Real money poker India - your guide to online poker!

A game for people who love to use their brains (and their gut instincts), poker is the most popular card game in the world, where skill, strategy and luck combine to create thrill and suspense for all those involved. Fortunately, Indian players who enjoy this game can now play it at a variety of online poker sites, even if these are located offshore. In this complete guide, we shall give you an overview of poker game rules, before introducing you to the most trusted poker online sites in India, where you can play this game with real money while enjoying complete peace of mind.

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Poker game rules

In case you’re a complete beginner or you simply need to brush up your poker strategy, IndiaCasinos will go over the basic poker rules to help you get started. First of all, players need to be aware that there are different variants of online poker, all of them with slightly different rules. In all cases, however, it’s the player with the best hand that wins. By ‘hand’ we mean the combination of cards that a player ends up forming.

Poker is played with a standard 52-card pack which sometimes includes one or two jokers (wilds). Players are dealt 2 or more cards, whereas 5 cards are dealt in the center of the table – these are called Community Cards. The aim of every player is to combine his cards with these community cards to form the best 5-card poker Hand.

In most poker variants played with 5 cards, you can get the below hands, which we’ve listed from highest (best) to lowest.

  • Five of a Kind – four 10s and a Wild (Joker) card, e.g. A. Q, J, K and Joker
  • Straight flush – 5 cards of the same suit in sequence, e.g. 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4 of spades.
  • Four of a Kind – 4 cards of the same suit and value, e.g. four Queens and a 5.
  • Full House – 3 cards of one rank and 2 of another, for e.g. three 5s and two 3s, or three Aces and two 8s.
  • Flush – having 5 cards of the same rank, but not in sequence, e.g.. Q, J, 9, 5 and 3 of hearts.
  • Straight – having 5 cards in sequence, not of the same suit, e.g. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (some of them hearts, clubs, spades, and/or diamonds)
  • Three of a Kind – 3 cards of the same suit, plus any other 2 cards, e.g. 2 jacks, a 1 and a 4.
  • Two Pairs – a pair of cards of the same rank, and another of a different rank, plus any other card, e.g. Q, Q, 7, 7, 4.
  • One Pair – a very easy combination to get, consisting of one pair plus 3 other cards, e.g. 8, 8, Q, Ace and 2.
  • No Pair – having no matching cards. When a player has no pair, the highest hand is determined according to the highest card, so that a hand with an Ace would rank higher than one consisting of a King.
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Online poker variants

Poker game rules vary according to the variant of poker you are playing. Although the above-hands apply in Texas Hold Em and Omaha Poker, which are played with 5 cards, some other variants are played with a different number of cards, whereas others have slightly different rules. Below we’ll briefly explain the most common variants that you’ll find at the best poker sites in India.

Texas Hold Em – the most popular poker game, in Texas Hold Em every player gets 2 hole cards at the beginning, whereas the board will consist of 5 community cards. In Texas Hold Em, there are 4 betting rounds as follows:

  • Pre-flop – players bet before the community cards are dealt.
  • Flop – players bet again once the first 3 community cards are dealt.
  • The Turn – a bet following the 4th community card.
  • The River – this is the last betting round, which takes place after the final community card is revealed. The showdown follows this bet, when the remaining active players reveal their hands to see who wins.

Omaha Poker – this poker game is very similar to Texas Hold Em, but instead of two cards, each player in Omaha gets dealt 4 cards, and must form the hand using two of them plus 3 of the 5 Community cards. The same 4 betting rounds described above then take place, and a player wins if all other players fold their hands, or if he gets the best hand at showdown.

Seven Card Stud Poker – this variant is played with no community cards, as players bet only on the cards they’re dealt, which are 7 in total. The bets in Seven Card Poker are fixed, and increase in increments from round to round.

Jacks or Better – this is actually a video poker game, which you can find at a large number of online poker sites in India. In this game, players bet before they are dealt 5 cards, and will decide to hold on to any number of them before dealing another time. The hand with a pair of Jacks or better will win. By better, we mean a Queen, King or Ace.

Three Card Poker – this is a popular poker game at several online sites, and involves playing poker against a dealer. Players bet before being dealt 3 cards face up, whereas the dealer gets his own 3 cards face down. Players may then decide to fold and forfeit the stake, or to place a second bet that is equal to the first. If the player places a bet, the cards will be revealed to see who has the best hand. If the player folds, the dealer collects the initial wager.

Play 3 card poker online real money in India

Fancy playing 3 card poker for real money against a real live dealer? This is now possible by joining a live casino, where the action is streamed live to your desktop or mobile as you play! This is a fantastic experience, enabling you to communicate with the dealer and play 3 card poker online as if you were at a real casino. You can play 3 card poker online real money in India by joining the below casinos and heading to their live casino category. Usually, there is no need for downloads in order to play 3 card poker online.

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Play Video Poker games from India

Video Poker is a very popular online poker game, which is played between the player and the machine (i.e. the program behind each game). The outcome in video poker is based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), which is a program that generates outcomes at random, and which ‘produces’ an outcome that corresponds to the exact millisecond when the player clicks the bet button.

A lot of Indian poker sites have their separate Video Poker games category, where players can choose from different video poker variants like Jacks or Better or Deuces wild. You can even play video poker games free at most casinos, with no download required. Video poker game rules differ to traditional or live poker, and in most of them there are no community cards, so that players simply need to hold on to some cards and replace others in the hope of getting a good hand.

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Real money poker bonuses

The best Indian poker sites would also reward players with sign up bonuses that they can use on poker games, or run exciting poker tournaments linked to big prize pools. If you fancy a bonus, check the casino bonus terms before signing up, to see whether you will be able to use your bonus on poker or video poker games. Some casinos will also award you with a separate live casino bonus, which can be enjoyed on live poker tables.

LeoVegas India, for instance, welcomes new players with a Live Casino bonus of up to  ₹10,000 (terms apply), which you can use on live poker and video poker. To claim this bonus, simply click the link below, which will take you directly to the LeoVegas casino registration page.

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Play with the most trusted poker online sites in India!

Although this timeless game can be enjoyed at a number of online casino and poker sites, players will get better value if they join trusted poker sites, such as the ones we recommend on this page. It’s important to make sure that the online poker site you join holds a license from a reputable authority, such as the UK Gambling Commission, because this means that players will be able to enjoy real money poker without having to worry about security and fairness issues.

Are you ready to enjoy poker in a secure and fun environment? Check out LeoVegas casino or Royal Panda casino, both of which welcome Indian players with a bonus and accept deposits in Indian rupees. Remember, it's practice that makes perfect in poker!

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