Play the Best Live Casino Game Shows 2020

Imagine being a participant of what looks like a major TV show, but you’re still sitting comfortably behind your screen at home - this is what today’s Live Casino Game Shows are about! These innovative live games have only come into being recently, and have made online gambling more fun and entertaining. Live Game shows involve different games managed by a real live host, where the players can participate by betting on an outcome for the chance of winning huge prizes! In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best Casino Live Game Shows that you’ll find at Indian online casinos, and let you know how and where to play them in order to make the most of this new experience!

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Where to Play the Best Live Casino Game Shows in India

To play Live Game Shows from India, you need to join a live casino that offers these games. You can play the likes of Live Casino Monopoly, Live Casino Deal or No Deal, Live Dream Catcher and other exciting live casino game shows at the below casinos, which are also welcoming players from India with a cool bonus!

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Most Popular Live Casino Game Shows

Live Casino provider Evolution Gaming is indisputably the industry leader when it comes to Casino Live Game Shows right now. Its version of the Wheel of Fortune, called Live Dream Catcher, was the first game show to be launched, and following its success, Evolution came up with other kinds of games, all of them games of chance inspired by a specific game or actual TV show. Below, we’ll take a look at the best casino live game shows by Evolution that you can play at the moment.

Live Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher is a simple game of chance, inspired by the traditional money wheel, but managed by a host who spins the wheel from a state-of-the-art studio. To play Live Dream Catcher, all you need to do is bet on a number which you think the wheel will stop at. This wheel comes with 52 segments, and the host will spin it in real-time after players have placed their bets. If you bet on the right number, you get the payout assigned to it. The Dream Catcher wheel also comes with exciting 2x and 7x multiplier segments, which can offer the best payouts. If you get really lucky as you play Dream Catcher live, you can win up to the equivalent of $500.000!

It is extremely easy to find a Dream Catcher live casino these days, since almost all online casinos who have partnered with Evolution gaming also offer this game. 

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Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is an innovative game that gives the classic casino Roulette an exhilarating twist. Lightning Roulette rules are similar to the original game and involve the same wheel and usual Roulette bets, with some very exciting extras! The main highlight of this game is the fact that at each game round, between one and five numbers, called Lucky Numbers, are randomly struck by lightning and assigned random multipliers of between 50x and 500x. If a player has made a straight-up bet on any of those numbers, he will get the multiplier applied to his win, which can lead to extremely high rewards! You can play live casino Lightning Roulette at most live casinos powered by Evolution Gaming, including LeoVegas India.

Lightning Roulette

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Lightning Dice

Following Lightning Roulette's popularity, Evolution went on to release a second game show in the 'lightning' series, called Lightning Dice. This involves a straightforward dice game whereby players bet on the total of 3 dice. Lightning Dice comes with additional multipliers of up to 1000x, which are applied to certain numbers which are randomly hit by lightning!

Live Deal or No Deal

Live Casino Deal or No Deal was inspired by the original British TV show. The game permits an unlimited number of players simultaneously its elements will remind you of the popular show, with some very important differences. The first round in Live Deal or No Deal consists of a qualification round, where players spin a wheel to gain entry to the next round. If they don’t manage to qualify, another round will start automatically. In the second round, players select 1 of 16 briefcases and spin another wheel with multiplier values ranging from 5x to 50x. These values increase the value of their chosen briefcase (for example if they bet $0.50 and the multiplier is 50x, then they will get an increased value of $25). 

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Finally, the game progresses to the briefcases game, which is similar to the original Deal or No Deal game. This consists of 4 rounds, and involves 16 briefcases that may contain a good prize or a very poor value. With each briefcase opened, players will have to choose whether to take a proposed sum of money in exchange for the sum inside the player’s own briefcase. At the end of the 4 rounds, you’ll have just 2 briefcases left - yours and another one -  and you’ll get the final opportunity to swap yours for the other. Playing Live Casino Deal or NO Deal is a real gamble, but can involve fantastic prizes for lucky players! 

Monopoly Live

Inspired by the classic board game and created in partnership with Hasbro, Live Casino Monopoly takes the form of another special Wheel of Fortune, with huge rewards in store!

As they play Monopoly Live, players have to bet on the number or segment the wheel will stop on. Besides the numbers, the game comes with ‘2Rolls’ and ‘4Rolls’ segments. These segments will trigger an immersive 3D bonus game where you’ll accompany Mr Monopoly on his adventures to collect multipliers and other cool prizes! Monopoly Live also comes with the famous ‘CHANCE’ segment, where players get a card which can reveal a random cash prize or a multiplier bonus on the winnings from the next spin! 

