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Discover the Best Online Slots in India!

Simple, accessible and possibly life-changing, online slots are games of chance that will never lose their appeal. The suspense that comes with knowing that you may hit on a big win on the next spin can hardly be matched by any other casino game, which is why online slot games are so popular across online casinos.

All slots

Name Total rating RTP Chance to win Number of rows Paylines
Age Of The Gods 90 95% - 3 20
Blood Suckers 2 87 96.9% 41% 3 25
Book of Dead 89 94.3% - 3 10
Day of Dead 93 96.5% - 4 20
Dead or Alive 87 96.8% 24% 3 9
Divine Fortune 87 96.6% 44% 3 20
Immortal Romance 87 96.9% 31% 3 243
Jackpot 6000 64 95% - 3 5
Joker Millions 63 94.3% - 3 25
Legacy of Dead 94 96.6% 25% 3 10
Mega Joker - 99% - 3 5
Mega Moolah 73 88.1% 46% 3 25
Muerto en Mictlan 93 96.2% - 3 10
Starburst 93 96.1% 23% 3 10
Twin Spin 94 96.6% 28% 3 243
Wolf Gold 92 96% - 3 25

As an Indian player, you can get access to hundreds of online slot machines as well as free online slots if you join the right casino, and this is what this guide is all about – we’ll show you how to find the best online slots and where to play them!

Why play Online Slots, and is it safe to play them? 

Check out the reviews for the best online slots that are all the rage at Indian casinos!

You can play all these slot games developed by creative providers like NetEnt, Play N Go and Microgaming either for free or for real money by joining a casino that welcomes players for your region and even claim a casino bonus or free spins to use on slots!

Are Online Slots legal to play in the Indian Market?

In India, it is legal to play at online casinos. There is no federal law in India that bans online casino gambling. 

Just a few Indian states have passed their online gaming laws so far. 

For example, Maharashtra has decided to ban all kinds of gambling inside state lines, both online and offline gambling.

States like Sikkim and Goa, on the other hand, have gone so far as to legalize gambling in a regulated manner. There are actual real-world casinos in both states that draw gamblers from all over India.

What are Online Slots? 

Online slot machines originate from the traditional physical slot machines you used to spin by pulling a lever. 

These slot machines used to have just three reels and one pay line and typically featured various fruit, 7s, and bells as symbols. 

With online slots, the concept is still the same – i.e., to land on a matching combination of symbols that will offer a higher payout than the original stake. 

However, once slot machines took an online dimension, developers started coming up with a variety of exciting new features and rewards!  

Online slots are created by game studios or developers who program, design and test the slot in-house. 

Once a slot is released, it is usually offered across various online casinos. 

You can find the same online slot game at different casinos since developers tend to have agreements with various operators to make their content available across the board. 

However, some online casinos also have their exclusive titles, some of which are developed in-house or in collaboration with a developer.

Slot games that fit your style

Knowing which live casino game best fits your personality is vital when playing any live casino game, as you will have the best chance of winning if you are playing one that best suits you. 

If you’re a newbie, are you unsure what game you should play? Or are you getting annoyed with a particular slot game because you don’t have the right slot for your personality? 

To assist you, IndiaCasinos has compiled a list of personalities to ensure that you play the suitable game for you!

Bonus Buy Slots  

Bonus buy slots are online slots that allow you to pay a fee in return for the game’s main bonus feature. 

This is usually the round where you get free spins. 

The cost of missing the “grind” for scatter symbols that unlock the bonus feature(s) while you’re playing, also known as “feature buy,” is usually between 50 and 150 times your initial stake.

Online slots characteristics

What to pay attention to when choosing a Slot game?

1. Theme 

Online casinos in India offer hundreds of online slots, all distinguishable by their style and theme.

Indian players will come across classic slots, inspired by the first slot machines; video slots, a modern version of slot games with animations, extraordinary graphics and sounds, and bonus games; and finally, progressive jackpot slots, games linked to an ever-growing jackpot that can reach millions of rupees. 

2. Payouts 

As we have mentioned earlier, online slots can have either low, medium, or high volatility. 

If you are on a budget, you might want to stick with a low variance slot, which might not pay out large amounts, but will pay frequently enough to strike a balance in your bankroll. 

On the other hand, after a more significant win, then maybe a high volatility slot is the one for you. However, you must remember that payouts might be pretty infrequent, and if you don’t hit that big win, you might be faced with a long losing streak. 

 3. Risk

The disadvantage of land-based casinos is that they are more expensive due to travel costs, overnight stays, and other events. 

