MobiKwik Review – Safe and Trustworthy

Digital wallets like MobiKwik are very convenient, but is this option safe? Here are some key issues why you should consider MobiKwik safe:

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Did You Know?
MobiKwik is not only a colossal service payment provider, but it also started a small loans service in May 2016.

How to Use MobiKwik at Online Casinos

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Using MobiKwik to fund your account or withdraw winnings is similar to many other digital wallets. You usually need to register at a casino, go to your wallet or deposit section, and choose MobiKwik.

Do I need to consider fees for deposits and withdrawals at a MobiKwik casino?

Whereas MobiKwik itself doesn’t list any fees when transferring from your wallet to a casino, some casinos in India might impose a charge. Check the terms and conditions of the casino to find out. 

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How to make a deposit and withdraw money with MobiKwik

There are some steps that most casinos share when you need to make transactions with MobiKwik:

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the cashier or wallet section of the casino.
  3. Select MobiKwik
  4. Choose an amount
  5. Follow instructions on any extra step needed, such as verifying the transaction.

These steps are valid for deposits and withdrawals in most casinos in India. If you’re unsure about the process, contact the casino support team.

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Did You Know?
MobiKwik also offers a ‘lite’ app for mobile phones, which is very useful if you don’t have good coverage in your area or your mobile data is restricted.

Solutions to Problems with MobiKwik at Online Casinos

Any casino or payment platform might experience issues from time to time. Here’s what you should do in some possible scenarios:

  1. My deposit failed.

This is a rare occurrence, but it might happen. The good thing is that the money is still in your MobiKwik wallet if the deposit fails. Check that your Internet connection is stable, and try again. If it keeps failing, contact the MobiKwik support team.

  1. I used MobiKwik without issues, but now I’m abroad and can’t. What can I do?

Unfortunately, MobiKwik only allows you to make deposits from India. If you’re abroad, you might be able to use it anyway, but if you can’t, the best course of action is to choose another payment method. 

  1. I made a larger deposit than what I wanted. What can I do?

First, check the casino terms and see whether there’s any policy involving refunds for that case. In any event, contact the casino support team as soon as possible.

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Did You Know?
You need an OTP, PIN or password to use MobiKwik. If you keep it safe and don’t share it with anybody, it’s improbable you’ll be a victim of fraud, thanks to the platform’s security protocols.

Pros And Cons Of Using MobiKwik At Online Casinos

This mobile wallet is a good choice for online casinos in India. Here are some highlights on the good and not-so-good points of MobiKwik.

No listed fees from the platform when transferring to a casino siteNot as widespread as other payment methods in casinos
Deposits are almost immediateOnly available for India
You can get the advantage of exclusive MobiKwik casino bonuses

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MobiKwik vs. Other Payment Methods

This payment platform is a fantastic choice for Indian casinos since it was developed considering Indian consumers’ needs. It offers some features other payment methods don’t, but it’s also lacking in some. Here’s a comparison between some of the most popular.

FeaturesMobiKwikCredit CardsBank TransfersCrypto
Instant deposits
Fast withdrawals
Fees from the payment platform

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Did You Know?
There are no maintenance fees, and you don’t have any fees for loading money to your MobiKwik wallet, up to Rs. 2,500 a month. From that amount on, there’s a 2.5% charge.

Summing Up: Custom-Made Payment Option for Desi People

MobiKwik is a giant of online payments in India and a solid alternative to major e-wallet providers such as PayPal.

It’s also a gateway to your bank, credit card, and other payment methods. Using MobiKwik, you won’t need your bank account or card details when depositing on, or withdrawing money from, your favourite online casino. The lack of fees is also very enticing.

Frequently asked questions

No, MobiKwik only permits accounts from residents in India.
You can use traditional payment methods such as bank transfers and credit and debit cards. Another MobiKwik user can also send you money from their wallet.
You can check their payment page or FAQ to know if they accept MobiKwik.
To check a casino’s trustworthiness, they must have a comprehensive terms and conditions section where you can check all possible issues. Proper regulating bodies should also licence them.
If it’s part of a welcome bonus, you need to create an account at the online casino, and it may require you to make an initial deposit. You need to check the bonus terms to find out the exact requirements.
While this payment provider offers lightning-fast transactions, casinos are usually required to clear withdrawals. It may take from hours to days, depending on the casino.