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2 Dozen + 2 Column Strategy (Roulette)A roulette betting system
21 + 3 (Blackjack)21 + 3′ is a side bet where a player uses their initial 2 cards and dealer’s up card to create a 3-card poker hand. In case of 6-deck version and paytable, players could win up to 9:1 payout. However, the live blackjack tables have a different pay table.
243 Ways to Win (Slot)Slots that feature 243 ways to win don’t have paylines. For a winning combination, the symbols must land on adjacent reels. It can be left to right or right to left.
3 Reel Slot (Slot)Slot games (both online and offline) featuring three reels
3D Video Slots (Slot)3D Video Slots are visually appealing, and they are considered very advanced types of slots
5 Reel Slot (Slot)Slot games – online and offline – with five reels are called 5 reel slot
86’d (Blackjack)To get 86’d is to get banned from the casino property


Ace (Blackjack)Ace, or the card A, in blackjack can have a value of 1 or 11
Ace Deuce (Craps)Another term for ‘Three Craps’ or rolling a 3
Ace Rich (Blackjack)Ace Rich’ is a deck that holds several aces because only a few aces have been dealt so far.
Aces (Craps)When a 2 is rolled
Action (Slot)Action’ refers to the amount of time a player spends on slots or the total amount of bets placed during a session
Action (Roulette)Being in ‘action’ refers to the ability to bet
Action (Poker)When it’s a players turn, ‘action’ refers to any moves made by that player
Action (Baccarat)In Baccarat (and gambling in general), ‘action’ is a slang that refers to the total money bet by a player during one gambling session
Active Payline (Slot)An active payline is the one on which a player places a wager. Some slots let you select the paylines and bet on it (others have fixed paylines).
Advantage (Blackjack)The ‘advantage’ in the context of blackjack refers to the edge (in theory) that one side has. It is often denoted in percentage. Typically, the casino has an edge over the players. However, card counters might enjoy a higher advantage.
Advantage Player (Blackjack)An ‘advantage player’ is the one who has a blackjack strategy that gives them a mathematical edge.
All Ways (Slot)Slots that are ‘all ways’ are the ones with paylines that run from boths sides – left to right and right to left
All-In (Roulette)All in’ refers to betting the entire pot in one single bet
All-in (Poker)When a player bets all their chips for one hand, it’s called an ‘all-in’
American Roulette (Roulette)American roulette is the variant where the wheel has 2 zero pockets – 0 and 00. Compared to the European version, the house edge is higher here.
Anchorman (Blackjack)Anchorman’ is the player seated to the right of the dealer and they’re the last one to play
Annuity Winner (Slot)An ‘annuity winner’ is a slot jackpot that is paid to the winner over a number of years.
Ante (Poker)Ante’ refers to the minimum required bet that all players have to place before the hand starts
Any Craps (Craps)The ‘Any Craps’ bet means that the player is betting that the next roll will be 2, 3, or 12
Apron (Craps)The region on the outer side of the craps table felt
Autospin (Slot)In online slots, the ‘auto spin’ button enables players to spin the reels automatically for a set number of times.
AWP (Slot)AWP is short for Amusement With Prizes, which is a nickname for the fruit machines


Baccarat (Baccarat)The ‘Baccarat‘ hand means the player or the bank has a sum of zero. Interestingly, this is the worst hand to have in the game.
Back Counting (Blackjack)Sometimes known as ‘wonging’, back counting is a tactic where a spectator counts cards at the table.
Back Off (Blackjack)When a casino asks you to ‘back off’, they tell you to stop playing or restrict your bets because of card counting. Here, you’re not banned, but it’s the first step towards being banned.
Backdoor (Poker)A ‘backdoor’ is when a player gets a river card and another card in the same turn to make a hand
Backtrack (Roulette)Backtrack is the rim on the roulette wheel where the ball spins before sliding down the bottom track.
Bad beat (Poker)Bad Beat is a situation where a player with a small hand wins unexpectedly because they picked up a lucky card
Balanced Count (Blackjack)A ‘balance count’ happens when the number of positive cards is equal to the number of negative cards at the end of a full deck.
Ballerina Special (Craps)When double 2s are rolled
Banco (Baccarat)In Baccarat, the dealer is sometimes called ‘Banco’, which means banker in Spanish.
Banco Prime (Baccarat)Banco Prime’ means that the player to the dealer’s right can match the bank’s bet if more than one player has called banco
Bank Craps (Craps)The actual term for the casino craps
Banker Bet (Baccarat)The ‘banker bet’ is one of the three bets in Baccarat. This bet pays 1:1 and the house edge is relatively low.
Bankroll (Blackjack)Your funds available for gambling
Bankroll (Baccarat)Bankroll refers to the amount that a player has for playing casino games
Banque (Baccarat)Banque’ is a Baccarat variant that is player on two conjoined tables. Here, the banker takes a seat at the centre and places one bet that goes against two bets place by two players.
Bar (Slot)The ‘Bar’ symbol in slots is a classic symbol. It’s a gold bar with ‘bar’ engraved on it.
Barber Pole (Craps)Barber’s Pole is a way of stacking the casino chips. Usually, the chips or cheques are stacked with the highest denominations at the bottom.
Barred (Blackjack)Barred’ is a slang usually used by the card counters after getting 86’d from a casino
Basic Slot (Slot)Basic slots are the classic old slots with 3 reels and one payline
Basic Strategy (Blackjack)In blackjack, the ‘basic strategy’ is the optimal strategy where players make the most lucrative moves on each hand based on dealer’s up card and player’s own hand.
Bet (Poker)To ‘bet’ is to wager on table using your chips
Bet The amount of money you wager per spin.
Bet (Slot)The wager placed on a spin
Bet Behind (Blackjack)To ‘bet behind’ is to bet on the players’ hands who are seated on the table. This option is popular in Live Blackjack where there are limited seats.
Bet Correlation (Blackjack)Bet Correlation’ denotes how effective card counting is in predicting lucrative betting situation. The higher the correlation, the more accurate will be the prediction.
Bet Max (Slot)The maximum bet
Bet Min (Slot)The minimum bet
Bet on the layout (Roulette)Place a bet anywhere on the table where numbers are marked
Bet One (Slot)Bettting One means to wager only one credit per spin
Bet Spread (Blackjack)Bet Spread refers to the minimum and maximum bets made by the player. For instance, a 1 – 6 spread means that a player bets minimum 1 per hand and maximum 5 units per hand.
Betting System (Blackjack)Also known as betting strategy, betting system helps players manage their bankroll, use it effectively and increase it. In Blackjack, the most popular betting systems are Paroli and Parlay.
Biased numbers (Roulette)Biased numbers are the ones that are statistically proven to win more often
Biased Wheel (Roulette)In a land-based casino, a biased wheel is a roulette wheel that is not well-balanced, and hence compromises outcomes
Big 6 (Craps)Big 6 is an even money bet that six will show up before a seven does
Big 8 (Craps)Similar to Big 6, a Big 8 bet is a wager placed on the event that an 8 is rolled before 7
Big Blind (Poker)In situations where there are two blinds, the larger blind is called a ‘big blind’
Big Hit (Slot)A ‘big hit’ is the same as the ‘big win’
Big Player (Blackjack)Big Player’ is the Blackjack player that places big bets when the card count is favourable. Usually, big players rely on spotters to hint them.
Big Red (Craps)Refers to a bet where a 7 is rolled
Black Book (Blackjack)A ‘black book’ is a list of banned players.
Black Chip (Blackjack)Refers to a $100 chip
Blackjack (Blackjack)In Blackjack, a ‘Blackjack’ is the perfect hand to have. It has one Ace and a picture card or 10, that totals up to 21. If a dealer has Blackjack, it’s an automatic win and the game is concluded right away. And if the player has Blackjack, they get a 3:2 pay out.
Blind (Poker)The forced bet that players left of the dealer have to place before cards are dealt
Block bet (Roulette)Just like the name hints, a block bet covers a block on the betting area
Bluff / Bluffing (Poker)Bluffing is a popular skill in poker where a player ‘bluffs’ (lies) about their hand to try and make other players with better hands fold
Bones (Craps)Bones’ is a slang for dice
Bonus Round (Game/Feature) (Slot)A bonus round or a bonus game is a game apart from the base game that has special features.
Bottom Pair (Poker)The ‘Bottom Pair’ is the lowest pair of cards on the table. For instance, if there’s 5S, 7C, QH on the table, and if the player holds a 5D, then the bottom pair is 5D and 5S.
Bottom Track (Roulette)The bottom track is the rim on the inner side of the roulette wheel. The ball slides down trhough the bottom track before settling on to a pocket
Bowl (Craps)A bowl is a container for holding the dice. The stickman holds it at the table.
Box (Blackjack)The space in front of players where they’re supposed to place chips and bet
Box Numbers (Craps)Refers to the numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10
Boxcars (Craps)Also known as Cornrows, Twelve Craps, and Midnight, Boxcars is when a 12 is rolled with 6 on each die.
Boxman (Craps)A Boxman is the casino employee that supervises the table and ensures that game goes smoothly
Branded Slots (Slot)Branded slots’ are the ones based on popular IPs like books, movies, TV shows, or the likes.
Brown/Chocolate Chip (Blackjack)Refers to the $5000 chip
Burn Card (Blackjack)The ‘burn card’ is the card that the dealer places aside face down before the round starts.
Burning (Baccarat)After shuffling, three to six cards at the top are discarded before the new game begins.
Bust (Blackjack)Bust’ means your hand has exceeded a total of 21 and you have lost
Bust Card (Blackjack)The card that made your total exceed 21 and you went bust
Bust It (Blackjack)A side bet where players get payout if the dealer goes bust with three or more cards.
Button (Poker)The dealer indicates the players at the table that it’s their turn to bet with a chip, which is called a button.
Buy a Feature (Slot)Buying a Feature’ means you can bet above a certain amount and activate the special features of that slot game.
Buy a Pay (Slot)Some slot games only pay out their bigger rewards if the player bets above a certain amount. In this scenario, ‘buying a pay’ refers to betting above that threshold and getting the bigger payout.