Live Casino Monopoly

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Mega Ball

The latest Live Casino Game Show by Evolution, Live Mega Ball is a Bingo-style game played with a ball drawing machine containing 51 numbered balls. 20 balls are automatically drawn, and crossed off from players’ cards if they correspond to them, in a similar way to Bingo. When the last ball is drawn, this triggers a Mega Ball multiplier of between 5x and 100x, and if this Mega Ball complete’s a player’s line, his winnings will be multiplied by this value, which leads to a win potential of 1,000,000x the original bet!

Live Mega Ball

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What are Live Casino Game Shows?

Casino Live Game Shows can be any kind of game that is adapted for the live casino studio. Live Games are managed by a professional host, who is employed by the provider and has access to various equipment, depending on the game in question. The participants, however, will be the players sitting before their computer or mobile phone, who place their wagers digitally through their online casino account! The games take place in real-time, and are streamed to players’ devices through multiple-camera angles to provide an immersive and transparent gaming experience.

What are Live Casino Game Shows like?

Live Casino game shows may follow different styles, but in each case, they have been created to look and feel like TV-style game shows. What characterizes all live casino game shows is the friendly host that welcomes you and manages the game, as well as the attractive lightning, visual effects and studio equipment that make these games so immersive and genuine.

That said, the gameplay is usually much simpler compared to a traditional game show (for instance, if you play Live Deal or No Deal, the process is much shorter and faster). 

How do Live Casino Game Shows work?

Game Shows are a new development in the live casino industry and are not casino games strictly speaking. Unlike table games like Blackjack and Baccarat, there is no strategy that can help you win Live Game shows. Instead of a dealer or croupier, you will have a host managing the game, who acts very much like a TV presenter by explaining the game and commenting on what’s taking place to create suspense and excitement!

Most Live Game Shows are games of chance that work based on a Random Number Generator that produces game outcomes at random. This RNG is similar to the program you have behind online slots and table games, and ensures that each outcome is always unpredictable and totally random from previous ones. Each game comes with its own odds and every single outcome will pay out in a specific way.

How to play Live Casino Game Shows

You can play in Live Game Shows in the same way as you’d play any other casino game - by creating an account with an online casino that accepts players from India and wagering money on specific outcomes. All game shows have their own betting range, requiring players to wager at least the minimum bet to participate.

Register with an Indian Online Casino

Before you start, you need to find an online casino that accepts players from your region and that also offers Live Casino Game Shows. Since there are many online casino platforms accepting players from India today, and who have partnered up with a live game show provider, this is becoming easier.

Find a game and place your bet

Most Live Game Shows don’t run all the time, so you first have to check if the game you’d like to play is open for participants at the time that you wish to play. That said, some games, like Live Dream Catcher and Live Casino Deal or No Deal, run 24/7, so you can play at any time. 

To join a live game show, you need to have some money in your casino account, since these games cannot be played for free. Most live casinos display the minimum bet allowed underneath each game, allowing you to view this before you join the game. The great thing about Live Game shows is that they’re accessible for all budgets, and most betting ranges start at around 10 rupees.

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Live Casino Game Shows on Mobile

Evolution’s Live Game Shows have been created to also work perfectly on most mobile devices and make use of a similar UI as their desktop counterparts. Below is a list of iOS and Android devices on which you can play Live Game Shows:

  • iPad, iPad Air and iPad mini (all generations)
  • Android tablets (Samsung, Google Nexus, Sony)
  • iPhone (all generations)
  • Android smartphones (Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Google Nexus, LG, Sony).

Are Live Casino Game Shows rigged?

The Live Casino Game Shows we have recommended on this page have all been created by Evolution Gaming, which is a trusted game studio which has obtained licenses to operate in different jurisdictions. We consider Live Casino Game Shows to be totally fair, as they work based on a tested Random Number Generator which provides results at random.

Of course, each game is programmed according to certain odds, so that the highest payouts will always be the hardest to trigger. That said, whether or not you get a big win on your next win is totally random and is not tampered with in any way.

Your time to play Live Casino Game Shows from India!

And now it's time to discover these exciting games for yourself! Join an Indian online casino from the ones we recommend on this page to play live casino game shows with a reliable operator and let the host guide you through an entertaining gaming experience from the comfort of your own home!

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