10 Best Live Roulette Casinos

Players in India can enjoy many live casino games, but perhaps none is as easy to play as a live roulette wheel. This game is suitable for beginners and experienced live roulette casino players, as it’s easy to understand and navigate.

We aim to recommend the best casinos to play live roulette in India to players and thoroughly review each one to ensure its quality. That includes checking its services, quantity of roulette games, and bonuses. Below you’ll find the 10 best casinos to play at when you’re looking for a premium roulette live stream.

RankLive Roulette Casino
#1JV Spin
#3Glassi Casino
#5Hello Casino

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What Makes the Best Live Casino?

Before choosing a casino, ensure you find an ideal fit for your playing style. However, also consider a few common factors when looking for casinos to play live roulette in India.

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Different Variants Available

When you play roulette live, you want to ensure there’s access to plenty of variants. That’s because each offers unique rules, innovative features, or a new thrilling type of gameplay. So check out our roulette variants to learn about your ideal game.

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Overall Good Payouts Ratio

While the RTP of a game is a theoretical percentage that doesn’t guarantee that payout, a higher RTP remains more beneficial than a lower one. The same is true for a casino’s payout rate, and you want to look for one with a high payout rate. The higher percentage means they generally have good payout games.

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Attractive Live Casino Bonus and Offers

While looking for reputable casinos, also consider the bonuses and promotions available. These offers can help you play with a boosted bankroll. Sometimes, you’ll even find ones geared towards these games, but ensure to always check the bonus terms.

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What is a Live Dealer Roulette Game?

Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming
Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Before you play roulette live, understand the game better and learn the difference between it and the online version.

Differences Between Live Dealer and Online Roulette

While both games are largely similar, some minor differences significantly impact how you play the game. An actual croupier operates a live roulette wheel and handles the wheel and answers Indian players’ questions. 

Meanwhile, the online roulette version uses automated RNG (random number generator) software to determine the results, meaning it’s entirely digital.

Are the Live Dealer Bets the Same as the Online Bets?

Roulette features inside and outside bets, which are the same, no matter the version. However, the difference comes in with the side bets. Often these games feature fewer side bets, and the betting limits of these games are higher than online ones to accommodate having to pay the croupier and the physical setting.

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Are All Roulette Variants Worthwhile to Become a Live Version?

Not all online versions sport one with an actual croupier, as there are too many online games compared to croupiers and space to set up a stream. However, this means you’ll find the top choices available as live games, with titles like European, French, and American variants.

How to Play the Live Version?

If you’re wondering how to play live roulette, then this section is where you’ll learn all the rules and popular strategies.

Rules Summary

Playing a live dealer roulette game is the same as other versions, as in you must bet in which pocket the white ball will fall. When betting, you can place a call or final wagers, available in European or French versions, or a full complete bet, which is more suitable for high rollers. All the bets are either outside bets with a 50/50 chance of winning or inside bets, which wager on a specific number or number group.

The Favourite Strategies

This title is a game of luck, meaning all results are random, and you can’t influence the outcome. However, that doesn’t stop people from creating strategies to help manage their bankroll. We explore the favourite strategy systems for different versions below.

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Best Method for the American Version

The American wheel has a higher house edge thanks to the two zero pockets (0 and 00) on the wheel. Due to the higher house edge, it’s better to use a more conservative strategy, like the 1-3-2-4 system, where you bet the numbered units on consecutive wins. So you start with a one-unit stake, and if you win, you bet three, then two, and then four units.

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Top System for the European Version

The European wheel is the standard one and features one zero pocket and a lower house edge. You can branch out with this version and use strategies like the One-Side or Fibonacci system. Almost any system is ideal for this variant as it features the standard gameplay. 

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Ideal Strategy for the French Version

The French wheel is the same as the European one but features some additional rules, mainly the la partage and en prison rules. These rules make it possible to receive back half your wager or carry it over to the next spin on even money bets. As such, you can employ slightly riskier but possibly high-reward strategies, like the Martingale system, where you double your stake after each loss.

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Vital Tips to Remember

Power Up Roulette by Pragmatic Play
Power Up Roulette by Pragmatic Play

Now that you’ve learnt how to play live roulette, we’ll discuss some tips players in India should consider.

Understand the Game and Rules

While a roulette live stream has similar rules to the online one, there are some differences, especially when placing a bet and understanding the odds. So keep in mind the variant you’re playing, the payout for the wager you make, and the game’s RTP.

Know Your Strategy and Bankroll

Your strategy can depend on your bankroll, play style, game variant, and more. Some strategies aren’t suited to smaller bankrolls, like the Martingale system, while it doesn’t matter with others, like the One-Side or 1-3-2-4 systems. Decide on your bankroll and stick to it, choosing a strategy that fits your play style.

Choose Your Bet Wisely

Not all bets have the same payouts, but while some feature more significant payouts, the risk is not always worth it. Inside bets usually have high payouts but a much lower chance of winning, so it’s often better to stick with outside bets, despite the lower payout.

Top Live Game Providers in India

Azure Roulette by Pragmatic Play
Azure Roulette by Pragmatic Play

When looking for where to play live roulette, you should also see if they offer games from leading providers in the iGaming industry. Below, we briefly mention the top five game providers.

With live casino games becoming so popular, Quickspin has also entered the live casino market. In the upcoming months, we will surely see a few roulette games.

View the Spinning Wheel and See Where the Ball Lands

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular casino games, and now you can play it with a casino-like experience from the comfort of your home. However, while it’s a thrilling game with easy-to-understand rules, you must remember to play responsibly and stick to your bankroll and session limits. Otherwise, it’s a fun game with many bet types and exciting strategies to try and manage your bankroll.

Frequently asked questions

No. All reputable live roulette providers are tested for fairness by companies like BMM or iTech.
No, this game, as with all live games, is only available with real money play, as you’re playing with other players and the croupier.
We recommend trying out Winz.io to find a significant selection of live games, including this one, but all the recommended casinos are quality platforms.
The average RTP is 97%, but it can change depending on whether you’re playing European, American, French, or any other version.