Call / Calling (Poker)When a player ‘calls’, they raise or match the bet made by another player at the table
Caller (Baccarat)In Baccarat, the caller is the casino employee who turns cards, declares points, and deals extra cards.
Camouflage Play (Blackjack)Much like the name suggests, a “camouflage play” is when a highly skilled player hides his skills and makes mistakes on purpose
Card Counting (Blackjack)Card counting is a popular Blackjack strategy wherein players keep a count of cards mentally and try to calculate how the remaining cards can benefit them.
Card Roulette (Roulette)Card Roulette uses a standard deck of 52 cards with 2 jokers. The house edge for this variant is between European and American roulette.
Carousel (Slot)In a land-based casino, a carousel is a cluster of slot machines placed together closely
Carte (Baccarat)Carte, the French word, means ‘hit me’. The term is used to request another card from the dealer.
Cascading Reels (Slot)In online slots, ‘cascading reels’ is a relatively new feature where the symbols in a winning combination explode. The empty space is then filled up by new symbols, and this might trigger additional wins.
Cash OutCash Out’ refers to your winnings being converted to real money.
Cash Out (Slot)A player can convert the slot credits back to real money through a ‘cash out’ button
Cashback (Slot)A ‘cashback’ bonus or reward is where a player gets a certain amount of their deposit back. For instance, 10% cashback on a deposit of INR 100.
Casino BonusCasino Bonus’ refers to the ‘Welcome Bonus’ that online casinos offer to new players after signing up. The bonus can include free spins, match bonus, deposit bonus, and more. For more details about casino bonus, you can check out our dedicated page.
Casino Bonus (Slot)Usually, a casino bonus refers to the ‘welcome bonus’ that an online casino offers to new players. It can be a match bonus along with free spins or other perks.Check out our article on ‘Casino Welcome Bonus’ for more details.
Center Field (Craps)This is a term for ‘nine’, and is sometimes called Center Field Nine
Certified Slots (Slot)Certified slots are the games that have an RTP of 98% to 100%, and it’s guaranteed by the casino.
Change only (Craps)This means that players will have to exchange the cash for casino chips and place wagers at the craps table
Charlie (Blackjack)A ‘Charlie’ or ‘Six Card Charlie’ refers to the situation when a player receives 5 or 7 cards and doesn’t bust. Here, the player automatically wins.
Check (Poker)To ‘check’ is to pass the turn to other player without placing any bets
Check Raise (Poker)A ‘check raise’ is when a player first checks the bets and then raises the bet.
Chemin De Fer (Baccarat)Also known as European Bacarrat, Chemin De Fer is a popular variant of Baccarat where one of the players becomes the bank. It is also called ‘railroad’ many times.
Cheque change (Craps)Refers to practice exchange chips for smaller denomination chips
Cheques (Baccarat)In land-based casinos, ‘cheques’ refer to the special casino chips used for playing Baccarat.
Cheval (Baccarat)A ‘cheval’ bet is a type of bet in some Baccarat variants. If two active players win, the cheval bet is won. However, if both players lose, the bet is lost. In case, one wins and the other loses, it leads to a stand off.
Chip Down (Blackjack)Reduce your next bet
Chip Up (Blackjack)Increase your next bet
Chips (Poker)The casino chips that represent money on a poker table
Classic Slots (Slot)Classic slots are the ones that have 3 reels and one payline, just like traditional slot machines. Some people also call them ‘retro slots’.
Coin (Slot)The older slot machines operated on coins. Players had to insert coins to play slots. However, this is no longer in practice.
Coin Size (Slot)Coin size refers to the value or denomination of the coins that you will be betting
Coin Slot (Slot)In land-based casinos, a ‘Coin Slot’ is the slot that pays out rewards in coins. These machines are quite rare.
Cold Deck (Blackjack)A ‘cold deck’ is the shoe or deck that gives out bad cards, which leads to players losing money.
Cold Dice (Craps)Also known as Cold Table, Cold Dice is an event where the shooter does not roll any of their points
Cold Numbers (Roulette)Cold numbers are the ones that haven’t won for at least 37 spins
Cold Slot (Slot)A ‘cold slot’ is the exact opposit of a ‘hot slot’ or a ‘loose machine’. A slot is considered ‘cold’ or ‘tight’ when its payouts are less frequent and it hasn’t paid out in a long while.
Collect Button (Slot)The button that converts game credits back into real money is called the collect button
Color Up (Blackjack)To ‘color up’ means to trade the lower value chips for the higher value ones. A players usually does this when they have too may low value chips piled up.
Colour up (Craps)Refers to practice of exchanging casino chips for higher denominayions
Column Bet (Roulette)The column bet covers one-third of the roulette wheel with a 2:1 pay out
Come Bet (Craps)Come Bet is similar to the pass line bet. However, the come bet is placed after the come out roll.
Come Out Roll (Craps)The first roll of dice in a round is called a ‘come out’ roll
Commission (Baccarat)Baccarat has low house edge, and this is why some casinos charge a commission on the winning player and bank bets
Community Cards (Poker)In poker, community cards are the ones that players use to form a winning hand. Dealers place these cards face up on the table.
Comps (Slot)For regular slot players, accumulating ‘comp points’ unlocks certain perks. In land-based casinos it can be free meals and in online casinos, it can be certain rewards.
Console Slot Machines (Slot)At a land-based casino, console slot machines are the ones that lean towards the player a little bit. They are said to be more comfortable.
Corner Bet (Roulette)A corner bet is an inside bet placed on four numbers. Player places the chip on the corner of a number or in the middle of a square of four numbers.
Counterfeit (Poker)It refers to a situation when a player with a decent hand loses value after the community cards have been set up. In such a case, other players benefit.
Coup (Baccarat)
Crapless Craps (Craps)This is a Craps variant where 2, 3, 11, and 12 are considered point numbers
Crazy 7 (Blackjack)A side bet in Blackjack where player bets on getting trip 7’s in the first three cards they receive. The best possible for this situation is Three of a Kind.
CreditsWhen you slid in real money into a slot machine, it gets converted into ‘credits’, which are also called ‘coins;.
Credits (Slot)Credits’ or ‘coins’ is the amount you get to play with after you insert money
Croupier (Roulette)This is another word for dealer – the host for roulette who takes bets, spins the roulette wheel, and pays out the winnings
Croupier (Baccarat)Another term for dealer
CSM (Blackjack)CSM’ is short for Continuous Shuffling Machine’. It’s a machine that keeps shuffling cards to prevent card counting at the table.
Cut (Blackjack)The dealer ‘cuts’ the deck after shuffling and then deals the card
Cut (Baccarat)To ‘cut’ is to divide a deck in half after shuffling before putting it back together
Cut Card (Blackjack)To cut the deck after shuffling, the dealer uses a card before dealing. The plastic card is called the ‘cut card’.
Cut Card (Baccarat)The cut card is a special plastic card used to divide the deck