On the other hand, online casinos offer greater flexibility because you can play from anywhere in the world and only pay for the gaming portion of the experience. 

Since you don’t have to dress up or pay extra fees, online casinos are also less expensive and more convenient to play at.

 4. Lookout for volatility

Slot volatility, or as it is also known, Variance, refers to how online slots are programmed to pay out in different ways. Some slots have more frequent payouts than others, while some will pay out more frequently, but the prizes will be more significant. 

Online slot games of low volatility would fit in the first category, whereas high volatility slots will fall into the latter. 

Medium volatility slots try to balance the hit rate and the size of payouts.

5. Pay attention to RTP 

This is the Return to Player Percentage, a figure that every slot developer should publish when a slot game is released. This RTP shows how much players can expect to get back from an online slot machine – theoretically. 

If a slot has an RTP of 96% (which is the average for a good number of online slots), this means that over thousands of rounds, players should get back 96% of what they stake in the form of winnings. 

Over a few rounds, you will either lose more than you wager, or you can win a massive prize – you never know!

6. What’s your budget?

One of the rules of being a gambler is always to stake money you can afford to lose. 

Remember, not every spin will turn into a win, and playing online slots comes with a degree of risk and loss.

Online slots, these days, allow players to choose the preferred amount they want to bet, which can vary from just a few rupees to thousands of rupees. 

Thus, before placing bets, it might be a good idea to decide how much you can afford and how long you wish to play. 

This is quite significant as placing the highest bet will eat at your bankroll quicker than if you put the minor stake.

What types of slots are out there?

While the theme of the game is important, so is the structure of the game.

When we speak about structure, we’re referring to the setup of the game and the number of reels.

The standard setup for modern slots is 5 reels, although you’ll find classic inspired slots with the traditional setup of 3 reels.

There are no rules, so you can find anything from slots with 3 reels to 6 reels or more.

1. Number of reels 

How many reels can a slot have?

3-Reel Slots 

Is there too much choice on the internet? Not sure where to start when it comes to 3-reel slots? 

Here are the top classic slots from different developers that might be an excellent place to start:

  • 7s on Fire
  • Mega Joker
  • Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay
  • Lightning Joker

5-Reel Slots

Now that we’ve discussed the fundamentals, let’s look at some of the best 5-reel online slots with a striking exterior and a feature-rich interior:

  • 1429 Uncharted Seas
  • Blood Suckers
  • Barber Shop Uncut
  • Steam Tower

7-Reel Slots

Although there aren’t many 7-reel slots available online, we’ve found five that you should check out if you get the chance…

  • Lucky 7s
  • Gemix
  • Farming Futures
  • Reactoonz

Game Types 

Classic Slots & Fruit Machines

You can still find some excellent collections of slot machines online that mimic the traditional fruit machines, with their fruit symbols and overall design. 

Typically, these slot games also come with features that enhance the gameplay, such as free spins, wilds, multipliers, or the possibility of gambling your winnings. 

Video Slots

Video slots take the concept of slot games a bit further, by taking a theme or storyline and designing online slot games based on that subject.

This form of online slots is very popular nowadays, because players love a good setting, whether it’s a gladiator’s arena or a tomb inside the pyramids of ancient Egypt!

Video slots tend to come with high-quality visuals and exciting soundtracks to fully immerse you within the game, and constitute the large majority of new online slots that are released today.

Book of Dead slot

Progressives Slots

Progressive slots can be either classic slots or even video slots in style. The only difference is the jackpot that is linked to this game and which keeps growing with every stake player’s place on each spin.

The jackpot is often dropped randomly through a mathematical calculation of the RNG computer and the higher the amount of the jackpot the likelier it is to drop on one lucky player who, with all probability, will become a millionaire overnight. 

Arabian nights slots

Classic Slots

You can still find some nice collections of slot machines online that mimic the traditional fruit machines, with their fruit symbols and overall design.

Typically, these slot games also come with features that enhance the gameplay, such as free spins, wilds, multipliers, or the possibility of gambling your winnings. 

Twin spin slot

3D Slots

3D slot machines are video slots with graphics that appear to be in three dimensions on the screen. When you go to the movies to see a 3D film, you don’t need to wear special glasses. 

On the other hand, the game’s creators are hoping for something similar to that experience. The aim is to make the action on screen as realistic as possible.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive slots can be either classic slots or even video slots in style. 

The only difference is the jackpot linked to this game, which keeps growing with every stake player placed on each spin.

