purpose of wagering, and cannot be withdrawn.

Maximum Win Limit

Always check the bonus conditions. Frequently there is a maximum withdrawal limit attached to a bonus. These limits are more prevalent in conjunction with no deposit bonuses.

Cash Out Limits

The limit to the amount you can cash out may be set by the casino, this could be a limit to each withdrawal or a daily and even monthly limit. This is usually put in place to protect the casino’s cash flow.

Bonus Percentages and Payouts

Matched deposit bonuses generally work in percentages. The casino will offer you a percentage of your first deposit as a bonus, up to a limit.

For example 50% bonus up to ₹1,000. In which case the casino will give you ₹500 if you deposit the maximum amount. There will usually be conditions applied to this bonus, so be aware of those.

Did you know?

Cashing out your bonus and winnings from it may be subject to certain conditions. Always read these before playing.

Solutions for Common Issues

There could be minor issues on occasion. Perhaps you missed something, or you cant find what you are looking for. These answers may help.

  1. I don’t want a welcome bonus anymore.

You should be able to cancel your welcome bonus. You will probably forfeit any wins gained from it if any. Often the welcome bonus will automatically be credited to you on signing up. If you can’t cancel a deposit match bonus and you don’t want to commit too much, then deposit the lowest amount allowed.

  1. Why can’t I see the wagering progress of my welcome bonus?

You should be able to see the status of your bonus in the account section of the casino. There you can view the current remaining time for your bonus, and how many spins or plays are needed to complete the bonus cycle. Do this often to avoid the risk of your bonus expiring before you can draw on it.

  1. My offer page is not showing a bonus.

It could be that the offer you are looking for does not apply to the area you are currently situated in. Check to see if your area is restricted.

  1. What if my bonus expires before I complete the cycle?

You will lose your bonus and any wins gained from it. Always check the time limit on a bonus, and view your status regularly. Some casinos will send you a reminder, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of how long you still have, and what requirements you still need to fulfill.

Did you know?

You should check your bonus status regularly. If your bonus expires, you will forfeit not only the bonus but also any winnings accumulated from it.

Conclusion – Tips for Using the Welcome bonus

Now we have seen what welcome bonuses are, and how they work. Here are some handy tips to bear in mind.

  1. Always read terms and conditions

This is important. There can be a variety of terms and conditions attached to a welcome bonus. Read through these carefully before committing yourself and pay particular attention to whether the bonus is sticky or not.

  1. Check wagering requirements before you grab a bonus

More often than not, there are wagering requirements for a bonus. This usually takes the form of a playthrough or rollover. If the playthrough requirement is excessive, it may not be worth taking the bonus.

  1. Make sure your payment methods are accepted

Check the casino’s accepted payment methods and ensure you comply before signing up. You may also want to check your intended withdrawal method at this stage. 

  1. Look out for location restrictions

Some bonuses are applicable to certain regions only, check this beforehand to ensure you qualify. If you are travelling to a different area, find out before you leave if the area you are going to is restricted.

  1. Check on the withdrawal times

Find out when you are able to withdraw. Some casino welcome bonuses may have a restriction on this.

  1. Check if your Welcome Bonus Free Spins is given for one session or you have to play for a certain number of days to use it all.

Some welcome bonuses may be played over a given period. An example could be 50 free spins, awarded over five days at 10 spins per day.

Frequently asked questions

The casino can track your device’s IP address, and it will know exactly where you are. If you are in a restricted area, you will be denied access. This is accomplished by a geotag tracking system.
These are part of the conditions that could accompany a welcome bonus. If the requirement is a playthrough of 20X, you will have to wager the same amount 20 times over before the bonus is yours. Find out about these before placing your bet, as sometimes excessive playthroughs could negate any bonus you stand to win.
They are designed to prevent players from signing up, playing the free bonus, and then vanishing without ever having made a deposit. Casinos aren’t in the business of giving away money, and they would rather have you as a long-term customer.