D9 (Blackjack)Players can double on 9,10, and 11. Doubling is not allowed for soft hands
DA9 (Blackjack)Double down on any 2 cards
DAS (Blackjack)Short for Double After Split. This is a rule that lets players double down after a splitiing a hand
Dead Table (Roulette)A slang for a table that is open but has no players
Dealer (Blackjack)Also called ‘croupier’, a dealer is the person who runs the gambling table and makes sure that the game is played correctly
Dealer Pair (Blackjack)A side bet in Blackjack where players place bets whether the dealer has a pair (mixed, suited, or color). The payouts vary according to the type of pair/
Dealer Peek (Blackjack)If the dealer has an Ace or a 10 as their up card, then the dealer can peek at the face down card to see if it’s a Blackjack.
Deck (Blackjack)A ‘deck’ of cards is the regular set of 52 cards. In blackjack, there can be multiple decks (from 1 to 8).
Deck Penetration (Blackjack)Deck Penetration’ refers to the cards that have been played before the deck reshuffles. It is often expressed in percentage.
DenominationCheck ‘coin size’ for explanation
Denomination (Slot)Another term for coin size
Deux Tableau (Baccarat)Baccarat en Banque’ is also called Deux Tableau
Deviation (Blackjack)Deviation is when the changes occur during the game and it moves away from the Basic Strategy.
Die Rich Craps (Craps)A smaller craps variant that uses a single die and fewer betting options
Discard Tray (Baccarat)If cards are discarded or burned for some reason during the game, these cards are placed in the Discard Tray
Discards (Blackjack)Discards are the cards that have been dealt. They are stacked aside until the next, when they’re shuffled and put back into the deck.
Discards Tray (Blackjack)The tray on the blackjack table that holds cards that have been dealt and used.
Don’t Come Bet (Craps)A don’t pass bet placed after the come out roll is called a ‘don’t come bet’
Don’t Pass Bet (Craps)A don’t pass bet wins if a 2 or 3 is rolled on the come out roll. The bet is lost if a 7 or 11 is rolled.
Doubele up system (Roulette)It’s another term for the Martingale system where players double their bets after losing
Doubele Zero (Roulette)The ’00’ pocket on the American roulette wheel is called double zero
Double (Down) (Blackjack)Doubling Down means bet your original amount again and receive one card
Double Ball Roulette (Roulette)It’s a variant of European roulette that is played with two balls
Double Pitch (Craps)A ‘double pitch’ refers to a situation in dice control. A double pitch happends when one of the dice rotates 180-degree more than its partner before hitting the table. It is said that a double pitch is very likely to result in a 7.
Double Street Bet (Roulette)A double street bet has four bets in it – one corner bet, one straight up number, and two separate streets. This bet pays out 5:1
Down Card (Baccarat)A hole or face down card
Dozen Bet (Roulette)Just like the name suggests, the dozen bet is placed on a set of 12 numbers. There three such sets available 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. This bet pays out 2:1.
Dragon Bonus (Baccarat)A Dragon Bonus is a side bet. To win this bet, players have to have a winning hand (won by at least 4 points)
Draw (Blackjack)Another term for ‘hit’. Player draws to request another card from the dealer.
Drop (Roulette)Refers to the amount a player deposits
Drops (Slot)Some newer slot games have symbols dropping into place when you hit the spin button. Gonzo’s Quest has this drop mechanism instead of spinning reels.
Duker or Duke (Craps)Duke or Duker refers to a situation wherein a large amount suddently enters a game. After a Duke, big bets are placed from both ends and the game gets action-packed.