The jackpot is often dropped randomly through a mathematical calculation of the RNG computer, and the higher the amount of the jackpot, the likelier it is to settle on one lucky player who, with all probability, will become a millionaire overnight. 

Megaways Slots

The ‘all ways pay’ games, which have 243 pay lines or five reels with three symbols per reel, are among the most common forms of online slots.

Although these games have many winning combinations and various icons, themes, and gameplay, some slots have a lot more to offer.

Big Time Gaming’s MegawaysTM is an innovation in which you never know how many directions the next spin will be. 

Each reel can have anywhere from two to eight symbols, resulting in many different combinations and hundreds of thousands of possible winning combinations.

Did you know?

The online gambling industry began with an online casino that focused solely on slots. In 1994, Microgaming launched the first online casino. They’ve found a variety of projects in the hopes of making online slots the most common form of online gambling entertainment.

How to increase your chances of winning?

There are thousands of online slot games available out there, but it can get tricky to find the best slots to play online from India. 

This is because it takes a while to determine whether the features and payouts are as rewarding as the developer promises. 

We believe that the best online slots have a good balance of promising features and decent win potential. 

Although online slots are programmed to give the house advantage (or house edge), you are still more likely to win on some slots than on others, given things like hit rate, RTP, and the size of payouts. 

1. Read our reviews 

These days you can find many online slot reviews to give you an idea if a slot is worth playing or not. 

Another tip we can share is to try the demo version, which is available for almost all online slots. 

The play-for-fun version or demo allows you to play the game with fake money to get a feeling of the slot and understand its features. 

It is also a great way to assess the payout potential of the slot before you start committing any of your real cash. 

2. Watch Streamers

Some slot enthusiasts have combined their interest with entertainment, taking it to the internet for all to benefit.

Watching streamers play online can give you pointers and experience you might otherwise lack.

Online platform Twitch is a great place to start and you can look out for the below streamers:

3. Is there such a thing as a “slot strategy?”

Although it can seem that there is little or no strategy involved in playing slots, this is not the case. Although slots are mostly a game of chance, there are some strategic moves that players can make to improve their chances.

1. Match the value of your bet to your overall budget.

To maximize your odds of making matches on a pay line, place smaller bets on each pay line. If you put “Max Bets” on each pay line, your budget will be stretched a little further.

2. Play a variety of slots

The odds are stacked against you if you want to keep winning at the same game. To maximize your odds of winning, try a variety of slots. You may also discover a new game you like that you haven’t tried before.

3. Take a break while you’re ahead.

A tiny victory is still a victory. When you’ve already won, don’t keep trying your luck. Always play responsibly and know when to quit.

 4. Practice for free!

If you’re not quite sure whether or not you’d like to play online slots for real money, the good news is, you can also play them for free! 

Most Indian gambling sites will allow you to play their slots for fun with fake money without missing out on any features. 

In this way, you can test out a new slot to see whether it appeals to you or not before risking real money on it. 

This is usually awarded once you register as a new player with a casino and make your first deposit. This bonus can consist of either bonus money or else free spins. 

How do slot games work?

Claiming a casino bonus is not difficult, and neither is it to play free online slots. Anyone can follow the process, and the below is just how easy it is: 

  1. Register for an account
  2. Make your first deposit
  3. Claim the welcome bonus
  4. Find a slot game you want to play 
  5. Decide if you’re going to play for fun or real money 
  6. If you are playing for fun, just click the demo button 
  7. If you’re going to play for real money, click play 
  8. You can use your bonus to play for real while still having the chance to win real cash. 

Online Slots Providers

Online slot providers are the brains and power behind every single online slot.

Casino games developers go to great lengths to come up with interesting and innovative ideas to provide players with something fresh and unique every single time.

Many of the game developers go back many years when their line of specialization was the original slot machines. With the launch of online casinos, they moved their business online, producing hundreds of online slots every year.

At the most online casinos, Indian players will find hundreds of slots by the best developers, with titles that have become a permanent part of online casinos and all-time favourites with players from all over the world. 

Best Slots Providers in India

Some slot providers have earned a solid reputation and the below are some of the most famous names; 

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil
  • Play ‘n’ Go
  • Playtech
  • BetSoft
  • Red Tiger
  • Quickspin
  • Big Time Gaming
  • IGT
  • Bally Technologies
  • iSoftBet

Royal Panda Casino India 

Royal Panda Casino is another rewarding brand that is welcoming new players from India with a 100% deposit match up to ₹10,000 on first deposit.

