Lightning Roulette is an innovative take on the classic Roulette game, where the traditional rules of the game apply in harmony with new never seen before features. Released by Live Casino giant, Evolution Gaming in 2018, the game has achieved incredible success amongst players, earning the prestigious award of Product Innovation of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas in 2018. Lightning Roulette blends together the classy Live Roulette game together with some of the most advanced RNG gameplay. While it comes with all the features we've all grown familiar with, Lightning Roulette sports some electrifying additions that will have you perched on the edge of your seat. If you want to learn more, we invite you to keep on reading our Lightning Roulette review for a preview of the rules, features and payouts! 

Play Lightning Roulette from India

With its attractive design, Lightning Roulette has become increasingly popular with players from all over the world. Indian players have the opportunity to try out this exciting game at many of the online casinos that accept players from India. To facilitate the search for a platform that offers Lightning Roulette, we have listed down below some of our recommended operators that offer this game in their repertoire together with a generous welcome bonus

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How to play Lightning Roulette

Playing Lightning Roulette is not so difficult, neither is understanding the rules that power the game. Since many online casinos offer this Live Casino game these days, Indian players just need to choose their platform, register or log in to their account, head for the Live Casino section and click on Lightning Roulette. From here onwards, it's all a matter of following the directions of the dealer who will instruct you when to place your bets. But there is more to the gameplay then placing bets, thus in the next part of our review, we shall take a look at the rules of the game! 

Lightning Roulette gameplay 

Lightning Roulette can be said to be an enhanced version of European Roulette. The game features all of the familiar elements of a Live Roulette game - the wheel, the dealer and the full line-up of Roulette bets. Since the game makes use of an RNG computer, the dealer does not spin the wheel manually, instead, it spins automatically when the game starts.

If you have played Roulette before, the initial phase of the game will be familiar. This is where all players must place their bets, which follow the traditional betting options of individual numbers, colours or groups of numbers. The next part, however, is completely unique to Lightning Roulette, since instead of spinning the wheel, a bolt of lightning strikes a large display at the back of the studio, revealing between 1 to 5 'lucky numbers'. The numbers are chosen at random by the RNG computer and multipliers are added to these numbers. The Roulette wheel will automatically spin until the ball lands in one of the pockets. This is were things can get very exciting! If the winning number is not only the one you've bet on but also happens to be one of the 'lucky numbers', you can walk away with an impressive win!  

Live Lightning Roulette


Lightning Roulette multipliers and payouts

Lightning Roulette's most distinguishing feature, apart from the overall design of the studio, are the multipliers. While a normal Live Roulette game might pay the usual 35:1, in Lightning Roulette a multiplier is applied to wins which can vary from 50x to 500x. The value of the multiplier is usually randomly picked by the advanced RNG computer that powers the game, leading to some seriously impressive wins. 

The multipliers we've mentioned apply for straight-up bets, however, this does not mean that all other bets go unrewarded. Players who choose to bet on groups of number or by colour will be eligible to a predetermined payout according to the paytable of the game which is as follows: 

  • Straight-up Bets - 29:1 (when no multiplier is applied) 
  • Split Bets - 17:1
  • Street Bets - 11:1
  • Corner Bets - 8:1 
  • Line Bets - 5:1 

As with every kind of gamble, the bigger the risk, the higher the reward. While if you cover more bases to avoid failure, the reward will be on par with the risk taken. 

The Dealer 

The dealers in Lightning Roulette have more the capacity of a live show host then an actual dealer. Their job is to keep up a running commentary in a talkative, friendly and entertaining way. Their only participation in the game is pulling a lever on the wall that triggers the lightning bolts across the display and around the studio. 

Just like all of Evolution's personal, the dealers for Lightning Roulette are highly professional and well-trained to oversee the game. Players watching remotely have the opportunity to chat with them through the live chat window in the game console and they are more than happy to answer any questions you might have or even chat with you. 

Lightning Roulette minimum bet, RTP and hit frequency

Lightning Roulette has a decent Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 97.3%, more then what most online slots feature these days. In terms of bets, the game might look very elegant but this does not mean you have to break the bank to participate. As a matter of fact, the lowest bet allowed is around ₹200, giving players on a tight budget the opportunity to play as well. 

According to players' experience, the multipliers are triggered at decent enough intervals even though the maximum multiplier of x500 is very difficult to come by. The 'lucky numbers' that appear on the display are often 2 or 3 and more than that is quite rare, especially landing 5 'lucky numbers' at once. 

Lightning Roulette design 

The Lightning Roulette studio is quite spectacular. Decorated in black and gold, it is set up similarly to a TV game show studio. This feeling is reinforced by the dealer holding a microphone and moving from one place of the floor to the other. The Roulette wheel is set right in the middle with a large black display at the back where the bet table and 'lucky numbers' appear. What makes this studio so extraordinary is the lights and sound effects. At the pull of a lever by the host, lightning bolts appear both on the display and other areas of the studio, accompanied by sound effects that make the experience very real. The broadcast is of the highest quality and the game's interface is user-friendly and complements the overall game image. 

Lightning Roulette - What we think! 

Lightning Roulette is most certainly a unique game that delivers something extra to your overall gaming experience. If luck is on your side and you manage to trigger one of the highest multipliers, you might walk away with more then you can ever win while paying any other kind of Live Roulette. Combined with the design, the friendly dealer, the sound and light effects, Lightning Roulette makes for an interesting game. It delivers enough payouts not to drain your backroll while at the same time allowing players on a budget a fair chance to try it too and maybe even land a substantial reward. If you feel up to a spectacular game of Lightning Roulettte, we invite you to check it out at any one of the online casinos recommended on this page! 

Watch Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming! 

Lightning Roulette Big Win Compilation | Evolution Gaming
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Lightning Roulette is an enhanced version of European Roulette. It is an innovative version of Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming, which merges together the traditional Roulette rules with an advanced RNG computer and extra features. 

Playing Lightning Roulette is not different than any other Live Roulette game. Each player must follow the instructions of the dealer and place a bet on one of the standard Roulette betting options. The wheel will start to spin automatically while the dealer pulls a leaver from the wall to trigger the lucky numbers and multipliers. The Ball lands in one of the pockets and payouts are awarded. 

There is no specific strategy to follow then playing Lightning Roulette. The RNG computer that powers the game generates random results. Since the best payouts are tied to straight-up bets and lucky numbers, betting on a single number might possibly land you an impressive win, however, it is a strategy that comes with a lot of risk. 

Lightning Roulette is offered at various online casinos, many of which accept Indian players. For a safe and rewarding platform to play Lightning Roulette, we invite you to take a look at our online casino reviews! 

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