Early Surrender (Blackjack)When a player surrenders after receiving the first two cards, it’s called an early surrender. In this case, the player receives 1:1 payout.
Easy way (Craps)Refers to a bet that an even number will show up but without rolling doubles. This is applicable for 4, 6, 8, and 10.
Edge Sorting (Baccarat)Edge sorting is a technique where players identify card values by the back of the card due to some marks as a result of some manufacturing defect
En Prison (Roulette)In French roulette, En Prison is a rule where the players can get half of their bet back or ‘prison’ it and carry it over to the next round. This rule is applicable after a player hits zero. For the next spin if the ball lands on zero again, the whole bet is forfeited.
European Roulette (Roulette)Euopean roullete is the variant that has 1 zero pocket. This is the original version of roulette with better odds than American roulette.
Even Money (Blackjack)A player can opt for ‘Even Money’ if they have a blackjack and the dealer has an Ace. This gives the player 1:1 payout.
Even money (Craps)When a player stands to win or lose the same amount of money the bet is called even money bet and the odds are ‘even odds’
Even money bet (Roulette)Refers to a bet that pays 1:1
Expected Value (Blackjack)Expected Value is the theoretical worth of a hand at a given point in time.
Eyeballs (Craps)Refers to the event where two 1s are rolled


Face Card (Blackjack)A King, Queen, and Jack is called a face card
Face Cards (Baccarat)Face cards are the ones with portraits on them. The King, Queen, and Jack are the face cards.
Fading (Baccarat)In land-based casinos, fading refers to the act of placing bets
FeatureThe different bonuses in a game are called ‘features’. The main feature is the one that pays out the most.
Feature (Slot)Features of a slot are special bonuses or perks that can be triggered during the game. For instance, scatter symbols may activate a bonus round with free spins and multipliers.
Fever five (Craps)Refers to a roll of 5
Fibonacci (Roulette)Fibonacci is a betting system similar to The Martingale system. Here, players increase their bets after losing to recover the losses.
First Base (Blackjack)First Base’ refers to the seat on the dealer’s far left. Player on this seat receives the first hand.
Five Liner (Slot)A slot game woith 5 paylines is called a five-liner
Five Number Bet (Roulette)In American roulette, the five-number bet is placed on 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3. It considered to be the worst bet ever with terrible odds.
Fixed Value Slots (Slot)A slot where the total bet is fixed and players can’t change the denominations of the coins is called a ‘fixed value slot’
Flat Bet (Blackjack)A player making flat bets means they bet the same amount on each hand
Flat Bet (Baccarat)To Flat Bet is to keep betting the same amount regardless of whether the player is winning or losing
Flat Betting (Roulette)Flat betting is the practice of placing the same bet for every spin
Flop (Poker)Flop’ refers to the first 3 cards that are face up, this is the point before Turn and River cards. The Flop happens in Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
Fold (Poker)To ‘Fold’ means to give up your hand. If you fold, you lose your bets and blind.
Foul (Poker)When a dealer declares foul, the player can no longer play their hand and is not eligible to win anything from the pot
four number bet (Roulette)In European roulette, the four-number bet is placed on 0, 1, 2, and 3. This bet pays 8:1.
Free Card (Poker)Free Card’ is an opportunity for a player to see an additional card without having to bet more
Free odds (Craps)More commonly known as ‘odds’, these are odds that are taken or place behind the Pass, Don’t Pass, Come, and Don’t Come. These bets get paid out at genuine odds.
Free Spins (Slot)Free Spins’ are the most common in-game bonuses for slots. These are extra spins that do not cost players anything. Usually, free spins are triggered by scatter symbols.
Free-to-Play (Slot)Free-to-play slot games can be tried for free, without wagering any real money. In case of online slots, online casinos offer demo versions and ‘play’ money.
French Roulette (Roulette)French Roulette is a variant of European Roulette with an added La Partage of En Prison feature
Fruit Machine (Slot)Fruit Machine is another name for slot machines in UK. The classic old machines had fruit symbols on it, and hence the name.


Gamble Feature (Slot)In the UK, slot games are called also called ‘Gamble Feature’. The term is based off the old fruit machines of the 1920s.
George (Roulette)George’ is a slang for players who give big tips
George (Craps)George is a slang for a player that tips big
Green Chip (Blackjack)Refers to the $25 chip
Green Pockets (Roulette)The pockets on the roulette wheel with ‘0’ and ’00’


Hammer a Machine (Slot)To hammer a machine means to play the same slot game over and over with the goal of hitting the jackpot (progressive slots) or landing a hot streak.
Hand (Baccarat)A hand is one round of Baccarat
Hard Hand (Blackjack)A hard hand is the one where there’s no Ace. Such hands can have a fixed value.
Hard Total (Blackjack)It’s the total of hand when Ace is considered 1
Hard Way (Craps)In craps, ‘hard way’ refers to the event where the two dices show the same number. For instance, a hard eight will be 2 fours rolled on the 2 dice.
Hi-Lo (Craps)Refers to a single roll bet on 2 or 12
Hi-Lo (High-Low) (Blackjack)Hi-Lo is a card counting system wherein players can assign point values to cards in a deck. The value can be zero, positive, or negative. This is one of the easiest Level 1 strategy.
Hi-Lo-Yo (Craps)Refers to a single roll bet on 2, 11, or 12
High Card (Poker)A ‘high card’ is the one with the highest value in the 5-card hand. This is the worst card to have.
High or Low (Roulette)This refers to the even money bet made on all the lower numbers (1-18) or on the high numbers (19-36) (even odds 1:1)
High Point Craps (Craps)A variant of craps where 2 and 3 are ignored
Hit (Blackjack)A ‘hit’ means a player wants another card
Hit (Slot)Hit’ is a slang for ‘win. Whenever a players lands a winning combination and wins, it’s a hit.
Hit 17 (H17) (Blackjack)When a dealer has a soft 17, the dealer needs to take a hit as per rules (unlike the stand 17 rule)
Hit and Run (Slot)In a land-based casino, a hit and run is a tactic where players spin a slot machine a few times and then quit playing it if it doesn’t look profitable.
Hit Frequency (Slot)The ‘hit frequency’ of a slot game is a theoretical figure that tells how often you can get winning combinations. A low hit frequency means that players can win frequently but the payouts will be smaller. Hit frequency is closely associated with variance.
Hold Percentage (Slot)Hold percentage’ is simialr to house edge. It refers to the percentage that the casino gets to keep with every bet that a player places.
Hole Card (Blackjack)Refers to the face down card placed by dealer initially.
Hole Cards (Poker)A ‘hole’ card is the one that the player chooses not to reveal to the other players
Hopper (Slot)Earlier, land-based slot machines had ‘hoppers’, which are containers that hold coins for cash outs. The modern machines do not have hoppers, however, they can still be found in some older designs.
Horn Bet (Craps)A horn bet predicts that 2, 3, 11 or 12 will be rolled
Hot 3 (Blackjack)In Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack, Hot 3 is a side bet based on dealer’s up card and player’s first two cards. It’s very similar to Lucky Lucky.
Hot Slots (Slot)Hot slots’ or ‘Loose Slots’ are the slot games that payout fast and quite frequently. They are the opposit of cold and tight slots. In land-based casinos, players often looked for hot or loose machines. However, this strategy doesn’t hold true for online slots.
House (Poker)Refers to the host of the game. It can be a casino or the gambling establishment that charges players for the game.
House Edge (Blackjack)House edge refers to the advantage that casino has in a casino game. For Blackjack, the house edge is slightly above 1% against players with basic knowledge of Blackjack