With a bonus that doubles up your funds, you can enjoy hundreds of rounds on online slots for free while still having the opportunity of making an income. 

Casumo Casino India 

Casumo casino has earned a strong reputation over the years and has been operating successfully over various markets.

This casino is now operating in the Indian market too and to welcome players from Indian it is offering a no deposit bonus consisting of 20 free spins and a 100% first deposit match of up to ₹50,000.

There are hundreds of online slots to play at Casumo and you can join Casumo Casino from the link here!

Did you know?

Online Slots Produce the Most Revenue – Can you believe that the average slot machine, whether in a conventional land-based casino or an online casino, generates 85% of the casino’s revenue? Whether online or in-person, slot machines are no longer considered a harmless diversion.

popular online slots in india

Online Slots terminology

Glossary and a short explanation of terms related to slots:

  • Paylines – imaginary lines that determine a winning combination when the same symbols land on these lines
  • Reels – reels refer to the barrel-like structure of the slot that spins to display a different combination of images each time. 
  • Jackpot – it refers to the maximum prize you can land 
  • Free Spins – this is a bonus round involving a set number of free spins, allowing players to accumulate more winnings without staking anything. 
  • Symbols – this are the images that appear on the reels. To win you need to land the same symbols in a winning combination. 
  • Scatter – although not found in all online slots, scatters are those symbols that give you access to the bonus game or free spins round if you manage to get a certain number of them on any given spin.
  • AutoPlay – some online slots have a special button on the console that allows the slot to spin on its own saving you from having to press the spin button every single time. 
  • Multiplier – a multiplier is when you win and your bet is multiplied a number of times
  • Max Bet – this is the maximum bet you can place 
  • Min Bet – this is the minimum bet you can stake to spin on a slot
  • Low-value symbols – these are symbols that pay out the lowest if you form a win involving them.
  • High-value symbols/premium symbols – these are the symbols that will pay out the most if you land on a winning combination involving them
  • Betting limits – this is the minimum and maximum bet allowed per spin. At the bottom of the reels, you will be able to adjust your bet according to these limits.
  • Slot hit rate – hit rate, or hit frequency, is used to describe how often you can expect to get a win as you spin on a slot. 
  • Maximum win potential – this is the amount you can win if you get the best matching symbols in a slot (i.e. a combination with the highest-paying symbols, or the same combination plus a multiplier or any extra prize). The maximum win potential is expressed as the amount x your original stake to account for all bet sizes; for example, if a slot has a win potential of 5,000x the stake, you can win 50,000 rupees if you bet 10 rupees.
  • Wild – this is a symbol on the reels that substitutes all other images with the exception of the scatter to help you form more winning combinations. 
  • Volatility or Variance – this determines how many times a player can expect to hit a win. A high variance pays less often but payouts are higher, a low variance slot pays often but payouts are small. 
  • RTP – or Return To Player percentage is the calculation that determines how often the slot will payout what is staked on it over millions of spins. 
  • Paytable – this is found in the game console and provides information about how winning combinations are formed
  • Progressive jackpot – this is a jackpot that is linked to more than one slot game. A small part of each bet is added to this jackpot causing it to grow over time
  • Bonus game – a game within the game, this is triggered by landing 3 or more scatters. It often consists of free spins with a higher possibility to win. 


And now, it’s time to give a couple of slots a spin or two! Discover the variety of games available by playing free online slots first before picking the best online slots to play for real cash. 

And of course, make sure you join an online slots casino that regularly rewards players by offering bonuses, free spins, and other freebies that they can use on slots. There are plenty of them out there, and we promise you’re in for a whale of a time!

Frequently asked questions

Besides a free spins bonus, Indian players can also enjoy slot games with a free spins feature. There are plenty of online slots with free spins on the market. A free spins feature will consist of a set number of spins that allow you to continue playing the game for real money without spending anything for the duration of the round. The best slots with free spins include NetEnt's Gonzo's Quest, IGT's Siberian Storm and Microgaming's Gladiator slot.
No deposit free spins are real-money spins that are given away without requiring a deposit beforehand. Most no deposit free spins bonuses are offered when a new player registers with a casino, but players can also get them as part of a promotion or VIP program.
Wagering refers to how many times you need to play through a casino bonus before you are allowed to withdraw it. Until you complete wagering requirements, any winnings you get from a bonus will be treated as bonus funds, and will not be withdrawable. Wagering requirements typically range from 10x to 40x the deposit and bonus amount, and the lower they are, the likelier you are to keep some winnings from a bonus. Certain bonuses, like free spins, may also come with no wagering requirements.