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All the info you need to know about gambling laws and regulations in India

Gambling laws differ from one country to another, and in case of India, the laws are different for each state. To enjoy iGaming without breaking any laws, educate yourself on the local laws and regulations.

In India, land-based casinos are legal in the states of Goa and Sikkim. The north-eastern states have liberal views on iGaming and gaming in general. On the other hand, a few states allow ‘games of skill’ and the remaining states have banned all kinds of gambling activities.

However, there are no specific laws that restrict online casinos. As IndiaCasinos is always in the know, we will update you of any changes in the laws.

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Gambling Licences for Indian casinos

Typically, the online casinos that cater to the Indian market are licensed by Curaçao, UK Gambling Commission, ONJN, Malta Gaming Authority, and other licensing bodies. The casinos provide the licence number (with a link) and other details on the website. You can verify the details by visiting the official websites of the regulatory bodies.

Responsible Gambling

Casino games, just like any other games, are fun and games until it starts causing problems. Before you exhaust your bankroll and pile up debts, it’s IMPORTANT to address the issue.

Fortunately, online casinos are equipped with Responsible Gambling tools. With these, players can set limits on their spending, curb time spent on the website, and even exclude themselves.

India online casino responsible-gambling-infographic
Play it Safe, Gamble Responsibly!

Tax on casino winnings in India

At the time of writing, winnings from casinos are subject to a 30% tax deduction. Further, 28% GST is applicable on games of chance and 18% GST is levied on the games of skill in GGR. Interestingly, there’s an ongoing debate in the country whether to tax both kinds of games at 28%, and that too, on the amount that a player wagers.

Why do casinos ask for personal documents?

Players are usually skeptical about providing documents to online casinos (or to any other entity for that matter), and it’s always smart to ask WHY.

Here are some genuine reasons why casinos ask you to undergo KYC:

Now, in case you still have doubts, you can always contact the operator for more information.

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