Evolution Gaming, one of the leading providers of live casino games, has a vast portfolio. Over the years, the provider has modified the classic casino games, added features, and present newer versions of those games. Speed Baccarat is exactly one of those modifications.

Learn more about this sped-up version of the James Bond game in our detailed review.

Best 5 Casinos To Play Speed Baccarat By Evolution in 2024

Speed Baccarat live baccarat Evolution is among the most popular live baccarat versions. It means you’ll find it in the best online casino for Indian players. Here are the best online casinos offering this game at the moment.

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General Overview Of Speed Baccarat

speed baccarat evolution review

Speed Baccarat, as the name suggests, is a shorter version of the already fast classic game. While a round lasts around 48 seconds in the original version, a round here lasts only 27 seconds. Since it must be played very fast, the betting rules follow the game’s standard version. 

The bank is always represented by the dealer in the standard rules. The main objective in this game is to reach a sum of nine points, or the closest to it, without busting. Face cards and 10s are worthless, while numerical cards have face value; the Ace is worth one point. Only values and numbers are important in this version; suits have no effect on the game’s outcome

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Speed Baccarat’s Special Characteristics 

speed baccarat review

Evolution has developed several versions of live baccarat. This one stands out for its fast-paced gameplay. Indian players can read more about it below.

Deal types

The game has the same betting options as Live Baccarat from Evolution. Still, you’ll have to make your decisions much faster here. 

The whole round lasts only 27 seconds, which means you’ll have only a few seconds to place your bets. A timer on the screen indicates the remaining time for placing your bet. You have 13 seconds to place each bet; bets close after this period.

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Special Features and Bonuses in Speed Baccarat

Apart from its breakneck speed, this game has some interesting side-betting options. These include the Player’s Pair, the Banker’s Pair, and the most valuable one, Two Pairs (200:1). Perfect Pairs are when the banker and the player get the same card; Two Pairs are when the banker and player get a pair. 


You can follow the game’s statistics on the whiteboard, where the results of the previous rounds make patterns called “roads”. Those patterns show you who won the last few rounds and winning streaks which can help you choose your next bet.

Baccarat Multiplay (Multi-Game Play)

You can play on multiple tables at the same time by clicking on the MultiPlay button. You’ll have access to other baccarat variations; you can check the roads by clicking on the Good Roads tab. Click on the “+Table” icon on the bottom-left corner of the game screen to join more tables.

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Payout Summary  

There are many possible outcomes in Speed Baccarat, and many ways to bet. Check the table below and learn about the odds and payouts for the options available to Indian players here.

Banker Win0.95:1 (5% commission is charged)
Player Win1:1
Draw 8:1

Apart from the main base game, Evolution’s game also offers Bonus Betting. Here’s how they pay out:

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What Should I Bet On: The Banker, The Player Or A Tie?

how to play speed baccarat

Statistically speaking, bets on the banker are more likely to turn out successful than one on the player: we’re talking about a 45.8% chance for bets on the banker against a 44.6% bet on the player. This 1.02% margin can be crucial after hundreds of hands. 

Bets on the banker are also slightly less rewarding due to this margin, and the house edge is also slimmer: 1.06% against a 1.24% of the house edge for bets on the player. 

Also, if a bet on the banker wins, the house keeps a 5% of the fee. The slightly better margin for bets on the banker is somehow compensated by smaller prizes and a 5% house fee. 

So, there’s little difference in odds between bets on the banker or the player; at least in the short term, tie bets are by far the riskiest, and most experts would suggest you avoid them. The house edge on ties is 14.36%, a much larger margin than the previous options. 

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The Last Card

Speed Baccarat promises an adrenaline-infused experience and delivers it spectacularly. Playing at several tables at the same time can have an even more intense experience. Indian players can also follow real-time statistics of the game, checking how many players are choosing each option and the betting volume on each. 

This game follows the same standard rules found in Live Baccarat, which means you don’t need to be highly specialised in the game to enjoy it. Click on the Help icon on the top-right corner of the game screen for detailed info about rules, betting options and payouts.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Indian players can play Speed Baccarat at online casinos that offer games from Evolution Gaming. Make sure that the casino is trusted and licensed. We recommend BetIndi, BetShah, Glassi Casino, Parimatch, 9Winz, PlayFrank among others.
A round lasts 27 seconds in this variation, with 13 seconds for each bet. This game is nearly twice as fast as other baccarat variations. Make sure to place your bet before the timer goes off.
Bets on the banker have a smaller house edge (1.06%), but winnings on this bet pay a commission of 5%. For this reason, the odds aren’t 1:1 (like for bets on the player) but 19/20. Bets on the player have a house edge of 1.24%. Bets on ties are the riskiest, with a house edge of 14.26%, comparable to high-volatility slots, for instance.
This feature allows Indian players to bet on multiple games at the same time. You can choose different tables and will be advised to resize your browser window to accommodate them. The developer advises not to create more tabs than your screen can fit without sacrificing navigation and gameplay.
The RTP rate varies according to your bet. The RTP is 98.94% in optimal conditions, but it can drop to 86.29%, depending on your choice. Check the payout table in our Payout Summary, explaining all bets and side bets.
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