Online slots India guide

Simple, accessible and possibly life-changing, online slots are games of chance that will never lose their appeal. The suspense that comes with knowing that you may hit on a big win on the next spin can hardly be matched by any other casino game, which is why online slot games are so popular across online casinos. As an Indian player, you can get access to hundreds of online slot machines as well as free online slots if you join the right casino, and this is what this guide is all about - we’ll show you how to find the best online slots and where to play them!

Online slots casino list

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Online slot machines today

Online slot machines originate from the traditional physical slot machines, that you used to spin by pulling a lever. These slot machines used to have just 3 reels and one payline, and typically featured various fruit, 7s and bells as symbols. With online slots, the concept is still the same – i.e., to land on a matching combination of symbols that will offer a payout that is higher than the original stake. However, once slot machines took an online dimension, developers started coming up with a variety of exciting new features and rewards!  

You can still find some nice collections of slot machines online that mimic the traditional fruit machines, with their fruit symbols and overall design. Typically, these slot games also come with features that enhance the gameplay, such as free spins, wilds, multipliers, or the possibility of gambling your winnings. 

Video slots take the concept of slot games a bit further, by taking a theme or storyline and designing online slot games based on that subject. This form of online slots is very popular nowadays, because players love a good setting, whether it’s a gladiator’s arena or a tomb inside the pyramids of ancient Egypt! Video slots tend to come with high quality visuals and exciting soundtracks to fully immerse you within the game, and constitute the large majority of new online slots that are released today.

Mobile slots

In this day and age, online slots are all being released to work well on mobile devices, for obvious reasons. Providers are therefore creating slots online in HTML5, and designing the games for touch devices. Playing mobile slots these days is as enjoyable as playing their desktop counterparts as they feature the same high-quality graphics and a user-friendly menu that works well for mobile users. In the same way as on desktop, you can decide to play free mobile slots by accessing a casino website and choosing to play its games for fun.

mobile slots online


How are online slots created?

Online slots are created by game studios or developers who program, design and test the slot in-house. Once a slot is released, it is normally offered across various online casinos. You can find the same online slot game at different casinos, since developers tend to have agreements with various operators to make their content available across the board. However, some online casinos also have their own exclusive titles, some of which are developed in house or in collaboration with a developer.

₹160 000 bonus.
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Common features of slots online

As much as developers try to diversify their slots by coming up with different themes and features, there are some characteristics that are common to almost all slots. These include:

Paylines – these are the symbol positions which will pay out if they are filled with the same symbols (for example a horizontal line across the reel set, or a diagonal line.) You will be able to see a slot’s paylines if you click on the 'Info' or Paytable icon of a game. Some online slots will also come with adjustable paylines, allowing you to select which paylines to activate (and increase or decrease the size of the bet according to how many lines are activated).

online slot paytable


Low-value symbols – these are symbols that pay out the lowest if you form a win involving them.

High-value symbols / premium symbols – these are the symbols that will pay out the most if you land on a winning combination involving them

Scatters – although not found in all online slots, scatters are those symbols that give you access to the bonus game or free spins round if you manage to get a certain number of them on any given spin.

Free spins – this is a bonus round involving a set number of free spins, allowing players to accumulate more winnings without staking anything. Slot free spins may also come with additional features like extra wilds, wild reels, multipliers and cash prizes.

Betting limits – this is the minimum and maximum bet allowed per spin. At the bottom of the reels, you will be able to adjust your bet according to these limits.

What makes the best online slots?

There are thousands of online slot games available out there, but it can get tricky to find the best slots to play online. This is because it takes a while to find out whether the features and payouts are as rewarding as the developer promises. 

We believe that the best online slots have a good balance of promising features and a decent win potential. Although online slots are programmed to give the house an advantage (or house edge), you are still more likely to win on some slots than on others, given things like hit rate, RTP and the size of payouts. Let’s look into a few key slot features into more detail, to give you an idea of what you should be looking for in your search for the best online slots:

Slot RTP – This is the Return to Player Percentage, which is a figure that every slot developer should publish when a slot game is released. This RTP shows how much players can expect to get back from an online slot machine – theoretically. If a slot has an RTP of 96% (which is the average for a good number of online slots), this means that over thousands of rounds, players should get back 96% of what they stake in the form of winnings. However, it will not always work this way (what’s the point otherwise?). Over a few rounds, you will either lose more than you wager, or you can win a massive prize – you never know!

Slot hit rate – hit rate, or hit frequency, is used to describe how often you can expect to get a win as you spin on a slot. A hit frequency of 25% would mean that you are likely to get a payout in 1 out of every 4 spins. That said, hit frequency doesn’t really say anything about the size of payouts. In fact, it’s important to note that winning with low-value symbols may generate a payout that is smaller than the original stake.

Slot volatility – online slots are programmed to pay out in different ways. Some slots have more frequent payouts than others, while some will pay out more frequently but the prizes will be bigger. Online slot games of low volatility would fit in the first category, whereas high volatility slots will fall into the latter. Medium volatility slots try to strike a balance between hit rate and the size of payouts.

Maximum win potential – this is the amount you can win if you get the best matching symbols in a slot (i.e. a combination with the highest-paying symbols, or the same combination plus a multiplier or any extra prize). The maximum win potential is expressed as the amount x your original stake to account for all bet sizes; for example, if a slot has a win potential of 5,000x the stake, you can win 50,000 rupees if you bet 10 rupees.

Best online slots list by RTP

Some of the best online slots have an RTP of over 97%. Although this does not necessarily make them ‘better’ than a slot with a lower RTP (because of things like hit rate, volatility and the size of payouts), we thought they are worth checking out, so we’ve prepared a list of slots with high RTP below:

  • Mega Joker slot by NetEnt – 99% 
  • Jackpot 6000 by NetEnt - 98.9% 
  • Dr Jekyll Goes Wild by Barcrest – 98.20%
  • Jokerizer by Yggdrasil Gaming – 98%
  • Jackpot 3x3 by 1x2 Gaming - 98.10% 
  • Blood Suckers 1 by NetEnt - 98% 
  • Ragnarok by Genesis Gaming – 98%
  • Rainbow Riches Fortune Favours by Barcrest – 97.75%
  • Rainbow Riches Home Sweet Home by Barcrest - 97.75%
  • White Rabbit by Big Time Gaming – 97.72%

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Play free online slots from India

If you’re not quite sure whether or not you’d like to play online slots for real money, the good news is, you can also play them for free! Most Indian gambling sites will allow you to play their slots for fun with fake money, without missing out on any of the features. In this way, you can test out a new slot to see whether it appeals to you or not before risking real money on it. 

Some Indian online casinos will also give you a chance to play free online slots and win real money thanks to a no deposit bonus. This is normally awarded once you register as a new player with a casino and will be in the form of no deposit free spins offer. However, the best way to play online slots for real money would be to claim a big deposit bonus, since in this way you can get double your first deposit in bonus money. LeoVegas India, for example, will give you up to ₹30,000 extra on your first three deposits, to use on the online slot games of your choice! LeoVegas is an online casino in Indian rupees, so you won’t even have to worry about currency exchange!

Join the best online slots casinos!

And now, it’s time to give a couple of slots a spin or two! Discover the variety of games available by playing free online slots first, before picking the best online slots to play for real cash. And of course, make sure you join an online slots casino that regularly rewards players by offering bonuses, free spins and other freebies that they can use on slots. There are plenty of them out there, and we promise, you’re in for a whale of a time!

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