i-Slot (Slot)i-Slots are new slots where players can save their positions during bonus games and play it later.
Icons (Slot)Slot symbols are sometimes called ‘icons’
Index (Blackjack)Index refers to the integers on the deviation chart, while counting cards.
Inside bet (Roulette)An inside bet is placed on the numbers on the inner side of the table. Inside bets have higher pay outs but lower chances of winning.
Inside number (Craps)Refers to the numbers 5, 6, 8 and 9
Instant Winner (Slot)Unlike an Annuity Winner, an Instant Winner is paid out immediately in one instalment
Insurance (Blackjack)An insurance in Blackjack is a side bet that is offered only when the dealer has an Ace. If the dealer gets a blackjack, the pay out is 2:1.
Insurance Correlation (Blackjack)The correlation between the value of cards in insurance bets and card tag values


Jackpot (Slot)In slot games, ‘jackpot’ refers to the highest winning combinations or a jackpot that can be triggered randomly (in case of progressive slots).
Jackpot (Poker)A huge sum of money that the winner takes home


Kicker (Poker)A ‘kicker’ is a card that a player holds that can break a tie between 2 hands


La Grande (Baccarat)Translated as ‘the big one’ La Grande is the best hand in Baccarat – a sum of nine
La partage (Roulette)In French roulette, La partage is a rule where all the even-money bets are split into two. Players get half of the original bet back, and the house edge is reduced to 1.35%
La Petite (Baccarat)Translated as ‘the little one’ La Petite refers to the second best hand in Baccarat – a sum of eight
Late Surrender (Blackjack)When a player forfeits after the dealer checks for Blackjack, it’s called a late surrender. The player gives up without taking any further action, and lose half of the stake.
Lay Bet (Craps)When a player places a lay bet, they are betting that a 7 will be rolled before a point
Layout (Baccarat)For Baccarat, the table layout consists of a boxes and betting sections for players to place their bets
Level (Blackjack)The Level of a strategy denotes the number of different values assigned to the cards.
Lever (Slot)Earlier, slot machines in land-based casinos had a lever, that players had to pull to spin the reels. Modern machines have buttons, and online slots have the spin button.
Lightning Roulette (Roulette)It’s a fast-paced roulette variant that offers players to multiply their winnings. Apart from the main game, players can win more through randomly generated lucky numbers and lucky payouts. The multipliers range from 50x to 500x and more.
Limp (Poker)A ‘limp’ refers to the player who bets the minimum required amount to be in hand. This is often considered a weak strategy in poker.
Line (Slot)Another term for payline
Line Bet (Slot)Line bet’ is the bet placed per payline. For instance, a bet of INR 40 across 4 paylines would mean that the line bet is INR 10.
Line Bet (Roulette)A line bet is placed on six numbers – 2 lines of 3 numbers. The pay out is 5:1 and you have a 16% chance of winning
Linked Progressive Jackpot (Slot)Linked Progressive Jackpots is a network of progressive slots that are interconnected across several casinos. Each bet placed on a slot in this network contributes a portion of it to the main jackpot.
Little Joe (Craps)Refers to point 4
Loose Slot (Slot)In a land-based casino, a loose slot refers to a machine that gives out wins more frequently than other machines.
Loss Bet (Baccarat)As the bet against the bank has a higher house edge, it is known as a ‘loss’ bet
Low Limit Craps (Craps)Craps game with lower betting limits
Lucky Lucky (Blackjack)In Blackjack, Lucky Lucky is a side bet that is based on dealer’s up card and player’s first two cards. The payouts differ depending on the combination of the three cards.


Marker (Roulette)The equipment used by the dealer to mark winning numbers after each round
Martingale system (Roulette)The popular betting system where players increase their bets after losing and reduce bets after winning
Maximum BetThe maximum bet is the highest bet that you can place for a slot. You can place the max bet with all the paylines active and use the biggest coin denomination.
Maximum Bet (Slot)Refers to the highest bet amount that can be wagered on a slot game with all paylines active
Megabucks (Slot)Megabucks is a popular brand of slots in Las Vegas. It has the highest progressive jackpot in a land-based network.
Mini Baccarat (Baccarat)Just like the name suggests, it’s a smaller version of Baccarat. The game has a smaller table, faster gameplay, and lower table limits. In online Baccarat, the cards are dealt face up and in land-based casino, cards are dealth face down.
Mini Roulette (Roulette)As the name suggests, mini roulette is a smaller version of roulette with 13 numbers (ranging from 0 to 12)
Minimum BetThe minimum bet is the least wager you have to place to play the game.
Minimum Bet (Slot)Refers to the least required amount you need to place to play the game. The minimum bet can be placed on a single payline or multiple paylines.
Monkey (Blackjack)A card that has a value of 10
Monkey (Baccarat)A 10-card, face card, or the sum of 10 is called ‘monkey’ in Bacarrat
Monster Roll (Craps)Refers to a craps shooter that goes on for over 20 minues or wins everyone a lot of money
Muck (Baccarat)Refers to the eight-card deck with 52 cards in each one
Mucker (Roulette)During busy times, a second dealer comes in who is known as a mucker
Multi-deck (Blackjack)Multi-deck’ blackjack is the version that uses multiple decks of cards instead of one. Usually, blackjack games use 6 to 8 decks.
Multi-Line (Slot)Slot games that have more than one payline are called multi-line slots. Most of the slot games today have several paylines – fixed or adjustable.
Multi-Way (Slot)Multi-Way slot games count winning combinatons from left-to-right and right-left
Multiplier (Slot)In slot games, a multiplier symbo multiplies the payout of a winning payline. The multiplier can be a part of the base game or the bonus game. Multipliers can be 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and higher.


