Always Put Safety First!

Transferring your hard-earned money online can be a scary thing, with the threat of information hacks and online scammers.

PayTM is a secure and safe way to transfer your money. The company boasts a 100% money-back assurance if there are any issues, PayTM Trust no questions asked refund guarantee and 24/7 customer support to sort out any issues that arise.

About PayTM

The launch of PayTM, in December 2000 in India, heralded the beginning of a digital payment revolution there, and it’s now India’s leading payment app with over 20 million businesses accepting it as a payment method.

Safety and Security of PayTM

Paytm is a longstanding and trusted payment company in India. It follows the guidelines set out by the Reserve Bank of India which regulates it for compliance and secures and guarantees all of your payments.

Casino-related Safety and security

Online casinos offer great security for their players with strict protocols and leading technology in place to protect any information transferred between them and the site, including sensitive payment information and personal details.

Online casinos have strict KYC rules to verify player accounts and prevent fraudulent activities. They provide you with comprehensive privacy policies that tell you what you need to know about how they handle your sensitive information.

Furthermore, they protect their websites from outside influences using SSL encryption technology.

You can check out all of the legalities surrounding payments and processes at Paytm here or look at your online casino’s payments page to see any spending limits or exclusions they might have in place.

Did you know?
Paytm allows you to create a unique UPI ID using your phone number, which is protected by your UPI pin. This pin is your own personal security method for keeping your account safe and should never be shared with anyone. Source.

How to use a PayTM payment at Indian Casinos

Payments using Paytm are fast, reliable and secure. They offer a high level of convenience by allowing you to pay for goods and services instantly, digitally. Many online casinos in India now accept Paytm as a valid payment method to fund your account.

Are there any fees when depositing and withdrawing at the PayTM casino? 

Some casinos don’t charge deposit and withdrawal fees to make their websites more attractive to casino users; others will implement small fees to cover handling and processing.

We investigated the Indian online casinos that accept Paytm payments and are happy to report that of all the casinos we checked, no fees are charged on Paytm deposits, so you’ll have more money to play with.

You might come across some fees on withdrawals, so check with the casino’s payment section as to what those are.

How to place a deposit and withdraw your winnings using a PayTM eWallet? 

  1. When in your profile on the casino website, select deposit or withdraw.
  2. Enter your chosen amount into the Amount field.
  3. Choose Paytm from the payment options.
  4. Open your Paytm app and copy the Paytm UPI ID for your account.
  5. Paste this ID into the relevant field on the casino payment page.
  6. In your Paytm app, find the request and verify it. The casino deposit page should reflect the payment almost instantly.
Did you know?
Every Paytm UPI payment you make comes with its own unique transaction reference number. You can use this 12-digit reference number to track and trace your payments. Source.

Solutions to common issues when using PayTM at Online Casinos 

  1. I can’t withdraw my winnings

The reasons for this can be varied; if you haven’t met the wagering requirements of a bonus, you will have to wait until that is done to withdraw.

Your account verification or KYC may not have gone through, in which case, you should contact the support centre.

Finally, most casinos want you to use the same withdrawal method as you used to deposit the funds; this is for your security, so be sure to check your casino’s stipulations. When having any withdrawal issue, the best thing to do is to contact the casino’s customer support team for help.

  1. I can’t remove my PayTM eWallet from my account

This is a problem for customer support, and you should contact them in order to resolve the issue.

  1. I can’t verify my PayTM eWallet 

This could be a problem on the casino’s end or the Paytm end. Check your casino account to see whether your information and identity have been verified, and a full KYC has been done.

Once you’ve done that, check on Paytm to see whether you have completed either the digital verification or physical KYC requirements. If everything seems in order, contact support to log a ticket as the problem needs further investigation.

  1. I can’t change my eWallet details

Contacting customer support is your best option here; they will be able to walk you through the steps and processes necessary to do this or even change the details for you from their side.

  1. I can’t withdraw the amount that I want

This problem could lie with either the casino or the service provider. Casinos will limit your daily and weekly withdrawals to protect against fraudulent activities. If you are a regular player or VIP, you can request an increase on these limits.

Certain payment methods online enforce a maximum amount limit on transactions on casino sites, and you can check this on the site’s payment information section on joining. 

Pros and Cons of using PayTM eWallet at Indian Online Casinos 

No matter how good, every payment method has its upsides and downsides, and Paytm is no different.

While this method is fast and widely accepted in India, there are a few points you should keep in mind when choosing to use a Paytm eWallet for your online casino funds. Read on to see our pros and cons below.

Paytm is easy to use and has very straightforward processes.Not every casino accepts this payment method.
Paytm is a secure payment method regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.Full KYC required to use a Paytm eWallet
Paytm deposits are instant and don’t carry any fees.Withdrawal fees are charged, so check these out before you go ahead. 
Most casino bonuses include Paytm as an accepted payment method.You can’t withdraw without completing the KYC process.
Deposit and withdraw directly on the casino site using the Paytm app.
Very low minimum deposit amount.

PayTM vs Other Payment Methods

Paytm is an Indian company developed for the Indian market by Indians. The site allows you to perform easy bill payments and recharges, pay your loans, insurance and education policies, or book travel and insurance, all using a handy mobile app and Paytm UPI IDs.

This is unlike PayPal, which is an American application that allows you to pay money to people and businesses via an email address. 

Paytm differs from card-based systems like Mastercard in that it is stored on your digital devices and uses a handy app.

This is very secure as you can have many levels of security to protect your devices. With card-based payments like Mastercard,  if someone has your card, they can use its number and  CVV to transact online. 

Paytm is a real currency application regulated by the Indian Reserve Bank and has a strict code of conduct and best practices to follow, which makes it a far safer option than Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, which can fluctuate wildly in value aren’t regulated. 

Secure payments
Fiat Currency 
Payment refund guarantees
Downloadable App
Did you know?
Paytm has a wide range of preloaded payment options for you to settle your electric, broadband, metro and gas bills to name a few. Aside from this, you can set up payments like rent using your landlord’s bank details or Paytm UPI ID for quick and easy repeat payments. Source.


With technology moving forward at a tremendous rate, it’s about time that our payment methods and banking options did so too.

Paytm offers a wide range of listed payments as well as a way to load your own recipients. This convenient and fast payment method is accepted by many casinos and is the perfect way to deposit your money and fund your account quickly.

Frequently asked questions

No, PayTM has grown immensely in the last few years and has gained a great following of Indian clientele, but some casinos still don’t list it as an accepted payment method. With over 20million businesses choosing to include it in their payment portfolio, you’d think that every casino would jump on board for it too.
There are no fees charged on casino deposits using PayTM, which is a definite plus point; however, withdrawals might incur fees, and you should check directly with the casino’s payments section to find out whether your casino charges anything.
Yes, many casinos have PayTM listed as a payment method that qualifies for deposit and welcome bonuses etc.
Yes, PayTM is a truly Indian payment system accepted by many online casinos in India. Some casinos still don’t accept it as a payment method, but you can check whether this is the case in their payments section.