What Is A Non-Sticky Bonus?

Sometimes referred to as a ‘parachute bonus’, it’s a cashable bonus that you can withdraw alongside your deposit, as long as you meet the wagering requirements. When awarded a non-sticky balance, the casino separates it from your deposit money, allowing you to play first with your deposit money and then your bonus money.

Non-sticky bonuses also allow you to withdraw your initial deposit if you have not played with the bonus amount provided. These casino bonuses also allow you to take out your winnings and deposit money at any time in the gaming process.

Non-Sticky vs Sticky bonuses

The key difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses is the ability to withdraw your deposit. Most sticky bonuses are awarded for wagering purposes only, meaning that you can only use them in the casino and cannot withdraw them as real money.

Sticky bonuses may also be lumped in with your deposit, meaning you cannot withdraw your initial deposit until you meet the wagering requirements. Both bonuses have their advantages  – sticky bonuses are often larger, for example.

Sticky BonusNon-Sticky Bonus
Non-cashable, cannot be withdrawn (you can withdraw your deposit + winnings)Cashable, can be withdrawn after meeting wagering requirements
Larger bonus amountComparatively smaller bonus amount
Gives a sizable cash balance to start withLets you withdraw initial deposit + bonus

Are Non-Sticky Bonuses Legal In India?

Non-sticky bonuses are legal in India as long as the casino meets the local regulatory and licensing requirements. Casinos licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curaçao Gaming Commission are safe for Indian players. 

Why casinos offer no sticky bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses are popular in online gaming circles as they offer players a second chance should they lose their initial deposit. Players can also withdraw their winnings and bonus money when playing.

Tip: Read T&Cs to know whether the bonus is sticky or not. The terms for a sticky bonus would include statements like “for wagering only” or “deposited funds used first” or something that says you cannot cash out the bonus. In case you’re not sure, you can contact the casino customer support.

Did You Know
One key distinction between sticky and non-sticky bonuses is separating your funds and the bonus, making managing your bankroll and opting out easier.

The UKGC regulations as of March 2018 require that all bonuses are separate from player funds. It’s now easier to find non-sticky bonus UK casinos.

The Best Non-Sticky Casino Bonuses In India

If you want to make the most of your online gaming experience, non-sticky bonuses can be a good way to start. Here are some of the best non-sticky bonus casinos for Indian iGamers:

9winz nonsticky welcome bonus
casinodays welcome bonus nonsticky
  1. 9Winz 100% deposit match up to INR 25,000

9Winz Casino operates under a licence from the Curaçao Gambling Commission. It offers more than 100 casino games and a variety of payment methods for its Indian players.

2. Wazamba 100% deposit match up to $750 and 200 Free Spins

Wazamba is an online casino established in 2019 and licensed by the Curaçao e-Gaming Regulatory Authorities.

3. Leon Casino 150% Up to ₹60,000

Leon Casino is yet another trusted name, and it offers more than 4000 games. Leon has a licence from the Curacao Government as well as the Kahnawake Gambling Commission.

4. CasinoDays 100% deposit match up to ₹100,000

CasinoDays is an online casino that allows Indian gamers to play slot and live casino games on their phones, tablets or computers. CasinoDays is licensed by the Government of Curaçao and has been operating since 2020.

Did You Know
Most online casinos have a set deadline for meeting the bonus requirements. Failing to meet this deadline means the company will forfeit your bonus (including non-sticky bonuses).

How Many Types Of Non-Sticky Bonus Exist

Non-sticky bonuses take different forms depending on the issuing company. This means they may have different rules and requirements based on their type.

types of non-sticky bonus india
non-sticky bonus casino india

Here are the common ones:

Non-Sticky Bonus Types: According to Percentage of the Deposit

These casino non-sticky bonuses are awarded as a percentage of your deposit. Usually, the casino offering the bonus will cap the maximum amount you can be awarded, so you will see terms like 100% deposit match up to $500, meaning the maximum bonus is $500.

wazamba welcome bonus india nonsticky

100% Non-Sticky Bonus

100% non-sticky bonuses offer you an equal amount of the deposit you make. For instance, if you deposit $50, you get a bonus of $50.

200% Non-Sticky Bonus

A 200% non-sticky bonus offers you twice the amount of deposit you place. In most cases, there’s also a cap on the maximum you can get as a deposit.

Non-Sticky Bonus Types: According to Bonus Conditions

Some sticky bonuses come with certain conditions that players must adhere to. It’s advisable to read these conditions before signing up.

Traditional Non-Sticky Bonus

Traditional non-sticky bonuses allow you to withdraw your winnings, but first, you have to wager your real money before you start using the bonus.