N0 (Blackjack)N-Zero is the theoretical number of rounds it would take to outrun the 2/3rd variance. The whole goal is to bring Standard Deviation above 1.
Natural (Baccarat)In Baccarat, when the first two cards dealt make a total of 8 or 9,
Natural (Craps)In Craps, rolling a natural means rolling a 7 or 11 on the come out roll
Natural (21) (Blackjack) (Blackjack)A ‘natural’ or ‘natural 21’ is another term for Blackjack where a player gets an Ace with a 10-point card as the first two cards.
NDAS (Blackjack)Short for ‘No Dounle After Split’
Negative Progression (Blackjack)Unlike Positive Progression, a player increases the bet after every loss to recover losses.
Negative Progression (Roulette)Refers to the betting system where players increase their bets after losing. Fibonacci and Martingale are both negative progressions.
New York Craps (Craps)The New York Craps is a craps variant with a slightly different table layout – it’s called a double-end dealer. This variant is popular in the US, England, and the Bahamas.
Nina (Craps)Refers to the bets made on 9 or when a 9 is rolled
No Hole Card (Blackjack)No Hole Card Blackjack games are the ones where dealer’s second card is drawn after players have played their hands. This variant is prominent in some European casinos.
No Limit (Poker)A ‘No Limit’ is a poker game where players can raise and place bets as much as they want.
NRSA (Blackjack)NRSA is short for No Re-Split Aces
Nudge (Slot)In slots, a ‘nudge’ feature allows players to move the reels up or down. This was a popular feature in the fruit slots in UK, and now it can be found in some online slots.
Nuts (Poker)Nuts’ refers to the strongest hand a player can hold in the game


Odd or Even (Roulette)Just like the name suggests, this bet is made on the prediction whether the outcome would be an odd number or an even one. (even odds 1:1)
Off (Craps)An ‘off’ is a marker puck placed on the player bets to indicate that they are inactive
Off-Suited (Poker)A hand with different suits
Offsuit (Poker)When a player receives 2 cards from different suits, it is an off-suit
Omaha (Poker)Omaha is a variant of poker which is similar to Texas Hold’em. Players have to form a winning hand using 2 cards dealt to them and community cards.
One-Armed Bandit (Slot)A ‘one-armed bandit’ refers to the old slot machines with a lever.
Online Slot (Slot)Online Slots are virtual iteration of the land-based slot machines. First online slots came out in 1994, and since then, they have become very popular.
Orphans (Roulette)Orphans’ refers to a bet placed on the numbers 6, 34, and 17. These numbers are placed close together on the wheel.
Out (Poker)An ‘Out’ is a card that a player needs to form a winning hand
Outrun (Poker)When a players hand wins and outruns (beats) the other player’s hands
Outside bet (Roulette)Refers to a bet that’s not an inside bet
Outside number (Craps)Placing wagers on 4, 5, 9, and 10
Over-Pair (Poker)An ‘Over Pair’ is the pair in player’s hand that outruns the community cards
Overcard (Poker)An ‘overcard’ is the card in a player’s hand that outruns all the community cards


Paint (Blackjack)A card with pictures on it i.e. J, Q, K
Pair (Blackjack)A 2-card hand with cards of equal value. Pairs can be split.
Palette (Baccarat)The long wooden stick used by the dealers to move cards around on the table is called a palette
Parlay (Roulette)A betting system where players double the bet after winning
Parlay (Craps)In craps, parlay means to carry forward your winnings to the next bet
Pass (Baccarat)A ‘pass’ is a win in Baccarat
Pass (Craps)Also known as Pass Bet and Pass Line Bet, this bet is placed on the event that an established point will be rolled before a 7 or 11 is rolled. The house edge on the pass is just 1.41%, making it a popular choice.
Pay Off (Poker)A ‘pay off’ is a situation where a player believes they will lose but they call a bet regardless
Payback PercentageAlso known as ‘Return To Player’, Payback Percentage denotes the proportion of bets that will be returned as a reward to the player.
Payback Percentage (Slot)Another term for ‘Return to Player’ or RTP
Payline (Slot)Paylines are the positions on reels that show winning combinations. Modern slots have straight paylines as well as other forms.
Payout (Slot)The rewards received after a player gets a winning combination
Paytable (Slot)The paytable or payout table refers to a chart that shows how much the symbols would pay out
Penny Slots (Slot)Just like the name suggests, penny slots are the machines that have lower minimum bets. If there are multiple paylines, players have to bet more than one penny to activate them all.
Perfect Pair (Blackjack)Also known as ‘Any Pair’, this is a side bet based on the player’s initial two cards. The payout depends on the kind of pair the player has. If there’s no pair, this bet is a loss.
Perfect Play (Blackjack)When a player plays blackjack as per a widely accepted blackjack strategy, it’s called a perfect play.
Pink Chip (Blackjack)Refers to a $2.50 chip
Pit (Blackjack)The area around the table where players are seated
Pit (Baccarat)In casinos, a ‘pit’ is a special area for Baccarat high rollers. Usually, the pit separated by a red rope.
Place Bet (Craps)The ‘Place Bet’ is a bet that a point or a specific number will be rolled before 7.
Play the Board (Poker)When a player makes their hand using all the 5 community cards and not their hole cards, it’s called playing the board.
Player Bet (Baccarat)The player bet is one of the three bets in Bacarrat. This bet pays 1:1 and the house edge is a little over 1%.
Player Pair (Blackjack)A side bet in Blackjack that bets on whether the player gets a pair (mixed, colour or suited).
Ploppy (Blackjack)Ploppy’ is a term used for a bad Blackjack player. It was created by Frank Scoblete. He used to it to describe people who ‘plopped’ on the table without knowing the game very well.
Pockets (Roulette)Pockets are the numberred spaces on the roulette wheel
Point (Craps)On the come out roll, if a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled, then the number gets established as a ‘point’. This point needs to be rolled again before rolling a 7.
Pokies (Slot)Slots are called ‘Pokies’ in Australia
Positive Progression (Blackjack)A betting strategy where players increase the amount of bets with each win. The whole point of positive progression is to maximize wins while winning streak lasts
Positive Progression (Roulette)A betting system where players increase bets after winning
Pot (Poker)Pot refers to the total sum of blinds and bets in the game
Pot Limit (Poker)A pot limit refers to the point beyong which players cannot raise or bet. Some variants of poker have pot limits.
Pre Flop (Poker)Pre Flop is the first betting round in poker
Primary Jackpot (Slot)Refers to the highest prize that a slot game will pay out
Progressive Jackpot (Slot)Progressive jackpots are slot games that have an growing jackpot – the jackpot keeps increasing until a lucky winner gets it. Usually, the jackpot is spread across a network of machines. A portion of each bet placed on the slot game goes to the jackpot. The RTP of the base game of progressive slots is slightly lower.
Prop Bets (Craps)A prop bet is one-time bet where the next determines whether you win or lose
Punto (Baccarat)In Baccarat, players are called Punto or Punters
Punto Banco (Baccarat)Punto Banco’ translates into ‘Player Banker’ and it is another name for Bacarrat
Purple/Barney Chip (Blackjack)Refers to a $500 chip
Push (Blackjack)Sometimes called ‘stand off’ or a ‘tie’, a push happens when the dealer and the player have hands of same value. In such cases, the player’s bet is returned.
Push (Baccarat)A ‘push’ refers to the bet that doesn’t win and nor does it lose. As a result, the bet is pushed to the next round.


