SOFTSWISS Enables Crypto Conversion for 9 Fiat Currencies

SOFTSWISS the software company, mostly known for its advanced iGaming solutions, has enhanced its Casino Platform. With the latest update, the said platform now enables fiat-to-crypto conversion for 8 new currencies. 

The Casino Platform is the first of its kind to enable in-game crypto conversion. The feature was introduced earlier this year, and it is intended to deliver greater flexibility to the players. From the operator’s side, they could offer more casino games available on SOFTSWISS’ Casino Platfrom. 

Crypto Conversion Would be Available for 8 More Currencies

softswiss casino platform crypto conversion

Before the update, SOFTSWISS’ platform facilitated crypto conversion just for US Dollar. However, players can now convert currencies like Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Russian Roubles, Norwegian Kroner, and Brazilian Real.

This means players can now switch these currencies for crypto, and use them on casino games that do not natively support cryptocurrencies.

“Before the update, players could convert crypto into US dollars only. The range of available games was limited by currency. However, game diversity brings diverse emotions and experiences. So, this time we have implemented multi-currency support. Players can now convert cryptos into more fiat currencies and enjoy a greater variety of games,” said Darya Avtukhovich, the head of SOFTSWISS Casino Platform in a press release.

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