Half-Sticky Bonus

Half-sticky bonuses are a combination of the features of sticky and non-sticky bonuses. They include a wagering requirement, but allow you to withdraw your winnings upon meeting these requirements.

Non-Sticky Bonus Cash

Non-sticky bonus cash is a bonus that allows you to continue playing when you run out of cash. These bonuses offer a certain percentage of your deposit up to a certain cap amount.

Did You Know
Once you withdraw your deposit, the casino forfeits any bonus you have not used up.

Tip: Sometimes, different casino games contribute differently towards the wagering requirements. For instance, roulette might contribute 0% while slots might contribute 30%. Check the T&Cs before you start wagering.

Want to know about other casino bonuses? Don’t worry, we got you covered! You can check out cashback bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonus, and more bonuses on our website.

Is It Worth Redeeming A Casino Non-Sticky Bonus?

Non-sticky bonuses do not affect your deposit. They offer a chance to keep playing even after losing your deposit. Therefore, you wouldn’t be losing anything to redeem a casino non-sticky bonus.

claim non-sticky bonus india

Best Strategy: Choose the perfect moment to withdraw your winnings

How do you know the best time to cash out your winnings? The best strategy is to have your own rules about your gambling practices. First, set a bankroll amount you can afford to lose and stick to that. Managing your casino account also goes a long way to keep your bankroll in check.

It’s always best to withdraw your winnings when your account balance exceeds your bankroll, as this helps you wager within your limits. Finally, do not keep too much money in your casino account – it can result in overspending.

Did You Know
Casino bonuses can distort your view of your bankroll, leading to poor gambling decisions. Keep track of your real money and bonus to avoid placing wagers you cannot afford.

Solutions For Common Issues  

At times, you may not receive your non-sticky bonus from the online casino as expected. Players also encounter other challenges that have simple solutions. We’ve delved into a few scenarios you can solve yourself.  

1. No bonus received

If you have not received your bonus, check whether you have met the minimum required amount, whether the promotion is still valid, and that you have opted into the promotion. If these do not work, you should contact support to identify the source of the problem.

2. I can’t withdraw my winnings.

Generally, non-sticky bonuses should allow you to take out your winnings. However, if you are experiencing challenges, try revisiting the terms and conditions to ensure that you’ve met any wagering requirements and prerequisites for withdrawal.

3. I cannot use a non-sticky bonus for some games.

Different non-sticky casino bonuses come with limitations on the games you can use the bonus on. If you are experiencing challenges playing certain games using your non-sticky bonus, revisit the terms and conditions to know which games are allowed.

4. How do I cancel my bonus?

You can cancel a non-sticky bonus by withdrawing your deposit, and this automatically results in the forfeiture of your bonus.

Did You Know
Most problems you encounter when using a non-sticky bonus can be resolved by reading the bonus terms and conditions before signing up.

Tips When Using A Non-Sticky Bonus

non sticky welcome bonus wazamba india
Wazamba offers a non-sticky welcome bonus – 100% match up to 40,000 INR

Casino bonuses can help you maximize your bankroll profits when used correctly. These bonuses are mostly less risky than sticky bonuses, as they allow you to withdraw your deposit and winnings after meeting the wagering requirements.

Your casino funds and the non-sticky bonus remain separated, meaning you can stop playing as soon as your deposit is depleted, without any consequence.

Since you can withdraw your winnings at any time, it is advisable to withdraw large winnings to reduce the temptation of emotional gambling.

Frequently asked questions

A non-sticky casino bonus (or a no sticky bonus) is a type of casino bonus that carries no strings attached when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. The non-sticky casino bonus keeps your deposit and bonus money separate, allowing you to withdraw winnings from your deposit winnings.
The main benefit of on-sticky bonuses is the freedom to cash out your winnings when you use your deposit to play. This removes the frustration of having to meet a minimum deposit threshold for you to take out your winnings.
All forms of casino bonuses have terms and conditions. Therefore, you should read the terms before you claim your non-sticky bonus.
Online casinos don't tell you whether a bonus is a non-sticky bonus or it’s attached to your funds. You have to figure this out by reading the terms and conditions of the bonus. For instance, if the bonus is offered for "wagering purposes only", that is a sticky bonus. In contrast, a non-sticky bonus could have terms that allow you to withdraw your deposits before wagering.
Yes, for Indian players, there are a few non-sticky bonus casinos. You can check out the bonuses at Wazamba, CasinoDays, OleyBet, and 9Winz. However, note that not all bonuses are non-sticky, please the T&Cs to find out.