Quads (Poker)If a player’s hand has four of a kind in it, then they are called quads. For instance, quads in a hand might include 5H, 5D, 5C,and a 5S.
Quarter bet (Roulette)Another term for Corner Bet


Railroad (Baccarat)Another name for European Baccarat and Chemin de Fer
Raise (Poker)A ‘raise’ is when a player raises the bet made by another player
Rake (Poker)Refers to the percentage of the pot that casinos make from a poker game
Rakeback (Poker)A ‘Rakeback’ is often offered as a promotion by casinos. In a rakeback, players get a percentage of the rake back.
Random Number Generator (RNG)Random Number Generator is the software that powers online slots. The program generates series of random numbers and delivers randomized outcomes for your game.
Random Number Generator (RNG) (Slot)The RNG is a software that powers modern slot games. It’s a program that randomizes outcomes.
Red Bet (Roulette)Refers to an even money outside bet which pays out 1:1
Red Chip (Blackjack)Refers to the $5 chip
Red or Black (Roulette)A bet placed on the colours red and black, which has odds 1:1
Reel Stop (Slot)Another term for skill stop, check skill stop for details
Reels (Slot)Reels are the vertically spinning drums with symbols on them. In most modern games, there are 3 or 5 reels.
Resplit (Blackjack)To split a hand again after splitting once
Return to Player Rate (RTP)RTP, sometimes called ‘Payback Percentage’, is the theoretical ratio that estimates the proportion of your bet that you might get back as reards. For instance, a 96% RTP means that you’ll get ₹96 back for every ₹100 wagered. RTP is usually taken into account for long-run.
Return to Player Rate (RTP) (Slot)RTP is a theoretical percentage that determines the size of the total bets that the player might get back in the form of winnings. In the long run, RTP is more useful in determining how lucrative a slot game can be.
Reverse Martingale (Roulette)Just like the name suggests, the reverse Martingale is the opposite of the Martingale betting system. Here, players cut their bets down by half after losing, and double the bets after winning.
Right Bettor (Craps)This refers to a player who bets on the pass line
Risk of Ruin (Blackjack)This is the mathematical probability of losing yur entire bankroll
River (Poker)River is the fifth and last community card
Roulette Chip (Roulette)Refers to the chips used for roulette. which are usually unmarked, colourful, and come in one denomination
Round (Blackjack)A game of Blackjack – starts with no cards on the table and ends with players receiving their payouts.
Rows (Slot)Rows are the horizontal lines with symbols on them. The rows have paylines on them.
RSA (Blackjack)Short for Re-Split Aces
Run (Baccarat)In Bacarrat, a ‘run’ is a side bet wherein players can bet on a series of hands
Running Count (Blackjack)The running count is the total value of the count at any given time while counting cards


Scatter Symbol (Slot)Just like wilds, online slots have scatter symbols. In most slot games, scatters symbols trigger bonus features.
Seven Out (Craps)A ‘seven out’ happens when a point has been established and a shooter rolls a 7. In this case, the dice is passed over to the next player.
Shark (Poker)An expert poker player is called a ‘shark’
Shills (Baccarat)A ‘shill’ in a casino is the casino employee who attracts players to play Baccarat.
Shoe (Blackjack)Refers to the box on the blackjack table from which cards are dealt
Shoe (Baccarat)In land-based casinos and online casinos, a ‘shoe’ refers to the automatic dealing machine that deals cards. Usually, the shoe has six or eight decks.
Shoe Game (Blackjack)Refers to multi-deck Blackjack games where cards are dealth from a shoe
Shooter (Baccarat)A term for bank
Shooter (Craps)In craps, the shooter is the person that rolls the dice. The shooter has to place a line bet before shooting
Short Win (Slot)A ‘short win’ is when a player wins big with just a few spins
Showdown / Heads Up (Poker)If more than one player is left after the final round, the remaining players should show their cards so a winner can be picked. This situation is called a ‘Showdown’
Shuffle Up (Baccarat)Refers to the initial shuffling by the dealer
Side Bet (Blackjack)A side bet is an independent bet made alongisde the main bet. Players cannot place a side bet without placing the main bet first. The outcomes of the side bets are independent of the main one.
Side Card (Poker)Another term for ‘kicker’
Side Count (Blackjack)Advanced Blackjack players use side count techniques to determine how many Aces have been dealt. The side count comes in handy when the betting accuracy is different from player accuracy.
Signature Slots (Slot)Refers to a casino’s own exclusive brand of slots
Simplified Craps (Craps)Refers to the simple version of craps with no side bets
Single number Bet (Roulette)Another term for a Straight Up Bet
Single zero Roulette (Roulette)Another term for European Roulette
Six Card Charlie (Blackjack)A Six-Card-Charlie is a hand where a player has 6 cards and doesn’t go bust
Six Line Bet (Roulette)A six line bet is place on 6 numbers and it pays 5:1
Skill (Baccarat)Here, ‘skill’ is a joke that says that a player has a good run
Skill Bonus (Slot)Some slot games may offer a somewhat skill-based game as its bonus round. It may be a shooting game or something that requires a bot of skill. Such slots are rare.
Skill Stop (Slot)A ‘skill stop’ feature in a slot game allows players to stop the spin sooner than it would.
Slant Top (Slot)In land-based casinos, slot machines with a slanted top are becoming popular as they save space and deliver a more immersive experience to the players.
Slot Club (Slot)Slot club or player’s club is an establishment that enables regular slot players to get perks. Usually, the members get a card, they are awared comp points, and other exclusive facilities.
Slot Host (Slot)In a land-based casino, a Slot Host is the employee who assists the players in a Slot Club
Slot tournament (Slot)A slot tournament is a competition for slot players that happens over slot games. Online casinos often host slot tournaments. Each competition has its own rules and rewards.
Small Blind (Poker)Small Blind’ is the player seated to the left of the dealer
Snake Eyes (Craps)Refers to the event where two ‘1’s are rolled
Soft Hand (Blackjack)A hand that counts Ace as 11 is a soft hand
Soft Total (Blackjack)A soft total is a hand where an Ace is counted as 11
Sound of Rain (Slot)Sound of rain’ is an old slang that refers to the sound of coins falling after you land a winning combination.
Spin (Slot)The ‘spin’ button is the virtual iteration of the lever of mechanical slot machines. Tapping the spin button activates the slot game for one spin. Usually, the modern online slots also feature an Autospin and Turbo spin button.
Split (Blackjack)Split’ is a move that a player can make
Split Bet (Roulette)Split bet is the bet that is placed on two numbers that are next to each other. This bet pays 17:1.
Square bet (Roulette)Another term for Corner Bet
Stacked Symbols (Slot)Online slots have ‘stacked symbols’ which get piled up on neighbouring positions on a single reel. Stacked symbols boost odds of winning.
Stacked Wilds (Slot)Just like stacked symbols, stacked wilds pile up vertically over each other. Usually, stacked wilds complement multiple paylines and players can win big.
Stand (Blackjack)If you “stand”, you don’t want to receive more cards from dealer
Stand 17 (S17) (Blackjack)When the dealer gets a soft 17, they have to stand because the rules say so.
Stand Off (Blackjack)A stand off is the same as a ‘tie’ and ‘push’. In this situation, the player’s hand is equal to the dealer’s hand.
Standard Deviation (Blackjack)In Blackjack, standard deviation estimates how spread out the numbers are. It helps players predict how deviated the outcome will be from the average.
Standing Hand (Blackjack)A ‘standing hand’ is the one that totals above 17.
Standoff (Baccarat)In a ‘stand off’ the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand have the same value resulting in a ‘tie’
Stickman (Craps)The stickman is the casino employee at the craps table who returns the dice to the shooter, announces the results, places bets, and pays out
Stiff Hand (Blackjack)Hard hands with a total of 12 to 16 are called Stiff hands
Straight (up) Bet (Roulette)Refers to a bet placed on one single number – it pays out 35:1
Streaky Slots (Slot)Streaky slots are the ones that have an ongoing cold or hot streak. However, this concept doesn’t hold true for online slots.
Street Bet (Roulette)Street bet is a bet placed on three consecutive numbers in a horizontal line
Super Pan Nine (Baccarat)Super Pan Nine’ is a variant of Baccarat that is famous in Los Angeles. In this version, all players receiev three hands-down cards and one of the players steps in as the banker.
Surrender (Blackjack)If a player believes they can’t beat the dealer’s hand, they forfeit half of their bet.
Symbols (Slot)Symbols are the little pictures or icons on the reels. Usually, the symbols are associated with the theme of a slot game. The symbols have different values associated with them.


Table of Play (Baccarat)The ‘Table of Play’ is a set of rules with scores on it. Players can receive a third card as per these rules.
Taking the Odds (Craps)Refers to placing an odds bet
Term,,Game (optional),,Definition
Texas Hold’Em (Poker)Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker variant played today. The game is played with 5 community cards. Players get 2 cards, and with the help of community cards, they have to create a winning hand
The Field Bet (Craps)The Field Bet is a wager that the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 will be rolled
the James Bond strategy (Roulette)Refers to a betting system that covers over 67% of the possible outcomes based on 3 different bets
Third Base (Blackjack)The player who plays the last before the dealer takes over is in the ‘third base’
Three-Liner (Slot)The classic, old slot game with 3 reels is called a three-liner.
Tie (Blackjack)When the dealer’s hand has the same value as the player’s hand, it’s a tie. The player’s bet is returned. It’s also called a push or a stand off
Tie (Baccarat)Tie’ is one the bets that players can place in Baccarat. If the hand concludes in a ‘tie’, than both the bank and the player get their bets back. The tie can pay 8:1 or 9:1, and it has a house edge of over 14%
Tight Slots (Slot)Tight slots is another term for cold slots. These machines are said to pay out less frequently
Tilt (Poker)A ’tilt’ refers to the player at the table who gets frustrated upon losing bets
Toke (Blackjack)In land-based casinos, ‘to toke’ means to tip the casino staff.
Top 3 (Blackjack)It’s a variation of Lucky Lucky wherein the dealer’s up card and player’s initial two cards form a three-card poker hand. Payouts vary depending on the combination.
Total Bet (Slot)Total amount bet on one spin
Trail (Slot)
Trio Bet (Roulette)Another term for Street Bet
True Count (Blackjack)To get the ‘True Count’, you can divide the running count by the number of decks left.
Tumbling Reels (Slot)Another term for ‘cascading reels’
Turn (Poker)Turn is the fourth community card that comes into picture after the flop cards


Under the Gun (Poker)The player seated to the immediate left of the Big Blind. This player starts the pre flop.
Underdog (Poker)An underdog is the player that is most likely to lose at the table
Up Card (Blackjack)The face-up card that the dealer reveals during the initial deal
Upcard (Baccarat)A card that is face up


VarianceAnother term for volatility of a slot machine.
Variance (Blackjack)The difference between the expected advantage and the outcomes
Variance (Slot)Another term for volatility
Video Poker (Poker)Video Poker’ is an online variant of poker but based on the slot machine mechanic. Deuces Wild, Draw 5, and Jacks or Better are some popular variants.
Video Slots (Slot)Video Slots refers to the virtual slots we see today. They usually have 5 reels and multiple paylines. The first video slot, Fortune Coin, came out in 1978. Since then, casinos have ditched the old mechanical slot machine.
Vigorish (Baccarat)Refers to the percentage of the winnings taken by the casino
Virtual Reel (Slot)In modern slots, there are virtual reels instead of the old mechanical ones.
Visual Wheel Tracking (Roulette)This is a technique where players try to predict the outcome by measuring the spin velocity of the roulette wheel
VolatilityVolatility, sometimes called ‘variance’ can simply be dubbed as ‘risk’. Slots can have low, medium, or high volatility. Low volatility is low risk – these slots will pay out small rewards frequently. As opposed to this, high volatility slots pay out larger rewards at longer intervals. Meanwhile, medium volatility slots strike a balance between size of the rewards and the pay out frequency.
Volatility (Slot)Volatility or variance refers to the risk associated with the slot game. Low volatility slots have lower risk. The pay out is frequent but the rewards are smaller.


WagerAnother term for ‘bet’. For explanation, check out ‘bet’.
Wager (Slot)Another term for “bet”
Whale (Blackjack)A high roller or a rich players who plays high stakes
Wheel (Roulette)A roulette wheel that is divided into 37 or 38 coloured parts which are numbered
Wide Area Progressive (WAP) (Slot)WAP’ is short for Wide Area Progressive, whoch refers to a progressive jackpot network spread over a wider area. Multiple slots are linked to a common pot. Online progressive slots can said to be an example of WAP.
Wild Multiplier (Slot)A wild symbol that doubles up as a multiplier
Wild Symbol (Slot)In online slots
WinIn a slot, a ‘win’ happens when you land matching symbols on the reels. A ‘win’ differs from one slot to another depending on the rules, features, and bonuses.
Win (Slot)In slots, a ‘win’ occurs when players land a winning combination on an active payline
Win marker (Roulette)The marker used by the dealer to mark the winning numbers
Win-Both-Ways (Slot)Slot games that pay from left-to-right and right-to-left are called ‘Win-Both-Ways’ – they are similar to multi-way slots.
Wonging (Blackjack)Named after Stanford Wong, “Wonging” involve back counting and placing bets only when you have an edge
Wrong Bettor (Craps)Refers to a player that bets on don’t come, don’t pass


Yellow/Orange/Pumpkin Chip (Blackjack)Refers to a $1000 chip
Yo (Craps)In craps, Yo means eleven. It’s also called Yo-leven to avoid confusing with seven


Zig-Zag (Slot)In most modern games, there are several paylines. As a result, many paylines are ‘zig-zag’

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